03 March 2011

KingCast slam of the month goes to an anonymous jackass in Woburn who didn't like the Dorothy Aufiero/The Fighter/Bad Blood exposure of Kelly Ayotte's lies about Liko Kenney.

Okay Mr. Smarty pants, here is your typo from the Boston Globe and they've got copy editors sitting up in there 24/7 dude but they still couldn't properly tell us that BoSox arm Josh Beckett had a healthy return, hahahaaa....

Here is the post.

Here is the slam on this intellectually-compromised windowlicker:

Yah I got some more tricks for your monkey ass right here, some of those letters between Kelly Ayotte and me where she came up short.


Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner but you're hardly a top priority, twice a day I check my drivel drawer for trappings that fall from the chins of slack-jawed mouth-breathing idiots like you, and then I respond.

Your time has come up in rotation.

Speaking of rotation, why don't you go sit on your thumb and spin, at least that way you won't be wasting bandwidth.


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