31 May 2011

Hey KingCast how's the Dave Ridley wrongful arrest protest movie coming?

Okay: 3:06 a update, the movie has 31 minutes to go on YouTube, and it is stellar.

Man, F***Dave Ridley.... I'm out riding my goddamn motorcycle, LOL.  Just kidding mate you know I got your back. No, seriously folks I am ensconced, deep in the editing piece right now but it will 100% for certain be up by say, 2-3 a.m. if not before. And no it is not "promotional" he didn't pay me one red cent, I know he felt he had to say that in the name of integrity because I paid him a whopping $200 for like, 5 videos but it's All Good. I am promoting the vigorous exercise of the First Amendment, unfettered by unnecessary and Unconstitutional State interference.... particularly at Memorial Day weekend.

I applaud Dave Ridley's candor and to err on the side of caution can never be faulted. Here is the lead post with images from Sunday's protest at Nashua Pee Dee. Peace.

PS: You Triumph heads note the "triple" grass stems. Serendipity.... is where you find it.

30 May 2011

KingCast Memorial Day in Nashua: Rock stars watch it like a hawk ---- Dave Ridley Nashua PD wrongful arrest protest & Ridley final video on KingCast v. Ayotte.

Okay: 3:06 a update, 
the movie has 31 minutes to go on YouTube, and it is stellar.

31 May 2011 8:55p moving pictures update.

Well okay my old friend Chrissy isn't really a rock star, she just looked like one yesterday in her $20 Spencer Gift shades so I'm joking, LOL. But the wrongful threats and arrests of reporters that Nashua PD doesn't happen to like is no joke, as will become clear in my movie set for Tuesday, and in the movies from CopBlock.org, LibertyOnTour and Ridley report. Actually Ridley did a quickie upload yesterday here is the link. According to Mr. Ridley the Nashua PD on site at last week's Joe Biden event actually goaded the hotel into the whole thing, everything was going along just fine. Ridley was busy being a citizen journalist (as if the Founding Fathers and pamphleteers intended for any such distinction between "citizen journalist" and "mainstream lapdog press") for quite some time before the LE approached the Radisson and asked them if they needed help getting rid of Ridley.

Here is the KingCast main Ridley Report arrest link, soon to be replaced by this one when the new KingCast movie is wrapped and loaded. The point I made to Telegraph Reporter Mike Brindley and the point with which all of us concur is that our government is bringing different sorts of groups together as we focus more on or commonalities rather than our differences. Many Free-Staters had no idea that I was going through a similar battle with Nashua PD and former NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte.

But all of that is about to change. 

So here we come together on Memorial Day to recognize those who have fought and died to provide us basic Civil Liberties in the United States. We recognize that a free press is one of the hallmarks of any civilized society, and we recognize that in New Hampshire -- the Live Free or Die State -- that oppressors like Kelly Ayotte, Nashua PD and all of their respective attorneys couldn't give a flying f*** about any of it. They are complete hypocrites who have sold their souls for a steady paycheck and they don't really give a damn who they oppress in order to earn it so they can pay off whatever bank they believe holds their mortgages... but I digress, that's the subject of my Mortgage Movies Journal.

In any event we are here to help make them give a flying f*** about ALL OF IT.

29 May 2011

KingCast presents: Folks' music part two.... sippin' on gin & juice!

The second video from Bokx 109 didn't fare so well so I'll just link it. Of course I had the Bees Knees! Good music, good times...... Laid back..... with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.... Gin & Juice my n***** LOL.

Related: Folk's Music Part One.

27 May 2011

Boston impresario Chris Solomon gets down on a unicycle!

Eat a taco as you watch it and you can kill two birds with one stone.

People in Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia Beach and all across the Country know Senator Kelly Ayotte lied about the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Liko Peter Kenney. Norman Bruce McKay. Gregory Willis Floyd. Those names will follow-- and sometime precede -- her for the rest of her career. Read more about Dorothy Aufiero's forthcoming Hollywood screen adaptation of Casey Sherman's best-selling novel "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" here.

