30 April 2011

Hey KingCast ain't it about time for a new hat? Yes, and Goorin Brothers has one for me, and some music to boot!

Soooo.... I stopped by today for a tune up on the new capper and as fate would have it, I wandered into their Grand Opening at 130 Newbury Street. Met some fellow bikers too! More pics and a KingCast short film to follow by Tuesday on KingCast65 YouTube.

KingCast says "You shit on my bike one more time I'll shoot you with a different sorta' Canon!"

Just kidding. Well, sort of.

KingCast stars as Gregor as he issues his Reply Memorandum on Motion to Recuse former McLane, Graf Attorney Lanya McCafferty in Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD Free Press racial lawsuit.

One cockroach they can't get rid of, you bet: 
So help me God, if these people think this issue is going to be swept under the rug they are sadly mistaken. As to whether U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan believes she should recuse herself because Defendant Ayotte said Her Honor was not fit to sit on the High Court Bench, that is another matter, but don't worry we will get there. Note that Kelly Ayotte has apparently removed the link on her websites stating as much, but not before I took a screen capture and others at the Washington Monthly saw it. Note that Justice Kagan has substantially less grounds for recusal than U.S. Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty. I haven't read their Objection Memoranda and I really don't have to, but of course I will check them before I file but nothing they say can touch this because as noted in this 12 April 2011 journal entry.

May it please this Court and any and all reviewing Courts of Appeal, the law in New Hampshire couldn't be clearer, particularly when it is quite likely that lead counsel Jack Middleton or other McLane, Graf professional staff wrote at least one letter of reference in support of Magistrate Landya McCafferty's ascension to the Federal Bench. In point of fact, it is almost impossible that he did not issue such a letter or oral declaration.

A judge should disclose on the record information that the judge believes the parties or their lawyers might consider relevant to the question of disqualification, even if the judge believes there is no real basis for disqualification. Commentary to Canon 3E(1). Such disclosure should operate to avoid any loss or diminishment of public confidence in the courts that might otherwise result. Cf. Blaisdell v. City of Rochester, 135 N.H. 589 (1992). If, upon such disclosure, a party objects to the judge’s participation, the judge must carefully consider whether to step down, applying a third party and not a personal standard.
This case, and the entire set of directly relevant circumstances that led to it read like something out of a Kafka novel. Wherefore Plaintiff/Gregor/KingCast presents the following in his Reply Memorandum in Support of recusal:

29 April 2011

KingCast rocks the Old School Olds 88!

Video over the weekend. It is a '59 Olds 88.

KingCast affliates JusticeforKids expose No Child Left Behind (NCLB) fraud in Columbus.

Yeah yeah yeah! Here's your back story with us on WTVN 610 am with Dirk Thompson. Criminals in the midst, fleecing the American public. Between Jim Tressel and the government.... whoops, same thing.... Columbus is a cesspool. Details later I'm out for a bike ride!My client Jerry Doyle and I were screaming about this sort of corruption back in the 90's folks, so I keep after it today. We are making progress.

KingCast says "I can deal with this!"

KingCast presents: Bikes built for an English Prince.....

Dear William, WTHeck are you doing on a Ducati bro? Yes the Duck is the superlative track bike but how often are you using all of that? I was in Leicester when you mother was killed, and I will never forget that experience. You should be seen on a Triumph my brother, if you haven't already done so have the factory custom build one to your spec and in your favourite colour, best wishes on your marriage.
-The KingCaster.

28 April 2011

KingCast says "Happy belated birthday Liko Kenney.... your counsel is working hard on your case and Defendants are in violation of Federal Rules."

For those unaware, Liko means "little bud." The Kenney Memorandum was filed back on 9 March 2011, no response seen in the Pacer file.

26 April 2011

Happy Hookers! Street Cleaning has commenced in Boston, watch your ass.

Ditch the car, ride a bike, help curb corporate oil greed. I love that T100.

KingCast Golden Oldies for the day: Logical Song and Golden Years.

And here's David; don't forget Queen Bitch..... on that channel there is a live David Bowie/Lou Reed version but the recording level is too low. Most music today is not this good, sorry.

25 April 2011

Even Massachusetts police cite to KingCast and hate cops like Kelly Ayotte's buddy Martin Dunn.


KingCast repost of a seminal journal feature showing how dirty New Hampshire law enforcement -- including Senator Kelly Ayotte -- really is, with Maura Murray, Brianna Maitland, Liko Kenney and Dow Murders.

