21 June 2011

KingCast presents Gianasmidis v. Palangas $1.4M Verdict to Plaintiffs in Suffolk County Superior Trial.

21 June 2011 Update: $1.4M in property and cash to Plaintiffs, KingCast exclusive interview with counsel for Plaintiffs uploading for 9p broadcast, more trial footage, cross examination and Jury Questions to Defendant Palangas as the week continues. Last week's exclusive KingCast coverage is here.

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Christopher King said...

BTW the airplane over the shoulder of the generically Greek-looking fella' was no accident. I heard it coming, saw it coming and had enough time to grab it, a hoot.

That photo was taken a coupla' weeks ago pursuant to the Rod Class populist putsch going on at Capiton Hill, watch the MortgageMovies Journal videos for more, much more on that.

Anyway, no booby shots of Spirit of Justice, John Ashcroft and company had a hissy-fit over all of that..... meanwhile the dirty Congressmen returned to diddling young boys, business as usual.

It is not clear to this writer whether the $8K the taxpayers spent on the draperies to cover said breasts on the indoor aluminum Art Deco statute match the carpets.

The KingCaster.