19 April 2011

KingCast says, "Oh, Dear Gosh please don't let this be another 2009 spring rainfall year....."

As a bike rider (motor and people-powered) of course I follow the weather more than the average bloke, and what I'm seeing thus far isn't any kind of fun. Every couple of weeks I see a string of 3-4 days of sunshine in the forecast, then check it in a day or two and they disappear, it will be one day, then partial sun the next, then rain. Standard joke is that it's easy to be a meteorologist in Boston, just write in every other day or so "some showers" or "partly cloudy....."

BTW rickets is on the rise.... "Geographical features: Anyone who lives above 40 degrees latitude in the Northern Hemisphere (Boston to northern California) has less exposure to the sun during the winter months. In fact, studies have shown that by the end of winter, young, healthy Bostonians are deficient in Vitamin D because of the decrease in ultraviolet light exposure from November to February."

To those of you who didn't live here in 2009 here's what you missed, more rainy than Seattle.... and dark. What's compelling is the fact that it appears to be a shift of some temporal consequence as the high and low pressure systems in America have shifted.....

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Christopher King said...

OMG two more days of 35 degrees at night, and virtually no real sunshine for the next week, one day of sun forecasted.

Waiting for spring in Boston is a real MF sometimes.

It's almost May for Pete's sake.