I see people like this by the dozens review this journal each and every day. Take a minute to read the links that they are reading and see why no one else in the World has the quantity and quality of coverage of this tragic event, the elements that led to it and the coverup in the aftermath. Liars like Kelly Ayotte should be disbarred like Mike Nifong. And with that, it's about time for KingCast to be Goin' up the Country! F*** these fat cat stuffed-shirt corporate war pigs.

KingCast art on wheels: The Moto Guzzi Breva.

I have always liked the Guzzi machines. Some are arguably ugly but the Breva is undeniably beautiful. Folks were busy reading my journal posts about demented and clearly dangerous teen Cody Eller at wildguzzi, the Moto Guzzi chat board the other day. There are some Guzzi's in this KingCast video, "Dunlop Sportmax Q2 on Triumph Sprint 955i."

26 May 2011

Nashua Police thugs grab nuts and arrest indie journalist Dave Ridley at Joe Biden event; they no doubt hate his coverage of KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD.




At the Ridley Report video I wrote: @lisapratt1 Why is this so familiar to me.... hahahaa..... Jesus, I am blogging this right now.

Now they can say "It's not racial Mr. King we hate anyone who questions authority."
But now DR has potentially a better lawsuit against them than mine because they actually ARRESTED him. Might have to draft a sample lawsuit for public inspection so folks can see the elements. Here is the latest Ridley Report coverage on my Free Press litigation against former AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and her merry band of legal pranksters. He will be posting one more video any day now, as this seemingly unlawful arrest has naturally thrown him off course. Some of these LE exalt the total police state mentality above all else. Dave, sue the living snot out of them and I will cover every minute of it.

What's going to be interesting is whether Brian Cullen intentionally withholds evidence as he did up in Madison in Sam Bourne's case when Ridley sues Nashua PD for wrongful arrest. To hear him tell it, he was actually walking away from the event and they STILL arrested him. They started to do it to me as well when they drove me out of the entire Crowne Plaza, watch the videos.

Query, did VP Biden authorize this? His boss, what's his name... oh, President Barack Obama, born in Hawaii -- has no problem with me. And Biden himself gave me a hug and promised that public menaces like Kelly Ayotte's hero Greg Floyd would face the full measure of the law for continued 18 USC §922 infractions. Of course he lied about that, but whatever.

25 May 2011

Borrower's Insurance scam: Mortgage Movies explains how Lamar Gunn was a victim of wrongful foreclosure.... he never missed a payment; the underlying loan was satisfied.

How does a financial planner who pays his mortgage on time become a victim of foreclosure fraud? Well it goes like this. US Bank sent him a letter as he was being evicted on 31 January, the Court ordered possession on 1 Feb. and Ruled against Mr. Gunn's Quiet Title and Temporary Injunction so he had 6,000 square feet to pack up in about a day or two. Come to find out that the underlying loan had been paid off, the lending institution conspired with the servicer as the underlying trust had certificates paid off and the trust was dissolved back in 2005...... three (3) years before they commenced action on him. He got the CUSIP number and tracked everything. These guys are so busted.

They misrepresented standing to sue and he is now suing for Unjust Enrichment. When he telephoned one of the attorneys at her publicly-listed phone number she claimed he was threatening her, typical nonsense. Dangerous Black Man, I've been there done that and sued American Tower Corporation for Defamation over it. Anyway we will have a very atypical response in 1080p resolution, set for the Big Screen. They messed with the Wrong Guy this time.

More on this later, including a Mortgage Movie, of course.

UPDATE: Attorney Margaret F. England of Eckert, Seamans, Cherin & Mellott, LLC tries to hide behind a request for Protective Order, as if Mr. Gunn is somehow harassing her.... when he was the one illegally and fraudulently removed from his home. I can't wait to get this one on video. 

24 May 2011

Massachusetts DA's choose KingCast!

