01 May 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies watch NH Supreme Court finally get it right as Deutschebank takes a dive!

Ahem. Deutschebank v. Kevlin. Now it is of course a very limited holding but the principles remain solid and I will be citing this case in my amicus ethics complaint in the Jeanne Ingress case. You can't just walk into court and profess to have the magic documents and get away with it, particularly when the documents in the record are already known to be fake, "Linda Green/60 Minutes/Lynn Szymoniak" documents. A passion to "fraudulently" perform...... Now when will NH Senators Shaheen and Ayotte get busy and take some remedial action on this mess, that is the operative question folks.

PS: Who is the nice lady in the picture? I ain't tellin'. But her offspring is about to be a lawyer, they are both into Civil Rights and they are both now following Mortgage Movies Journal.

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