16 May 2011

KingCast and Boston Bob see Jeffrey Denner's office in hot water again.

It's pretty complicated and involves a postal inspector, a paralegal and some dangerous liasons, but suffice it to say there are again ethical questions about Jeffrey Denner's hired help. As Boston Bob I busted on Denner's office when they got judges to issue patently Unconstitutional rulings against Derrick Gillenwater (shut down all of his Free Speech rights) after they committed ineffective assistance of counsel in his case. And I have some very serious concerns in the matter of his office's representation of Daralyn Khan in her child support enforcement case against International Felon, eMusic CEO and Columbia J-School professor Adam Klein. Specifically it starts with one Linda Ouellette but is in no ways limited to her. More on this when I feel like it. Meanwhile in the short film above is the back story on Adam Klein, who has been little more than a sperm donor to his child as he lives it up at 15 Central Park West.

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