I can support everything I say in the Drinking Liberally journal entry.

Well......First off, watch the KingCast short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts" and then watch the KingCast/Coruway Film Institute short film "Liko Kenney in the pre Bruce-McKay era."

There's a mouth-breathing misogynist jackass writing in to this post about Kelly Ayotte's malfeasance (read more in the comments here about her dereliction of duties and deviations from norm in the Franconia shooting tragedy) lately so I thought I would share his "perspective" with everyone.

Lookit fool: I showed you just the other day how police who violate explicit AG policies keep their jobs. "Don't pick up the shell casings" means exactly that, do you comprehend that you idiot, or is it all too much for you? I showed you through SAABS and through my friend Karen and her phenomenal website (Dow Murders) and through State Rep Renny Cushing's HB430 how the Dow Murders got "overlooked." And I showed you about Maura Murray, and the government unlawfully denying public information to her father Fred. See Murray v. State of NH Grafton 2006 - 113 or 913 A.2d 737 (N.H. 2006) Here is the Notice of Appeal.

Here are links to excellent features in the Caledonian Record and Trooper Todd Landry's thoughts on the cell phone call that was made to her shortly before her disappearance and purported accident. NBC News' Elizabeth Fischer asked the relevant question "How could a young woman be at the site of a car crash one moment and simply vanish the next?"

24 April 2011

KingCast and the Soul Train Awards say don't get pissy with me, this is the Best Beat in Town: R Kelly is a genius and Anita Baker is beauty personified.

The Man, the Legend. This pales in comparison to the onstage spectacle today, his Ray Charles Jerry Lee Lewis bit was simply off the chart. You go on ahead and do your thing, bro. As to The Divine Ms. Baker, her enthusiasm was off the charts as well and the tribute to her was so spot on, especially Mr. Falsetto himself El DeBarge really hit the Switch. I paraphrase her comments thusly:

"These people, there is a real live band with real musicians.... and real singing.... that touches my heart." 

KingCast presents: Bad Hair Day on I-84.

Police on the scene inform me that there were no life-threatening injuries, thank goodness.

23 April 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies welcome new YouTube friends Litvin Law Firm and New England Title and Escrow!

Here is Litvin Law and Here is New England Title, and they are no doubt intrigued by the apparent lawlessness so rampant in New Hampshire as seen in the Linda Green 60 Minutes style case involving Jeanne Ingress, Wells Fargo and Merrimack Mortgage.

Where are the moratoria against foreclosures conducted without wet ink notes that we have seen in responsible states like Illinois, where Sheriff Tom Dart told these lying banks and their attorneys to get their poop in a pile or go to hell. He's also got great taste in music. Texas, where AG Greg Abbott means business. Of course even then you have no guarantee of Holder in Due Course status because my friends at 4Closure Fraud have noted one case that had not one but TWO original wet ink notes, ahem. Reader Supported News explains how to understand the entire MERS sham, to which I once unwittingly contributed as a licensed title insurance producer:

Kelly Ayotte's dirtbag friend Joe Arpaio fires his former cronies and has protester beat down by the police, same mentality here in NH by Nashua PD, GOP and Senator Ayotte.

My buddy Dennis Gilman reports: NEWS FLASH! Arpaio just fired Dave Hendershot and Larry Black. This is because these men are pretty much criminals but they are the kind of people that Senator Ayotte loves. See how her local cronies from her former law firm McLane, Graf have it all set up to defeat my Free Press lawsuit, as if my First Amendment Rights were not chilled by these cops. Read the Phoenix New Times feature and the Larry Black "Your Fired" letter as Joe tries to get out from under the heat his office is taking. The Judge in my case definitely should have recused herself or at least made me aware of the substantial contacts she has with the firm, as she worked with the assistant counsel under the lead defense counsel who also supervised Kelly Ayotte. One law student's professor definitely thought that was a no-no, read the comments here.

Bonus: The first Arizona Times coverage of the Kelly Ayotte beat down....

22 April 2011

KingCast presents the Veuve Clicquot Challenge to Wells Fargo Foreclosure Attorney Shawn Masterson on a "Linda Green" 60 Minutes case....

See http://mortgagemovies.blogspot.com/2011/04/kingcast-note-to-attorney-shawn.html and http://mortgagemovies.blogspot.com/2011/03/wells-fargo-and-shechtman-halperin... ...Wells Fargo is on the hot seat, claims to have wet ink note but will not answer questions of verified chain of custody of note and mortgage. Come to find out that the taint of multiple bank president and MERS executive Linda Green -- of 60 Minutes fame... err... infamy is all over this case with a bogus assignment.