Oh believe me they are always reading my journals. Today they chose to download one of my favorite photographs, that of Prosecutor Ed Zabin mirrored in another reporter's eyeglasses. It's KingCastic!
United States Flag  West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States    Massachusetts District Attorneys Association

Sam Bourne, Michael Holman and KingCast see how Senator Kelly Ayotte's contemptible back room legal games are played out in Madison.... and beyond.

Note and 1 June 2011 update: Attorney Cullen and Sam Bourne exhange emails with the KingCaster after the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Mr. Bourne's case. Read it here.

Note: Attorney Cullen has responded, his comments and my response to him are in the comments section. We will see where the Court comes out on all of this, but regardless there was still a decision that the Defendants' conduct was contemptible.

Note: Appellant Bourne's Pleadings will be posted by Wednesday 1 June at this links, for now check out the Preamble to his Reply Memo on top of this journal entry. The nerve of high-powered government and corporate attorneys, they think they can get away with anything.... only because they too often do get away with everything. Welcome to America, the Home of the Brave.

1.  Appellate Brief
2.  Reply Memorandum
SENATOR AYOTTE’S OFFICE – Susan Terzakis from Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Office was scheduled to be in attendance to introduce the Selectmen to the resources within the Senator’s Office.  Unfortunately she had to return unexpectedly to her office before the scheduled meeting time.  A future appointment may be scheduled.  In the meantime, Terzakis spoke with the Town Hall staff this afternoon and offered to provide information on resources and contacts to help the Town and its residents. 

Why is Kelly Ayotte making overtures on 19 April 2011 to the Selectmen in the Town of Madison as a U.S. Senator? Stay tuned I'll tell you in a minute.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte ignored forgeries and wire fraud when I was a licensed title insurance producer.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte ignored falsified statements and Unconstitutional conduct in Michael Holman's case in which Madison Police Chief John Pickering worked with a host of NH legal and political hacks to take Mr. Holman's children away from him in Washington State and bring them back to their crack-addicted mother where they faced unlawful sexual overtures and one of them sustained a concussion and a coma as a direct and proximate result of the mother's wanton negligence. See the KingCast movie, above.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte facilitated similar lawlessness in Michael Holman's case; the guy is a damn Senior Passport inspector, a retired LE and they still tried to make him into a criminal even after NH Legal Ethics wonk Martha Van Oot flat out lied to him about the state of the law and whether GAL's are subject to ethical rules.

Opinion: Everything I went to law school for.... is pretty much bullshit. That's a big $100K+ lesson.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte ignored forgeries and false documents in Bourne v. Town of Madison NH Dist. 2005-CV-365, in which Pickering was also involved. She also ignored a falsified Notary of Witness to a Deed by town Attorney Randall Cooper. 

Basically the Town completely lied to this guy relative to a development property, then forged documents and admitted to changing the appearance of certain maps, it's all tied to whether there were Class VI roads to the property and whether the town had authority over the area, long story and up on appeal. But as the Federal case was brewing Brian Cullen -- seen below and one of my opposing counsels in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist 2010-CV-501 -- illegally refused to offer up discovery emails per court order and his client was found in contempt. It was raw gamesmanship to keep Mr. Bourne from producing those documents in the Stateside case, which he won anyway but it would have added to his case. Moreover, come to find out that even then Cullen and his clients failed to produce all of the ordered emails from people like Robert D. King.

And to top it off, Pickering got the services of a forced-retirement, very shady, DNA evidence-destroying guy ex FBI guy named Alan Robillard for free, then made a referral to Ayotte because he was having a hard time getting any action there. So now comes Miss Kelly, as a U.S. Senator, back to help clean up the mess because there is ongoing litigation in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, Case no. 2010-17-18.

