24 May 2011

Sam Bourne, Michael Holman and KingCast see how Senator Kelly Ayotte's contemptible back room legal games are played out in Madison.... and beyond.

Note and 1 June 2011 update: Attorney Cullen and Sam Bourne exhange emails with the KingCaster after the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Mr. Bourne's case. Read it here.

Note: Attorney Cullen has responded, his comments and my response to him are in the comments section. We will see where the Court comes out on all of this, but regardless there was still a decision that the Defendants' conduct was contemptible.

Note: Appellant Bourne's Pleadings will be posted by Wednesday 1 June at this links, for now check out the Preamble to his Reply Memo on top of this journal entry. The nerve of high-powered government and corporate attorneys, they think they can get away with anything.... only because they too often do get away with everything. Welcome to America, the Home of the Brave.

1.  Appellate Brief
2.  Reply Memorandum
SENATOR AYOTTE’S OFFICE – Susan Terzakis from Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Office was scheduled to be in attendance to introduce the Selectmen to the resources within the Senator’s Office.  Unfortunately she had to return unexpectedly to her office before the scheduled meeting time.  A future appointment may be scheduled.  In the meantime, Terzakis spoke with the Town Hall staff this afternoon and offered to provide information on resources and contacts to help the Town and its residents. 

Why is Kelly Ayotte making overtures on 19 April 2011 to the Selectmen in the Town of Madison as a U.S. Senator? Stay tuned I'll tell you in a minute.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte ignored forgeries and wire fraud when I was a licensed title insurance producer.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte ignored falsified statements and Unconstitutional conduct in Michael Holman's case in which Madison Police Chief John Pickering worked with a host of NH legal and political hacks to take Mr. Holman's children away from him in Washington State and bring them back to their crack-addicted mother where they faced unlawful sexual overtures and one of them sustained a concussion and a coma as a direct and proximate result of the mother's wanton negligence. See the KingCast movie, above.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte facilitated similar lawlessness in Michael Holman's case; the guy is a damn Senior Passport inspector, a retired LE and they still tried to make him into a criminal even after NH Legal Ethics wonk Martha Van Oot flat out lied to him about the state of the law and whether GAL's are subject to ethical rules.

Opinion: Everything I went to law school for.... is pretty much bullshit. That's a big $100K+ lesson.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte ignored forgeries and false documents in Bourne v. Town of Madison NH Dist. 2005-CV-365, in which Pickering was also involved. She also ignored a falsified Notary of Witness to a Deed by town Attorney Randall Cooper. 

Basically the Town completely lied to this guy relative to a development property, then forged documents and admitted to changing the appearance of certain maps, it's all tied to whether there were Class VI roads to the property and whether the town had authority over the area, long story and up on appeal. But as the Federal case was brewing Brian Cullen -- seen below and one of my opposing counsels in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist 2010-CV-501 -- illegally refused to offer up discovery emails per court order and his client was found in contempt. It was raw gamesmanship to keep Mr. Bourne from producing those documents in the Stateside case, which he won anyway but it would have added to his case. Moreover, come to find out that even then Cullen and his clients failed to produce all of the ordered emails from people like Robert D. King.

And to top it off, Pickering got the services of a forced-retirement, very shady, DNA evidence-destroying guy ex FBI guy named Alan Robillard for free, then made a referral to Ayotte because he was having a hard time getting any action there. So now comes Miss Kelly, as a U.S. Senator, back to help clean up the mess because there is ongoing litigation in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, Case no. 2010-17-18.

So hell no I don't trust any of these cats in my case, particularly when you see that Kelly had her other cronies defending my case and the Judge having worked under and with said cronies at McLane, Graf not even divulging that information during a TRO hearing in which she illogically made every possible factual inference against me. See the KingCast Motion for Recusal and this week's short film on that matter:

Madison NH, Class VI Roads, Snowmobile trails created by theft of private property, Madison NH Selectmen, fight at all cost paid for by the Madison local Taxes, NH Superior Court, or Carroll County Superior Court. Conway Daily Sun NewsPaper, Police Chief Pickering.


Christopher King said...

In response to "what are they feeding these guys, Brian?"



