31 May 2011

Hey KingCast how's the Dave Ridley wrongful arrest protest movie coming?

Okay: 3:06 a update, the movie has 31 minutes to go on YouTube, and it is stellar.

Man, F***Dave Ridley.... I'm out riding my goddamn motorcycle, LOL.  Just kidding mate you know I got your back. No, seriously folks I am ensconced, deep in the editing piece right now but it will 100% for certain be up by say, 2-3 a.m. if not before. And no it is not "promotional" he didn't pay me one red cent, I know he felt he had to say that in the name of integrity because I paid him a whopping $200 for like, 5 videos but it's All Good. I am promoting the vigorous exercise of the First Amendment, unfettered by unnecessary and Unconstitutional State interference.... particularly at Memorial Day weekend.

I applaud Dave Ridley's candor and to err on the side of caution can never be faulted. Here is the lead post with images from Sunday's protest at Nashua Pee Dee. Peace.

PS: You Triumph heads note the "triple" grass stems. Serendipity.... is where you find it.

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