08 March 2011

KingCast, WTVN, Columbus Free Press and Justiceforkids Uncover Ohio Biggest Criminal Education Scam in History: Columbus Public Schools' NCLB Administration.

Dirk Thompson Journal Entry #1.

Note about Jerry Doyle: Daily Kos hates me but the votes to my poll tell the story. Screw them anyway for five (5) years now I have been trying for years to tell these supposedly liberal windbags about this corruption, they protect Mary Jo Kilroy and throw me off of their board but now a conservative welcomes me to his show hey Dirk want to do a 15 minute segment with me on these guys? Hahahaaa..... gotcha Markos Moulitsas LMOA.
As I said at 16:30 -- Oh you better believe it is criminal and you better believe the Feds are going to have to come down and make some arrests. There has already been a small measure of aborted criminal prosecution with respect to the use of recruiters to bring children to these typically Somali-run fronts for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) tutoring but in typical Ron O'Brien fashion it's really just window dressing.

Soon the windows will be blown out, and somebody is certain to be looking at life through some barred windows for a while. You see, we have been addressing related matters for the past fifteen (count 'em 15) years since I left the Ohio AG's office in 1995 and started representing people like Jerry Doyle, who requested that lawful and responsible people like Ben Pittman be reinstated as Treasurer. What happened? Well if you follow the links they falsely arrested him, the Free Press' Bob Fitrakis, John Waddy and I represented Mr. Doyle at various times and I ended up winning the trespass case after a four day trial, clips of which are seen at "American Lawyer" at KingCast.net and in this journal entry.

And this (along with yesterday's letter --parental discretion advised-- from New England News and Press Association NENPA) proves conclusively that I get along just fine with any responsible journalist, even someone as conservative as Dirk Thompson. We have opened up a dialogue and will be in touch as this thing continues.

Lastly, as to Nationwide's involvement, they know they are representing a Bad Element, and that is why tempers flared in the back hallway at Crabbe, Brown when Luis Alclade (a/k/a/ "The Mayor") stuck his nasty little fingers in my chest and dared me to take a swing after a Deposition. I'll take a polygraph on it Luis will you? I just sent this to your new firm, Kegler Brown y Ritter. Don't you ever put your hands on me again. As Ms. Kennedy-Kent and I discussed last night these clowns had no idea back in the 90's that the Internet would turn into what it is today. Columbus got rid of me for a while... now I'm back..... with a vengeance.

PS: In the 90's when I was still practicing in Ohio Alice Thomas was my housemate. She was a Columbus Dispatch reporter, and at the opening of this segment you will hear Mr. Thompson decry the fact that the Dispatch FINALLY wrote something about this. Thank you Bob Ruth, I will keep you on my mailing list. At any rate she used to say to me "they're gonna' get you.... they're gonna get you....." to which I now say..... "look how the tide has turned."

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