14 June 2011

KingCast Google Searches of the Day: "Judge Spencer Kagan + Crook" and "eMusic Questionable."

You know it's jacked-up when folks are Googling a Judge's Name + "Crook." Well as noted in the Mortgage Movie journal entry from this morning, crooked judges are everywhere. That's why folks like Arrestajudgekit and KingCast rock on. Here is the linky (mit video!) that these folks in Somerville reviewed. I have removed their IP addy and company name to protect them from the wrath of Kagan experienced by Daralyn Khan in her child support case against sperm donor "daddy", eMusic and Columbia J-School employee and International Felon Adam Klein. Here is one of the links that some folks in NYC read, (mit video and criminal convictions, natch). See the jump page below for the searches and another summary video.

United States Flag  Somerville, Massachusetts, United States    [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits
www.bing.com — "spencer kagan" crook
14 Jun12:05:16
14 Jun12:06:49

United States Flag  New York, United States   [Label IP Address]    2 returning visits
www.google.com — emusic questionable #5
13 Jun17:08:28
13 Jun19:42:02
www.google.com — emusic questionable #5
13 Jun19:43:56
www.google.com — emusic questionable #5
14 Jun10:53:55
www.google.com — emusic questionable #5
14 Jun10:54:04
www.google.com — emusic questionable #5
14 Jun10:55:24

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