22 May 2011

Scott Hyman, friends and neighbors still waiting for Justice in record $1.7M anti-Semitic Lakeville-Hemlock Association hate crime/property case.

19 December 2011 Update:
Scott Hyman and his co-Plaintiffs Don and Julie Prescott got screwed.

Remember back at the Passover Seder entry how I noted that it has been almost a year since the Jury returned the record $1.7M verdict in the anti-Semitic Civil Rights/Property case down in (not-so)cozy community of Lakeville's Hemlock Association? Well just to let you know, there still hasn't been any change in status quo. The Defendants filed a bunch of post-trial motions that basically point toward Attorney Serkey's own possible malpractice, the Court heard arguments on these motions about 5 months ago and the case is not just languishing. Mr. Hyman can't even appeal anything because there's nothing to appeal. I suppose his counsel could file a Petition in Mandamus because he is entitled to a ruling --- but that might only piss off the Judge. So he's fucked.

And just to let you know, this is not even a crack on the Judge, whom I have previously complimented on his handling of the case. I'm just looking at the bottom line and what it means to the victim. And just to let you know, some folks from Fall River were searching my journal this morning and downloaded these trial photos (actually screen captures from KingCast65 YouTube videos) from KingCast.net. So apparently somebody still cares. I was starting to think I was alone out here.
I will continue you keep Amerikkka updated..... on nothing.

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