24 April 2011

KingCast and the Soul Train Awards say don't get pissy with me, this is the Best Beat in Town: R Kelly is a genius and Anita Baker is beauty personified.

The Man, the Legend. This pales in comparison to the onstage spectacle today, his Ray Charles Jerry Lee Lewis bit was simply off the chart. You go on ahead and do your thing, bro. As to The Divine Ms. Baker, her enthusiasm was off the charts as well and the tribute to her was so spot on, especially Mr. Falsetto himself El DeBarge really hit the Switch. I paraphrase her comments thusly:

"These people, there is a real live band with real musicians.... and real singing.... that touches my heart." 


Anonymous said...

Didn't R Kelly have sex with and urinate on a 14 or 15 yr-old girl?

Oh, nevermind, he's talented. I forgot that. My bad...

Christopher King said...

I offer him absolutely no protection from the wrath of valid criticism for that.

See the Boondocks feature on that one, I agree 100%.