04 June 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies welcome dentist-litigant Jeff Brown, forensic man Raja and mortgage and judicial impresario Rodney Class to rocking presentation in Baltimore, MD.

Coming today.... We love America Deerly:
More video as KingCast and others step to the mic in search of Justice.

Sunday update: I was asked to speak today, I was honored, so I did. Got it on video. More on this soon.

And quite a meeting it is. A Mortgage Movie late night and watch this space in the coming 24-48 hours as I independently verify much of what I heard today. One thing that I already knew and can verify is the fact that as a purported mortgagor, your "loan" and note were most likely already dealt and sold before you even drove down to your signing. After that, the document generated multiple worth relative to its purported face value and it was likely destroyed, signaling the end to any verified securitization process. 

Did you know about any of this before you signed off? Of course not.  Would it have affected your negotiations and affected your bargaining power? Of course it would have. That's why they didn't tell you. They wanted you to be oh-so-happy about the wonderful rate you got on your new home!

And that's why it's material fraud, part of a RICO enterprise that NH AG Kelly Ayotte supports. Heck, when I was a licensed title insurance producer she ignored the fact that someone forged my signature to a mortgage, notarized it and faxed it off for funding, that's called Wire Fraud. Look at the docs.
Not to mention (okay, I mentioned it) the fact that she allowed the biggest consumer fraud scam in NH history to occur during her tenure, the FRM ponzi scam..... involving..... mortgage fraud.  Links to follow or you can enjoy the Google walk yourselves, I'm busy cutting a short film, meantime there are a coupe of recent movies for you to enjoy and several decent pics from today's presentation:

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