16 April 2011

Hey KingCast ain't it about time for a new jacket?

Well, yah. Well past time in fact. So for the lightweight I'm going with the Fieldsheer Aqua Sport 2.0, thinking about a Triumph leather but there are a ton of options so that decision will take a while. Thanks to Jim over at Jamin' Motorsports in Nashua for the jacket and the Dunlop Q2 install on a moment's notice when Seacoast was too flat out the other day. BTW that's his meticulously-maintained Suzuki GS 1150E, owned since new, in 1985. When I was in high school everyone knew that bike was boss. In '87 I bought it's little brother, the 550ES. Jim's has a 1223 kit on it so I know it hauls ass, what a hoot. Actually he sold me the Joe Rocket some 30,000 miles ago :)

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