18 June 2011

KingCast logically says "Apple can kiss my ass!" -- okay not really...

Final update 10p manager Ryan B hooked it up for free.

20 June 2011 Update:
"Well how 'bout them 'bananers..." here is the guts of the lawsuit I am preparing. Right now I am delivering this to the MacStore and headed over to Best Buy to purchase yet another external HD as my 500G and Terrabyte drives are too full to back up my entire computer. 

Plaintiff Christopher King, AKA "KingCast" or "Mortgage Movies" is a former Assisant State Attorney General who is now a current events legal investigative reporter and documentary film maker. He focuses on government, banking/mortgage and corporate malfeasance.

Defendant Apple Computer manufactured, marketed and injected a series of defective products to the U.S. and World public with knowledge aforehand, and failure to correct on the back side.

Instead, to add insult to injury, Defendant makes untold sums of money by charging unwitting consumers at least $280.00 to repair the problem, so abused consumers have to pay for the loss of their machine for a week while it is repaired.
Defendant had full knowledge that the products were being marketed to film makers just like Plaintiff. In point of fact, Defendant depends on its reputation as being a superior machine for film making and editing as compared to PC models.

Plaintiff, on information and belief, asserts that his late 2008 MacBook may contain Nvidia componentry that was involved in a major class action lawsuit. The window for such recompense expired in March, 2011 but such settlement does not in any way issue or claim preclude this Action as:

1. Plaintiff's model was not included in the litigation despite the fact that it could have been.
2. Defendants failed to notify Plaintiff, who -- as noted in his Statement of Facts -- has visited Boston's Boylston Street MacStore on several occasions prior to the March, 2011 cutoff date for the Class Action lawsuit for related issues, yet the Store failed to notify Plaintiff of the Settlement as would have been required by law and at equity.

In the alternative, Plaintiff, on information and belief, asserts for the purposes of this litigation that his uprated Dual Core Duo 2.4 250 Gig MacBook, manufactured and sold in late 2008 is essentially the same as the "MacBook Pro" that replaced it in mid 2009. Such MacBook Pro has also been subject to litigation for screen problems that mirror the problems Plaintiff experienced and reported to the local MacStore on repeated occasion.

Whether Plaintiff has the Nvidia 8600 or 9400 card he asserts the end result is the same: Attachment of liability for a faulty and defective consumer product.

As such, Plaintiff has been denied substantial benefit of the bargain and now brings this Action sounding in:
1. Breach of Express Warranty per Federal and State Law.
2. Breach of Implied Warranty per Federal and State Law.
3. Breach of Warranty for Fitness for Specific Purpose per Federal and State Law.
4. Breach of Warranty of Merchantibility per Federal and State Law.
5. Violation of Common Law Breach of Warranty.
6. Violation of MGL 93A.
7. Violation of Manusson Moss Act, 15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.
8. Fraudulent Concealment.
9. Equitable Estoppel.

Plaintiff seeks Treble Damages......

1.800.No.Movies -- Until next week because Mac is a piece of shit. 2.5 years old logic board and screen shit the goddamn bed, $280 and gone for 5 days. Actually I have had to use an external monitor for months now because of the failures. Hope to have it back next weekend, my backup Mac has old software so it's not worth it. Time to hit the gym in all my spare time, whatever take lemons make lemonade, I was kinda turning into a sluggo anyway. Thing is, as you will see in the linky that PC's suck to work on but they simply don't fail like Macs and believe me my friends and I have seen it happen often. In Europe I think some countries went after them for knowingly making and distributing defective products. Right in the middle of burning part of my Father's Day present.

Well of course Uncle Ruckus tells us my kind don't belong on the Internet anyway LOL :)


Christopher King said...

Time to draft a lawsuit.
This is complete and utter bullshit.


Christopher King said...

And I will hire an expert and they can pay her or him as well, not to mention the publicity and precedent.

A rather unsavory can of worms, n'est-ce pas?