Dear Attorney Masterson: Show us the original wet ink note that you represented you are in possession of during the courtroom audio and I will get off your back, apologize publicly and buy you a $150 bottle of Veuve your choice of vintage. Bottoms up!

21 April 2011

KingCast smiles as Bob Fosse lives on... Walk it out, baby!

And All That Jazz.... Simply brilliant.
Related: Goodnight Roy Scheider.

20 April 2011

Did eMusic CEO, Columbia J-School Prof and International felon Adam Klein dodge service on Child Support case?

As noted in the Passover Seder journal entry, Multimillionaire International felon, eMusic CEO and Columbia University adjunct professor Daddy Adam Klein pulled a disappearing act, stop and read the legal pleading excerpts by Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner. More on this later today, I am still researching whether or not Judge Dilday erroneously allowed him to evade service back in 2004 when he clearly had a valid Massachusetts Driver's License. Not only that, he did not register as a New York voter until 30 June 2004, or two weeks after he was served by  Ms. Khan, and he did not apply for a New York Driver's License until 24 April 2007, ahem. Why is the Court apparently protecting this moneyed and privileged fellow instead of making him accountable like the ordinary blokes who have to pay child support?

Anyway the entire point here is that it's not about the color of your skin or your religion, race or ancestry.... it is about the content of your character, as my namesake so aptly noted many years ago......

Lee Levine & Bowser concurs, no dissent:

magnify this user Cd/leelevine & Bowser ( [Label IP Address]

19 April 2011

KingCast says, "Oh, Dear Gosh please don't let this be another 2009 spring rainfall year....."

As a bike rider (motor and people-powered) of course I follow the weather more than the average bloke, and what I'm seeing thus far isn't any kind of fun. Every couple of weeks I see a string of 3-4 days of sunshine in the forecast, then check it in a day or two and they disappear, it will be one day, then partial sun the next, then rain. Standard joke is that it's easy to be a meteorologist in Boston, just write in every other day or so "some showers" or "partly cloudy....."

BTW rickets is on the rise.... "Geographical features: Anyone who lives above 40 degrees latitude in the Northern Hemisphere (Boston to northern California) has less exposure to the sun during the winter months. In fact, studies have shown that by the end of winter, young, healthy Bostonians are deficient in Vitamin D because of the decrease in ultraviolet light exposure from November to February."

To those of you who didn't live here in 2009 here's what you missed, more rainy than Seattle.... and dark. What's compelling is the fact that it appears to be a shift of some temporal consequence as the high and low pressure systems in America have shifted.....

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, in Egypt and in the U.S.: Prophet Elijah and KingCast debunk myths about Jews and the legal system at Passover Seder 2011.

After I sat down to Seder Dinner last night with my Peeps a few things occurred to me so I thought I would share them....

Fact: Some Jews in Hollywood helped portray blacks in negative stereotypes for years.
Reality: Some Gentiles did the same exact thing, so what.
Fact: Some Jewish people are scum-sucking lawyers or corporate pigs.
Reality: Some Gentiles of all races, colors, religions, sexes and ages are scum-sucking lawyers or corporate pigs, so what.
Reality: Not one of the Jewish people I grew up with has ever done a bad thing to me, as I noted six (6) years ago.
Fact: I am not entirely comfortable with the Israeli position vis a vis the Palestinians.
Reality: That has nothing to do with the average Jewish person in America who cannot get Justice, witness Scott Hyman. Mr. Hyman and his neighbors (Don and Julie Prescott, not Jewish) have been victimized by a bunch of scum-sucking, Anti-Semitic neighbors over at the Hemlock Association's enclave down there at Lakeville, Massachusetts. Swastikas, urine and feces spread about in a private home, window shot out, etc. etc..... but don't take my word for it read the $1.7M Jury Verdict (scroll down to press release link) and the Capitol Access TV journal entry

Myth: Civil Rights Plaintiff's have it easy in front of sympathetic Juries and sit back and get paid huge sums of money.

