19 April 2011

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, in Egypt and in the U.S.: Prophet Elijah and KingCast debunk myths about Jews and the legal system at Passover Seder 2011.

After I sat down to Seder Dinner last night with my Peeps a few things occurred to me so I thought I would share them....

Fact: Some Jews in Hollywood helped portray blacks in negative stereotypes for years.
Reality: Some Gentiles did the same exact thing, so what.
Fact: Some Jewish people are scum-sucking lawyers or corporate pigs.
Reality: Some Gentiles of all races, colors, religions, sexes and ages are scum-sucking lawyers or corporate pigs, so what.
Reality: Not one of the Jewish people I grew up with has ever done a bad thing to me, as I noted six (6) years ago.
Fact: I am not entirely comfortable with the Israeli position vis a vis the Palestinians.
Reality: That has nothing to do with the average Jewish person in America who cannot get Justice, witness Scott Hyman. Mr. Hyman and his neighbors (Don and Julie Prescott, not Jewish) have been victimized by a bunch of scum-sucking, Anti-Semitic neighbors over at the Hemlock Association's enclave down there at Lakeville, Massachusetts. Swastikas, urine and feces spread about in a private home, window shot out, etc. etc..... but don't take my word for it read the $1.7M Jury Verdict (scroll down to press release link) and the Capitol Access TV journal entry

Myth: Civil Rights Plaintiff's have it easy in front of sympathetic Juries and sit back and get paid huge sums of money.

Reality: Jury verdict in early July, 2011. Post trial Memoranda filed by Defendants in July. Hearings scheduled and finally held in December. No Decision yet, so Mr. Hyman can't even appeal the fact that he hasn't been paid one red cent. In the vernacular, he's screwed.
Meanwhile I have noted that people with Muslim names are indeed also victims of unreasonable hatred and contempt, witness Lisa Valentine from 2008 and Daralyn Khan and her daughter K*****, on whom the multimillionaire International felon, eMusic CEO and Columbia University adjunct professor Daddy Adam Klein pulled a disappearing act, stop and read the legal pleading excerpts by Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner. More on this later today, I am still researching whether or not Judge Dilday erroneously allowed him to evade service back in 2004 when he clearly had a valid Massachusetts Driver's License. Not only that, he did not register as a New York voter until 30 June 2004, or two weeks after he was served by  Ms. Khan, and he did not apply for a New York Driver's License until 24 April 2007, ahem. In the vernacular, they're screwed.

Anyway the entire point here is that it's not about the color of your skin or your religion, race or ancestry.... it is about the content of your character, as my namesake so aptly noted many years ago......

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