02 May 2011

KingCast, NPR and Joe Piscopo say "Obama got Osama but what does that have to do with the price of petrol in Boston?"

Here you go. That $4.35 was in CT last week, here in Boston it was $4.19.9 3 days ago and now $4.21.9. Listen to the NPR feature now they say it could hit $6.00 this summer. Folks at the CVS store last night and down at the corner store this morning all agreed with me, yah shoor one less point of evil in the World provided they really have him now but how does this directly affect me? And did 9/11 REALLY happen the way they say it did? 

Anyway, of course I document this periodically, at least comedian Mark Demayo made us laugh about it five years ago when they put the stick to us. And keep in mind that the "uncertainty" element discussed in the article is kind of bullshit -- things have been rather "uncertain" in the Middle East for several months now, right. And with Osama dead that should inure to our benefit, at the pumps then, right? A shekel here, a shekel there, right? Not. I suspect that heightened unrest is part of the reason, but the more prevailing reason is scumbag oil company corporate greed during the high volume summer months, natch. BTW ain't it funny that they allegedly shot and killed Osama on May Day? Does anyone else see a coincidence in that?

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Christopher King said...

From a FB friend, checking verification of the factual assertions:

Sharon wrote: "What strikes me as unbelievable is that he had knowledge of this all damn day yesterday, but played 9 holes of golf and then kept the American public waiting an hour and a half after he announced he was going to speak – What a tool. He has very little regard for what happened on September 11th – 3,000 people needlessly slaughtered, and he sits on this information? AND then gives him his religious rites before the burial at sea? I would have sodomized his carcass with a strap on while dousing him in pigs blood, then stuffed his smelly cold corpse into a hollowed out pig and cremated him. He had no regard for the rites or respect for the 3,000 men, women and children who died as a result of his attack on “infidels”. Complete bullshit. I am happy to be an infidel!! AND I cannot wait to see what Muslim sympathizers are going to blow up next…. SMH"