30 June 2011

A KingCast Motorsports note to the asshole who ran from the cops and hit 90 mph on my street last night.

Hey asshole: You want to run from the cops go do it on the highway. When I heard you last night come through first and the top of second on your big-assed four-pot sport bike (I think it was a CBR but who can tell in 2 seconds in the dark at 90 mph) at first I thought "all right, he's getting on it good, no problem...." 

But then you kept on through second and hit third near redline so I know you were getting up there approaching triple digits on a residential street. When that undercover in the Crown Vic swooped by after you he had it matted and all I could think was "somebody's gonna die." Or at a minimum break an ankle like the douchebag in the video. Don't do that shit in my neighborhood again or you might find a spoke in your wheel, fool. People like you ruin bikers reputations and we have a hard enough time with other assholes like Cody Eller to deal with. BTW my Fourth of July/Cody Eller/Bike Week movie should be finished tomorrow, it's coming along quite nicely.

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