Nice bit adding the Bourne case to the blog, except that it’s inaccurate and probably defamatory: despite Mr. Bourne’s conviction that there are additional documents, there actually aren’t any. Might note that while he won his land-use case in the superior court, he was denied attorney fees in the state case, which demonstrated that the court agreed the Town acted in good faith. That ruling was affirmed on appeal.

I didn’t have any part in the land-use case, but have defended the town on four other actions brought by Mr. Bourne. We won summary judgment on all counts of his first federal case, won dismissal of his two subsequent state court actions, and have a pending motion to dismiss and application for fees in his latest federal court action. Several of these cases have included rulings confirming that there was no misconduct in the handling of the discovery and have rejected Mr. Bourne’s ongoing conspiracy claims.


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Seems more like a can of hate to me.

I have duly noted your response to both the Ridley post and to the Bourne post and will continue to do so each and every time I mention it, in the interests of fairness.

As for NH (or any other courts) slamming Plaintiffs and not awarding attorney fees, welcome to the U.S.A. circa 2011........ the Judiciary is largely put there to help enforce the police state and to protect the government and far too often, big business.

Enjoy the day Brian, I know it is a bit unusual to see that strange orangy orb in the sky, I heard it is called "the sun" or something or other.


Christopher King said...

Whether or not he had any role in it, I notice he was silent on what happened to Michael Holman.

That fiasco was, and is, simply inexcusable.

Same way that what they did to Ralph Holder was simply inexcusable.

And not to mention Dave Coltin.

The State of NH will use children as an excuse to get you into the criminal system quicker than you can say "abuse of discretion" take your money and slam you when you protest, even while your children sustain neglect and abuse in a bad home.

It's all part of the prison industrial complex, a spinoff of the industrial military complex. Having been part of it as a state attorney sometimes I feel like I need to repent, that's why I come here.


Michael Holman said...

Ayotte reaching out the Madison Selectmen is likely due to her involvement, in my opinion, of directing them to send me a threat of lawsuit for Defamation. I have gained the support of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Congressmen Inslee(Wa.) and two toher Congressmen (Ca., Ct.) who, along with the USCCR, requested a formal FBI investigation. Thankfully, they believe black males lack the intelligence to defeat them and I intend to be the first. I hope that Mr. Cullen speaks up concerning my charges, this battle is going to go the distance. Someone always talks and this case involves Ct, NH and Washington state, more than enough mouths for someone with some sense to fear going to prison. Ayotte is guilty, so is Pickering, Colantuono, Albee etc. I state it publicly, and vowing to protect my sons, will push this until I am no longer on Gods green earth.....Racists, and criminals they have proven to be.

Michael Holman said...

Mr. Cullen is bragging that his states judicial system allows the officials to practice corruption and rule against the victims. Judge Albee participated in the civil rights attack upon my family and I see evidence of this in all of the other cases. I gained support from every state OUTSIDE of New England, why? Because it was blatant and egregious conduct. Mr. Cullen, just because these fine citizens are stuck in your state and you have the backing of corrupt judges doesn't mean you will reign supreme, I found that these charges have merit, no matter how many times you grandstand with judges ruling who are part of your conspiracy. New Hampshire is depriving us of statutes guaranteed by the Constitution. Ayotte was a Public Corruption specialist before becoming AG, she sold out and it is going to cost her her career, you gotta know when to hold em'- and when to fold em'.

Darrell Jones said...


What happened to you is one of the most extreme travesties of Justice I have seen. Well it's hard to rank them though because NH is chock full of them, one after another and another and another....


Michael Holman said...

King, someone thought I was a weak man unwilling to play out this hand I was dealt. As I have said before, I will not stop and I will not just keep talking. I am demanding action and my next step will be to travel to visit some people in DC. So many black men hung from trees and families torn apart while people stood and took pictures, smiling. This is burned in my memory, I love my people but the oppression has taken its toll. Too many are settling for what they were given instead of demanding what we have a right to in this country, so it is written. New Hampshire has no idea what anger I have inside of me for what tricks they have pulled. I care nothing for them or their kind, I seek justice and fairness. They sought fraud and conspiracy through color of law. I have waited and been fair long enough.....