07 June 2011

KingCast, Attorney Todd Allen, the Nyerges family and Mortgage Movies tell Bank of America in Florida, "Turnaround is Fair Play!"

Well ain't that special? Bank of America just got slammed in Florida! We will be in touch with Attorney Todd Allen shortly. Note that completely baseless foreclosure actions happen often in America, look at Lamar Gunn's case. Gunn, a financial planner, never missed a payment so they conjured up a pre-existing obligation that had been satisfied anyway when he hauled out his Bloomberg terminal, got the CUSIP number and found the purported Trust in which the note was allegedly held. Now he filed ethics complaints and is fighting a court system loathe to mete out any sort of Justice. Mortgage Movies coverage coming soon, now back to the case at bar:

It was a foreclosure defendant’s revenge fantasy.
Two burly Collier County sheriff’s deputies and a homeowner’s attorney strode into the Bank of America branch on Davis Boulevard in Naples with a court order and an ultimatum for Manager Erich Fahrner.
Fahrner’s choice: Write out a check for $2,534 in attorney’s fees for the couple wrongfully slapped with a foreclosure lawsuit by the bank, or a William C. Hoff Storage moving crew waiting outside would start hauling out furniture to be sold at public auction.
“I’m leaving the building with either cash, a check or a whole lot of furniture,” attorney Todd Allen said just before walking in.

Below: Remember this 2008 post with my comrade Milan Kohout, one of the architects of the Velvet Revolution? Seems those Fokkers at Bank of America and some of Boston's Finest and an overzealous prosecutor thought it would be a good idea to attack him for demonstrating his point that these bogus mortgages and the corrupt banking industry were tantamount to putting a noose around everyone's neck in this Country. He was cited with.....
violating the vendor rules when he mockingly proclaimed before a downtown BoA store "Nooses for Sale!" Here is the KingCast Milan Kohut coverage, picked up throughout Europe. I apologize for ImageShack dropping so many images, they are horrible. Soon we will have our own domains so that crap doesn't happen. Anyway I believe our picture won some awards over there as well. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for my Rodney Class Presentation last weekend (pics and video here) in which I explain my historical interest in real estate..... equity. Hardy har har har.....


KingCast says it's nooses again: Milan Kohout & Boston's City Life take a stand against Bank of America, Countrywide and predatory lending in general.

Barack Obama would be proud to know that folks in Boston of all Nationalities and colours are standing strong against predatory lending, even if International performance artist Milan Kohout was criminally charged and almost arrested for displaying his metaphorical nooses last year. For more on the KingCast coverage of that click here and scroll down.

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