10 April 2011

KingCast presents: More Boston area road rage... this time with a Geekhouse city bike and on a new Fiat 500 with angry owners!

You cats coming in from ADVRider forum should know it is the subject matter of what I cover that is more bizarro than I am, that's for certain, LOL.....

From the 60 Minutes Linda Green files over at Mortgage Movies Journal (Attorney Lynne Szymoniak from the 60 Minutes segment just sent me some new material watch for it), this scam has screwed every single home owner in America because of the devaluation of equity) to the ongoing criminal coverups in New Hampshire, some of which are about to be noted in The Fighter producer's next movie.
Well first of all the Geekhouse town bike is all the rage, had a great conversation with the owner and her husband, she's a progressive attorney as well and he's a progressive architect, great stuff sho' nuff. They have lived all over the Country in some of the same States I have lived in and the conversation started with the observation that people in Boston are some of the most closed people in the World, rude, nasty and bitter about something we will never know.

And as if on cue, I then met another couple who were not similarly situated.

Video coming. Pics are here.

The people were acting mean and said insulting things to me, I ended up laughing at them and said "I'm glad your shit got wrecked, hahahahaa...."

To follow this, know that I rode by first took pics and video and got almost home and then realized they might need video or pictures in case it got dark before they returned to the car. I'm trying to help these people, right.

So I return as dusk sets in and the following colloquy ensues:

"Wow guys what the hell.... This is the first one I've seen in the U.S. and this is horrible. I got the scene on video, here's my card if you need video for evidentiary purposes or whatever just give a holler.

"You do not have it on video," says the GF
"Not the violence but the scene, that's all."
"That's shady."
"No it isn't I was amazed at what happened to your car and I'm insulted."
"Oh it didn't happen the way you think it did, they hit the car then were leaking then drove back this way."
"Okay, sure, that's probably how it happened, look I was just running video to help you if you needed it."
Note: Of course she knew how it happened because unlike me she had the benefit of knowing where they left the car.....

Then the BF cuts in:

"If you want to help get me $30K to fix it."
"Look man like I say, I was just documenting what happened before the tow truck takes it away."
"I got my own video" he says, pulling out his camera, as if I'm supposed to know this. For all I know they have iPhone 3's with no video, or they don't have their camera's on them. Enough already. I flipped my card at him as he looks to rush me, the tow truck driver looks at him like WTF is your problem dude and I say:

"I'm glad your shit got wrecked, hahahahaa...."

$30K advice: Buy you and your lady two mint condition E30 BMWs and an F800 motorcycle for the weekends.... Whatever the case they wrote back in explanation to say that there were family problems going on that altered the course of things, so at least it was not cocaine road rage like what happened down in Quincy, check out the radio discourse....


Brooke said...
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Christopher King said...

I really was being sensitive to their concerns and I was outraged by what I saw. What gives someone the right to think they can do that to someone's property and get away with it, it's not like moving a Beetle at my alma mater I'm old enough to have done that trick....

Christopher King said...



I was an Assistant State Attorney and practiced Civil Rights Law for years.

Check Case No. V96-61481 for example.

Anonymous said...

How sweet; of course your sensitivity is appreciated. I've noted your interesting assumptions, Chris, amazingly, all have which occurred over the course of an approximately four minute exchange. Personally, mine are that it's unfortunate that you didn't ever pass that bar; you may well have been brilliant. Truly.

It is quite brazen to assess a situation without sufficient facts; such as my fiance's father had suffered a major stroke today, therefore raising the temperature this the situation to one it may not have been otherwise. Also, the car was a brand new car (less than 200 miles on it) was crashed into during the night. After waiting for out friend to tow us, we were greeted, by you, with a crass and brazen attitude - less compassion, plus cheesy business card.

And another thing, aside from having grown up in Italy (hence the adoration of a 500, and 'eurotrash' status), we've lived for the majority of our life in South Boston. If there's anyone who doesn't belong down around here, it's you.

Christopher King said...

Vintage footage of me kicking the State's ass in the 90's after I left the AG's office:



Christopher King said...


I belong wherever the heck I want to belong!

It was not long ago that "my kind" was not allowed here in Boston now one of my tennis pals is a black cop who walks a beat in Southie, much progress has been made. For that matter my parents and I were involved in a landmark racial steering case when we were one of the first black families to move into Cleveland Heights Ohio in 1970. I got the "you don't belong here" and the "nigger this nigger that" and rocks thrown at me, another black family got their house firebombed, morally aberrant behavior as what happened to you today.

I won't get into the aspect of the fact that my Italian GF's family many years ago (well 6/8ths of them) welcomed me with open arms in Cincinnati, Ohio which is a very redneck area, mind you. Shit several of my father's closest friends are Italian as well so don't go there with me.

I am truly sorry about the stroke, but I was not brazen, if anything I was pissed off about what happened to your car and you saw that I appreciated the fact that it was the first one I saw in the States.... and you said very insulting things to me.

Remember, I couldn't conceive of what happened because it was just so damn bizarre.... I got a million things on my mind as well and just going for a simple ride around the block.....

There was no way of knowing that you had video or pictures, I was almost home when I realized I had not left a card for you in case you did not, and I saw it was getting dark out and once the car is on the truck, wellllll... game over.

I was looking out for you, that's all. Most people would (and did) drive right by and didn't give a fuck.

Feel free to holler for a dinner sometime then and I will rewrite the post.

And best wishes and hopes for your fiance's father.


PS: Being a Civil Rights lawyer was a very difficult task, I did well for my clients, am friends with many of them today.

Christopher King said...

Wait for the video to load, it takes forever from the phone. You will catch my air of indignation as I'm trying to figure it out once I realize that it could not have been an accident.

And you are the only person who said my business card is "cheesy," everyone loves it, but hey opinions are like noses, I guess.

SHE said...

Hey, I like Chris' business cards!

And he luuuuuuvs cars, so I can't imagine he would have a negative attitude.

Why do you say Chris doesn't belong here in Boston? Huh? What's THAT mean??

Sorry to hear about your fiance's dad. Maybe you could be asking the family how you can help, instead of hanging out on blogs? Just a suggestion.

Christopher King said...

As I said on the YT page I hope they can find a way to have it totaled but I pretty much doubt it.