Reality: Jury verdict in early July, 2011. Post trial Memoranda filed by Defendants in July. Hearings scheduled and finally held in December. No Decision yet, so Mr. Hyman can't even appeal the fact that he hasn't been paid one red cent. In the vernacular, he's screwed.
Meanwhile I have noted that people with Muslim names are indeed also victims of unreasonable hatred and contempt, witness Lisa Valentine from 2008 and Daralyn Khan and her daughter K*****, on whom the multimillionaire International felon, eMusic CEO and Columbia University adjunct professor Daddy Adam Klein pulled a disappearing act, stop and read the legal pleading excerpts by Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner. More on this later today, I am still researching whether or not Judge Dilday erroneously allowed him to evade service back in 2004 when he clearly had a valid Massachusetts Driver's License. Not only that, he did not register as a New York voter until 30 June 2004, or two weeks after he was served by  Ms. Khan, and he did not apply for a New York Driver's License until 24 April 2007, ahem. In the vernacular, they're screwed.

Anyway the entire point here is that it's not about the color of your skin or your religion, race or ancestry.... it is about the content of your character, as my namesake so aptly noted many years ago......

18 April 2011

KingCast note to Attorney Shawn Masterson and Judge Diane Nicolosi: The Ethics Complaints are coming in the Jeanne Ingress case.

4:20p update: I dropped a card today at Merrimack Mortgage: "I give you guys a hard way to go in my journals and your lawyers won't answer my questions so in the interests of fair and balanced reporting I am offering you a chance to respond."

Ms. Ingress writes: Look for DOCX from Alpharetta, GA at the top of the page.  Then scroll down and see the other players:  Merrimack Mortgage, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Trustee...  Scroll down some more & note where it says "ASSIGNMENT EFFECTIVE DATE:  4/28/2009".  Then see that it was "executed on 10/16/2009".  

Now go back to the top right corner of the page and see note that it was recorded at the Registry on 10/27/2009.
This means that nothing in the assignment would have been legal until it was recorded on 10/27/2009.  However, the recorded assignment is back-dated by 6 months which makes it appear to be effective as of 4/28/2009 so they could start to foreclose on 5/1/2009. It now appears they had no assignment or standing to do so.  And they still don't because now it turns out the whole assignment is a fake.  Thanks to everyone who has been working on figuring this whole mess out!!!
Again, here is the background journal entry. Right now I am simply waiting for the detailed forensic analysis of the documents seen in the large thumbnail. As to the "Linda Green" "Tywanna Thomas" fake assignment from DOCX seen in the little thumbnail, I've got some links for you right here, you simply cannot continue this case as is without a note and proof of holder in due course established, or worse yet with a fake note. There are Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal issues for one, as Attorney Masterson must represent that he does not have a original wet ink note and the Court may not refuse to acknowledge this material issue, I'll be researching the Judicial Canons for the appropriate sections. Meanwhile the audio files from the last hearing arrived at Ms. Ingress' home last week, but without the instructions for play. It is an antediluvian setup they use and a real PITA but soon America should be able to hear exactly what Attorney Masterson represented..... and then America will see what NH Senators Shaheen and Ayotte are doing about this mess....

17 April 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies reminder to Attorneys Wahlquist, Kacavas and Delaney: You owe me some responses.

Gentlemen: It has been nearly three (3) weeks (60 Minutes Mortgage Fraud "Linda Green"/Lynn Szymoniak episode references) since I responded to Attorney Wahlquist's FOIA response to me in which I noted that the first 100 pages of materials are to be produced at no cost. I am clearly entitled to the materials and when they are ready I will provide Attorney Walmquist with an appropriate release and waiver for any confidential information. Similarly, it has been two weeks since I requested advisory opinions as to whether I can publish the comments by the public employee at the New Hampshire Office of the Trustee and Assistant Trustee Karonis. A copy of this journal entry and prior entries will be sent via Certified Mail tomorrow, 18 April 2011.

Obviously I am certain that it is a major concern to you that the entire Country is out-of-whack because of Mortgage Fraud. Therefore I would think that you would want to issue the responses so that KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Surefire Home Retention can share the results with Pro Publica, LivingLies, 4Closure Fraud and other news entities in an effort to educate the public about these matters instead of having NH U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski decry my efforts as being widow Leslie Crepeau's "YouTube cohort." The real question is who are the cohorts involved in potentially criminal activity in violation of RESPA, RICO and various other Federal and State Statutes.

Please advise.
Mortgage Movies Surefire Home Question U.S. Trustees on B10 Mortgage Fraud Issues

16 April 2011

Hey KingCast ain't it about time for a new jacket?

