04 April 2011

KingCast65 YouTube channel @50% growth rate, gets 17,000 hits in 6 weeks.

December 2011 Update: The growth rate is actually greater than 50% as of 15 December I now have +250K hits,  and subscribers are up 42% since April....and keep in mind I don't do any featured video posting and the major Internet Mafia keep my videos as submerged as possible. They can go to hell. If you are offended then you are exactly who I am talking about LOL.

Very interesting. I didn't start posting any political or legal videos until late January 2010 with the Dan Talbot murder trial, and it took me just about a calendar year to get 100,000 hits as noted in this Black History Month entry with my Second Amended Complaint against Senator Kelly Ayotte for Free Press/First Amendment violations. That's a 50% growth, I'll take it. Clearly I'm doing something right, and my message is resonating with more people by the day. And I'm just getting started with Mortgage Movies Journal, that is REALLY going to resonate. And that's real growth, mind you, no bullshit lipstick on a pig like those corporate bankers who've got the whole country mired in financial morass as so aptly captured by "The Inside Job." 


KingCast: Reel News for Real People, from the Blue Collar Man.

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