25 April 2011

KingCast repost of a seminal journal feature showing how dirty New Hampshire law enforcement -- including Senator Kelly Ayotte -- really is, with Maura Murray, Brianna Maitland, Liko Kenney and Dow Murders.

I can support everything I say in the Drinking Liberally journal entry.

Well......First off, watch the KingCast short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts" and then watch the KingCast/Coruway Film Institute short film "Liko Kenney in the pre Bruce-McKay era."

There's a mouth-breathing misogynist jackass writing in to this post about Kelly Ayotte's malfeasance (read more in the comments here about her dereliction of duties and deviations from norm in the Franconia shooting tragedy) lately so I thought I would share his "perspective" with everyone.

Lookit fool: I showed you just the other day how police who violate explicit AG policies keep their jobs. "Don't pick up the shell casings" means exactly that, do you comprehend that you idiot, or is it all too much for you? I showed you through SAABS and through my friend Karen and her phenomenal website (Dow Murders) and through State Rep Renny Cushing's HB430 how the Dow Murders got "overlooked." And I showed you about Maura Murray, and the government unlawfully denying public information to her father Fred. See Murray v. State of NH Grafton 2006 - 113 or 913 A.2d 737 (N.H. 2006) Here is the Notice of Appeal.

Here are links to excellent features in the Caledonian Record and Trooper Todd Landry's thoughts on the cell phone call that was made to her shortly before her disappearance and purported accident. NBC News' Elizabeth Fischer asked the relevant question "How could a young woman be at the site of a car crash one moment and simply vanish the next?"

Here is the original post from 18 February 2011. People can malign me all they want to but I really don't give a shit, the facts are the facts. If they could get me for Defamation they would.... but they can't because I know WTF I'm talking about.

This jackass even has bad things to say about Trooper Todd Landry after he wrote up Bruce McKay after McKay had a spaz-out over a couple of bikers at Hillwinds Motor Inn who weren't even doing anything wrong, whether the jackass wants to admit that or not. See para. 8 herein. So I says to the jackass, I says:
Not to mention Bruce McKay coming after Ryan Hartford with such a vendetta that he blew open the OC Spray spigot at Profile and sent an innocent girl to the HOSPITAL. Read my interview excerpt with Mr. Hartford noting that Bruce McKay and the State "misplaced" the discovery in that "case" against Mr. Hartford and the charges were dismissed. Ah-hummm...Something fishy in Denmark on that one, too. But to Kelly Ayotte, he's a hero.

PS: Topix entry from Tom Conrad's nephew Who killed North Haverhill Trooper Thomas Conrad? Was Bruce McKay the Dexter of the North Country? Or maybe it was Floyd, working for him on one of his "43 Kills," so Ayotte's Office puts up a "We don't know what happened" website entry and calls it a day because Floyd was her hero, too. Tom McCain, shilling for Ayotte, that's a joke, she's worse than Sarah Palin.

Bonus round: Patric McCarthy.

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Christopher King said...

That loudmouthed ignorant jackass "Sophie Bean" has entered the room now over at Mr. Renner's Maura Murray website and has once again attempted to trash talk me like her buddy the welder posing as JAG Attorney Bill Christy and the whole merry band of pranksters:

I responded as follows and waiting for the post to update:

This is what I just posted:

Sophie Bean I advise you to take your little undocumented diatribe away from here as no one has found one material misstatement I have ever made in ANY of my investigations into North Country matters, and I along with dozens of others, including statesmen who wrote and supported me, successfully addressed the NH House and Senate on the Bruce McKay road bills.

Unless or until you have something specific to say I suggest you stop staining this board. That is as polite as I can be to you, no one has ever successfully challenged anything I have said as a journo since I wrote for the Indianopolis Star 22 years ago my friend.

I bust bad journos, see Marinova v. Boston Herald, 'nuff said.


Have a nice day.