So hell no I don't trust any of these cats in my case, particularly when you see that Kelly had her other cronies defending my case and the Judge having worked under and with said cronies at McLane, Graf not even divulging that information during a TRO hearing in which she illogically made every possible factual inference against me. See the KingCast Motion for Recusal and this week's short film on that matter:

Madison NH, Class VI Roads, Snowmobile trails created by theft of private property, Madison NH Selectmen, fight at all cost paid for by the Madison local Taxes, NH Superior Court, or Carroll County Superior Court. Conway Daily Sun NewsPaper, Police Chief Pickering.

23 May 2011

KingCast says "Wow, I didn't know I lived in a rain forest...."

Boston (n). A Thickly-Settled city in the Northeast predominated by abundant political corruption, cloud cover, nasty winters, nasty people, fog, a predominance of rain, i.e. 7/8 next days and a niggardly allotment of sunshine. i.e. 1/8 of those same days. 

KingCast Cody Eller motorcycle road rage update: Probable Cause hearing continued to 14 June 2011; Court Security manager L'Esperance shows hatred and contempt for bikers.

For you ADVRider guys coming in I see you in my tracker the conviction and possible New Trial matters are all linked, with courtroom videos here. And I spoke with William Hawksley here.

Note: Defense Attorney Kaye (who rides an '01 Bonnie) informs me regarding the issue of Officer Stahl being on a Laurie list (read here) that the Court sealed his Motion and will conduct an in camera review of the officer's personnel file to determine if the exculpatory evidence rises to the level where a New Trial or Set Aside of the Verdict is warranted. As a lawyer I hated in camera reviews because you can't be there to review the material with the Court. And as noted in other journal entries you simply cannot trust New Hampshire law enforcement, starting with Kelly Ayotte and now Mike Delaney on down the chain. And further, why seal the motion instead of redacting the names? Isn't it in the public's best interests to know? This is where media with the big guns and big money needs to sue to have this information released.

Rut-ro folks.... Not so fast. As in the Liko Kenney (and read the windshield bullet entry) and Michael Paulhus cases, the State of NH has for lack of a better term... completely fucked up. They destroyed evidence and violated Mr. Paulhus' Civil Rights but AG Kelly Ayotte never punished any of the LE involved. As a former LE Attorney myself I found that ridiculous because it is ridiculous, dammit. 

In the present case I noted the rule 98 violation that kept their expert from testifying, now we have a 15 Nov. 2012 filing of Notice of Discovery violation. Officer Eugene Stahl has been dishonest, as noted above by way of information contained in a post hoc Laurie disclosure, 139 NH 325 (1995). So whether or not Stahl was dishonest in this instance I don't know but the Defense was denied the opportunity to cross him on it and it is axiomatic that truthfulness and credibility is always material when a witness is on the stand. For crissakes what if he lied about something even remotely similar to this case, then you could have a very different outcome if the Jury placed a fair amount of reliance on his testimony in reaching its Verdict. If I were in Attorney Kaye's position I would have a New trial motion and Demand for Full Disclosure in the Courthouse on Monday at 9:00 a.m. All I could find on Lexis on him however is Saviano v. NH DMV, 151 NH 315 (2004) see the comments. From the NH Bar Journal "Judicial Journey of David A. Brock," winter, 2007:
For many years courts have been plagued by questions concerning the use of exculpatory evidence in the trial of criminal cases. The prosecution’s duty when it is in the possession of such evidence and the materiality of the evidence provided the subject matter for State v. Laurie, 139 N.H. 325 (1995). In crafting the majority opinion for the court, Chief Justice Brock concluded that if a defendant could show that the government “knowingly withheld” exculpatory evidence, then the state would bear the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the disclosure of the evidence would not affect the verdict. Laurie, 139 N.H. at 330.
This my friends is the legacy of New Hampshire law enforcement that is fundamentally flawed from the top down and it all ties in with why former NH AG Kelly Ayotte hates me so much that she and Nashua PD banned me from her publicly-advertised campaign events. You simply do not get this type of detail and analysis in the mainstream press so people like Ayotte and her buddies John McCain and Joe Arpaio try to shut me down. We are in the Federal Court of Appeals over that after the lower court whitewashed the facts, here's my brief. The AG's office spends too much time going after innocent people like Cody Eller's other defense lawyer Ross McLeod and me (I crushed her when I was NAACP Legal Chair in NH, in part using Laurie Discovery) while ignoring the real criminals like Franconia's Bruce McKay, sad to say.