Well, yah. Well past time in fact. So for the lightweight I'm going with the Fieldsheer Aqua Sport 2.0, thinking about a Triumph leather but there are a ton of options so that decision will take a while. Thanks to Jim over at Jamin' Motorsports in Nashua for the jacket and the Dunlop Q2 install on a moment's notice when Seacoast was too flat out the other day. BTW that's his meticulously-maintained Suzuki GS 1150E, owned since new, in 1985. When I was in high school everyone knew that bike was boss. In '87 I bought it's little brother, the 550ES. Jim's has a 1223 kit on it so I know it hauls ass, what a hoot. Actually he sold me the Joe Rocket some 30,000 miles ago :)

KingCast presents: Cobalt Kitty.

There is just something about rubber bands and cats.... especially after the knitted fake mouse catnip trick, LOL.... a one minute video shortly.

Related: Kitty in the sun and the whole Cool Cats series, starring Kelly Ayotte, Norman Bruce McKay and a couple of failed House and Senate highway proposals.

KingCast and Gang of Four present: Damaged Goods.

15 April 2011

KingCast makes the switch to Dunlop Sportmax Q2s on Triumph Sprint 955i.

After running the Michelin 2CTs and loving them on the 650R I've decided to try the Dunlops on the 955i. Note that a prior owner had a 190 on the rear, for most new bikes it is unnecessary and even a bad choice to upsize like that unless you are drag racing, and who is drag racing a stock 2002 Sprint ST, not me. The 180 is obviously nicer not only because it is new but because it works better in like, 99% of the applications I would ever use it for.

Many thanks to the professionals over at Seacoast Sport Cycle, one of the best shops I've ever seen, Good Times, Good Times.

KingCast and the Talking Heads present: Animals.

One of the Talking Heads' best songs. They were simply awesome. As to the little birdy it was quite a ways away from me, that's the fun part of superzoom. You don't get DSLR quality but I would have needed a $3,000 DSLR lens to get that shot in the first place from where I was standing. And who carries that around in their backpack on a motorcycle ride, right.

PS: Fear of Music and Remain in Light are unbelievable albums, here is Electric Guitar.

14 April 2011

KingCast says "I told you so.....again....." Revere Sgt. Evan Franklin's buddy Todd Randall arrested by the FBI for attempting to fix a case, he and Franklin have been bad apples since cadet school.

Update: Special thanks to the POS cracker who had dubbed me "The venomous eggplant," over at the Revere Journal. I will now reserve that name in blogger and export the content of this journal into that one and duplicate the posts, I love it. Here it is! Funny I always knew I was the Prodigal Son, but Venomous Eggplant, that's fucking great hahahaa... By they way, if you're Sicilian... You're a nigger. True Romance tells us this.
In the groundbreaking KingCast Dan Talbot Murder Trial coverage (36 YouTube videos) we all remember the Danny Soto magic bullet that allegedly landed in the crevice of a Gatorade Bottle, yet never even scored it. I shoot guns, and anyone who shoots guns knows that is complete malarky. Well that was all false and Bad Faith testimony but quite indicative of a very troubled police force. As you prepare to read this, recall that Todd Randall and Evan Franklin both ran from the scene of an accident years ago as cadets and got reinstated because of Randall's connections. The first KingCast "Told you so" journal entry from 26 April 2008 and Daily Item coverage. Franklin was fired after his yellow streak led him to drunkenly flee the Dan Talbot murder scene, I wish I had my HD camera back then so you could see the sweat pumping off of his brow but it was copious. In point of fact, and I have substantial reason to believe that there was more than liquor involved in that proceeding. Let's just say I have my sources but the bottom line is that these cats, like Franconia's Norman Bruce McKay, never should have been LE in the first place, and I say that as a former LE Attorney.

The FBI concurs:
A Revere police officer was charged with lying to FBI agents in a public corruption case, in which the FBI said it videotaped him taking a $200 bribe and agreeing to quash a pending criminal case.

Officer Todd P. Randall, 40, was arrested at his True Street home yesterday morning, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

Randall was charged in federal court with lying to the FBI. Efforts to reach Randall and a lawyer were unsuccessful yesterday.

“Mr. Randall’s alleged criminal actions and subsequent false statements regarding his role in an ongoing public corruption investigation are an injustice to the thousands of honest and trustworthy federal, state and local law enforcement officers who work in Massachusetts,” FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers said in a statement.

