15 June 2011

KingCast presents Gianasmidis v. Palangas part one: Suffolk County Superior Trial Plaintiffs' close.

21 June 2011 Update: $1.4M in property and cash to Plaintiffs, KingCast exclusive interview with counsel for Plaintiffs uploading for 9p broadcast, more trial footage, cross examination and Jury Questions to Defendants as the week continues.

This is a compelling case of alleged family betrayal so deep that the Patriarch of the family consulted his Priest as to whether he should initiate legal proceedings after his daughter allegedly left him without medication, assisted in defrauding Trust property and allegedly stole $127,000.00 in money that was hidden in the ground back in Greece. Stay tuned for the chilling conclusion.... brought to you by KingCast.net: Reel News for Real People.

Part Two: Father Dragas.
Part Three: Plaintiff Savvas unavailable per physician orders .
Next up when I return from Bike Week Cody Eller ride: The Defense Case in Chief.

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