08 May 2011

KingCast Motorsports presents: Trophy Wives.

Hahahahaaa.... lots of trophies, GOTCHA! I can't keep up with exactly what all of these women are doing but I know by the sounds of things in her video that Ms. Fiolek is now on a thumper, it happens. And she is thumping the competition to boot. I am sure there are some men's Class B riders she could dice with as well, even though she reports that fuel injection smoothes out the bike and actually makes it harder for her to know her shift points, being completely deaf. Heather I met 3 years ago when she was doing some Van Halen covers with She-Ruption at Little Five Points in the ATL, my how camera phones have improved since that sorry-assed Blackberry attempt. She has really blown up since then, rock on sister rock on.
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