10 May 2011

KingCast, TOUCH FM 106.1 and Grandmaster Flash bring you back to the white lines on the highway (and Stat Rape charges) in more Quincy Road Rage fallout.

6:30p update: Robert O'Connell Attempted Murder/Assault trial scheduled for 15 May 2007 courthouse steps video coming by 9p at the latest.

Note to the Herald: Quit removing my comments they are fully protected by the First Amendment, and what do you know about protecting yourself from Defamation anyway, not much. Time to break out the trusty Triumph (well, trusty since I replaced the damn crankshaft, LOL) and head on down to courthouse :)

Okay I was just getting ready to head down to the Courthouse to check up on the status of the Robert O'Connell, Joseph Fasano, Jennifer Bynarowicz Quincy Cocaine road rage shooting in which Fasano -- with a known domestic violence past -- was reported to have cocaine on his face. There was cocaine in the Bynarowicz Jeep and she copped to it as seen by the KingCast court file investigation.

"Who did you get the cocaine from?"
"You [won't] believe me," says O'Connell.
Interesting. You might want to check and see who carried the insurance on her Jeep, I dunno it might be relevant, it might not. Just sayin'.

But now we apparently have much more than that going on folks, as the Boston.com screen capture shows... William S. O’Connell, who is O'Connell's uncle or father and former State Senator, was popped for 19 golden grams and Stat Rape with a kitlin' 14-16 years of age..... Whoa. See folks have been telling me that years ago one of the elder O'Connells' friends turned up dead off a yacht during a little cocaine party and I have told these people that I will always report what is reasonably true. At this point I cannot -- nor can anyone -- actually substantiate the yacht party cocaine but I now feel comfortable enough to mention the rumour on my page. 

Note that the Patriot Ledger's excellent coverage mentions the incident and the dismissed drunken operation charges as well as his son's second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Julie Hamilton, who knew Matthew through her boyfriend. Matthew O’Connell is being held at Bridgewater State Hospital, a medium-security facility for inmates deemed in need of psychiatric care.

Unlike Howie Carr I'm not stupid enough to get successfully sued for Defamation, hahahaa.... I'll update this journal entry soon but here are some vintage entries for your viewing mispleasure:

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1 comment:

Christopher King said...

So the $19gram question is this:

Was Jennifer Bynarowicz referring to Mr. O'Connell when she told the LE on the scene "You [won't] believe me" as to where she sourced the cocaine?

Because if that's the case then we have him supplying the fuel for an explosive conflagration that has left Joey Fasano irretrievably scarred and his nephew Robert all hemmed-up on attempted murder charges.

How THAT for a "bump" in the road, ahem.

-The KingCaster.