According to the FBI’s complaint, on Jan. 22, 2010, Randall was on duty and in uniform when he

13 April 2011

KingCast presents: Legendary.

Word. Billy Wyman makes it happen.

Did International Felon, Columbia adjunct professor and eMusic CEO Adam Klein commit perjury to avoid paying child support?

I told you back on 4 Jan. 2011 that Judge Dilday refused to allow Daralyn Khan to get the RMV records on this felon that would have proved he was lawfully served in Massachusetts. Well I have some of those records and plan on getting more. As a teaser I will now share the Massachusetts RMV records (with SSN/DL number redacted of course) that tend to show that Adam Klein held a Massachusetts Drivers' License in August, 2004. And this guy's conditions to avoid imprisonment were no further acts of deception, fraud, perjury, etc..... Why are the Massachusetts courts protecting this guy and putting the wood to the mother and daughter, it is simply foul. Is there a payout involved because that is the only way this shit makes any sense.

As to Ms. Klein and her daughter, who sit by waiting while Klein banks millions, give 'em hell ladies, bring out a Bobby Knight can of whup ass!

"Now I am not here to fuck around this week. You may be, but I am not.....This is absolute fucking bullshit....Now I mean you will not put me in this position again, or you will goddamn fucking pay for it like you can't fucking believe."
-Bobby Knight.

KingCast Mortgage Movie updates: Notary Revocation in AZ, BoA lawsuit in CA and robo-signer "Linda Green" Court media request in NH.


Here is the AZ Notary Revocation of Kristen B. Lindner. 

Here is your back story  on that Certified Receipt to Nashua Hillsborough Judge Diane Nicolosi about the Linda Green bogus note she has before her in the Jeanne Ingress case. Stay tuned for Ms. Ingress' letter to the NH AG's office, hopefully they do something this time because under NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte the State did nothing as people lost millions in the State's largest consumer fraud case in history. Ayotte's office was found negligent in the FRM Ponzi scam.

Update: Also stay tuned for the audio of the hearing in which Attorney Shawn Masterson made certain affirmative statements about that Wet Ink Note which I believe may be entirely false, and uttered with absolute knowledge of their falsity. I'll be listening to that before I issue ethics complaints. Meanwhile Her Honor denied Ms. Ingress's pending request for reconsideration, move along folks... nothing to see here... just another day in New Hampshire Justice.

12 April 2011

KingCast Motorsports Classics presents: The 1980 Mercedes Benz 300SD!

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and Nashua PD lied like rugs in KingCast v. Ayotte et al. free press, racial lawsuit NH Dist. 2010-CV-501 here are some Objections to Motions to Dismiss.

Senator_Kelly_Ayotte_lied_in_her_Motion_to_Dismiss_KingCast_free_press,_racial_lawsuit. Senator Kelly Ayotte, followed by Nashua PD. The other two for the GOP and Friends of Kelly Ayotte are substantially similar to Ayotte's.  They have some high dollar big baller lawyers fighting for them, a team of 12 lawyers, clerks and interns and that's just who is listed on court files. Versus little old me. Well, little old me and appeals to common sense and to SCOTUS, ahem. I love how this is setting up, starting with the blatant disrespect for judicial appearances of impropriety, with Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty taking the helm to issue bogus findings of fact. McCafferty and Ayotte both worked under Ayotte lead counsel Jack Middleton, who is a founding Partner at McLane, Graf et al. Ayotte and I believe McCafferty also worked with Jennifer Parent who is Middleton's co-counsel. Outgoing Magistrate Muirhead trained McCafferty, he is from McLane, Graf. Whoa. Motion for Recusal per 28 U.S.C. §455. 

In Massachusetts Judge Tauro stepped off the notorious Mavroules case for much, much less than that but in NH they thought they could get away without even mentioning the association to me. Now as Bobby Knight says, I did not come here to fuck around but don't take my word for it read it yourself, United States v. Mavroules, 798 F. Supp. 61 (1992). SCOTUS ain't gonna like that, particularly since Kelly Ayotte said Justice Elena Kagan (whose folks follow my Tweets, ahem) was not qualified to sit on the bench. But as the song says, what you give is what you get, straight from New Hampshire, a State called malice.... Now That's Entertainment! Jam on.
"Now I am not here to fuck around this week. You may be, but I am not.....This is absolute fucking bullshit....Now I mean you will not put me in this position again, or you will goddamn fucking pay for it like you can't fucking believe."
-Bobby Knight.