Cody Eller was found guilty of Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct today by a Hillsborough South Jury. His license has been revoked and a pre-sentencing investigation and report will issue some time before spring. I take no great joy in any of this for the reasons stated in today's wrap-up video. Video from Day Three (yesterday) is still forthcoming, including closing arguments and rebuttal witnesses.
Providence, RI 6:06 a.m. Three scrambled eggs, leftover shrimp moo shu and pamplemousse. Out of yerba mate and the ride to Nashua is gonna be a cold one, ouch. Here is a ton of back story from the trial days 1 and 3.

My gut feeling is that Cody Eller will walk or be convicted of reckless conduct, in part because the State's investigation was not as thorough as it should have been. Also recall the Rule 98 issue where the State's expert witness production was overruled (Motion in Limine granted) because the State did not produce the information on time.

My fundamental problem with the Defense case is twofold:

One, that we are to believe that an experienced rider on a road he knows like the back of his hand somehow failed to negotiate a simple pass and had to duck back into Cody Eller's lane so hard that he crushed his own leg, and 

Two, the Officer who stated that Cody Eller told him "I was not going to let him pass," in conjunction with witness Chiasson's observation that the Eller car sped up as William Hawksley started to pass as the passing lane expired going up the hill.

My problem with issue number one is that no one mentioned the phantom SUV being on the road until Cody Eller met with his accident reconstructionist. Therefore if there was no SUV (and even if there was -- unless it was 3-400 feet before them) William Hawksley could easily complete a pass against any car at any point of that road given the performance envelope of a Kawasaki ZX-14.  Now that having been said, a Jury verdict of acquittal doesn't mean that the Jury buys argument number one, but it would mean that the State failed to meet its burden to DISPROVE that theory by a Reasonable Doubt Standard. All clear?

This would be much easier for me to convey if certain members and admins had not engaged in knee-jerk reactionary politics and played Lord of the Flies and booted me off. Whatever, I still follow through on what I fucking said I would fucking do, which was to ride my bike to the trial, provide professional coverage and commentary and inform the general and motorcycling community. Those of you who don't like that.... can kiss my black ass.

KingCast Exclusive Update 20 March 2012:

August 10 trial management 10a.

Jury selection August 20 9a.

14 February Garage 71 radio show for you fucktards at NESR: Brian wrote back, here it is, go to 14 Feb. 2012 Rumblings program, my portion starts at 11:00 in.

"....King, a motorcycle activist, is the only guy right now in the news media who is still following the Cody Eller case..."
29 Dec. Update: You cool cats from ADVRider welcome in, no updates since this one in Nov.... I believe there is a hearing toward the end of January 2012 it's just a scheduling conference but I have to try to stay on top of this shit because you know his lawyer will try to work a Deal and keep the little bastard from out in front of my cameras. You uncool cats at ADVRider, well, as some folks noted I have no idea WTF you hated on me so much, all I've done for most of my adult life is to fight for the little folks.
A Friday afternoon in Nov. update: Not surprisingly Cody Eller and his attorneys have again waived the public appearance. At some point however he will have to appear in an open court of law, and my KingCast Canons will be blazing. As for today you can read the  Cody Eller First Degree Assault Indictment and no, I don't hate to say "I told you so." I hope the Grand Jury foreman rides a bike. If he goes to trial I hope every Juror rides a bike or has someone in their immediate family who does. Remember, in NH this is quite possible. How many peremtory or for cause strikes can they get? Is riding a bike or knowing a biker good enough for cause? The mind boggles. Anyway it was a beautiful ride up and back to Nashua except the heated grips have decided to take a Holiday, might as well just replace them entirely as opposed to diagnosis, right. Other than that the Triumph just sang its little heart out up and around the Route 2/I-95/I-93 loop, all them horses showed up to work....it was pulling so hard in the chilly air in 6th I kept trying to upshift thinking it was 5th LOL.

New KingCast Motorsports movie coming tonight, 17 Nov. 2011 and Cody Eller Courtroom video tomorrow. When I told Demented Cycles owners Kevin and Charlie Russell about how Cody Eller intentionally rammed his car into a motorcyclist and shattered his leg, their jaws just about hit the ground.

Cody Eller was indicted on 26 October, 2011 and his arraignment on First and Second Degree Assault and Reckless Conduct for intentionally running his car into William Hawksley on his Kawasaki ZX-14 is currently scheduled for 18 Nov. 2011. Once again KingCast is correct about something in American Jurisprudence, surprise, surprise. And for all of you dumb-shit meathead cross-eyed bitches at ADVRider and NESR who ganged up on me and threw me off of your silly little Lord of the Flies chat boards as you professed my ignorance on the law and on this subject, you guys can pretty much eat a dick, LOL. Fuck me with a cactus? Nah, doubtful.... it's more like fuck YOU with a cactus you cross-eyed, aptly self-named and promoted c___. At least Mr. Hawksley had someone else break his ankle you're so fucking stupid you went and broke your own hahahahaa..... but stupid is as stupid does, and that's what you get for being a low-life skank bitch though :)

Anyway, I've got an extra special photo for all of you coming up when I can get to my card reader but for now here are the background videos and the KingCast Amicus Brief urging the Prosecutors to do exactly what they did eventually do. Whether Mr. Eller actually appears at his arraignment in front of KingCast cameras or not, he eventually has to pass before my roving eye at some point even if on a Plea Arrangement, and when that moment comes, I'm going to shoot his ass with a howling straight glass 100mm or 50mm Canon, real good.

8 June 2011 Update: Cody Eller waives Probable Cause Hearing, now it is up to County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan to do the right thing.


Today's video feature up by 6p or when I return from the beer store, whichever is first. Always have a beer after you finish a movie.

The continuance was made at the request of counsel Jeffrey Kaye.... who probably didn't recognize that as being Bike Week. Whoops..... if they think they saw some irate bikers today just wait until then, ahem. It was good to see my old friend Mike Gannon again, we both put egg on NH LE faces a few years back. I knew his Harley the minute I heard him coming down the driveway, LOL.

More on this late night, including KingCast video. Here is the original journal entry with more background. As I interviewed some folks who showed up in support I discovered that victim William Hawksley didn't put his bike down despite having a shattered leg. He relayed that Mr. Eller pushed him across a couple of lanes of travel before the nightmare ride concluded. Talk about superior luck and biking skills. Regardless, Ma and Pa need to be double-checking their insurance policies. As to Mr. L'Esperance, the following colloquy ensued as I walked through the door:

"What are you people doing here," bellowed L'Esperance," who will soon receive a written complaint.
"I didn't know we needed a reason, this is a public courthouse isn't it?
"I told you it was continued."
"Well we're just here to make sure of that."
"The motion is under advisement."
"Well that means it hasn't been continued yet then, right? Why are you being so hostile to us? I asked."

Honestly he looked like he was going to blow a gasket, and all of us bikers were just standing there quietly. Meanwhile all of the people who had court hearings were looking on in amazement and shaking their heads at the guy. He probably has no clue that the sitting Judge -- McLeod -- has already ruled in my favor in a First Amendment case.

KingCast: Bringin' the Noise..... except it's anything but noise. What it is, brother, is a well-conceived and orchestrated mission to share how the legal system works with laypeople....  using fun video, natch. Anyway P.E. was the shit, truly a psychedelic rap album. Sing along with the KingCaster, circa 1988: Shame on the brother who be dealin'... the same block where my 98 be wheelin'.... or you can have it this way, with some Rage Against the Machine, it's All Good either way, people. Yah.