05 March 2011

KingCast sees Kelly Ayotte supporter Bill Christy cry to YouTube again: "I don't want anyone to know I called Chris King a nigger and a motherfucker."

Update to Sarah Richard: This time the request came from Jon Christy, Bill Christy's son, as he apparently is not aware of the general principles of Res Judicata. Jon, this issue has already been reviewed. Also your daddy called me "duplicitous cunt," being ignorant, bigoted, racist and sexist all at once. The apple fell straight from the tree I see.

Note: Lower Slower Delaware is Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project. I accidentally voted no.

5 March 2011:

Re: Bill Christy’s request to have YouTube remove the fact that he called me a nigger and a motherfucker.

Dear YouTube Officials: (The so-called complaint is in the comments)

I wrote you about this situation involving Internet Troll Bill Christy 13 months ago in this post:

KingCast writes Blogger and YouTube officials: Please provide your opinion on the issue of Hyperlinking, criticism, Fair Use and IP Infringement.

.....and in the potty-mouth post:

And I told Bill Christy six months ago:

Bottom line Billy Boy: You've got my address. If you say that's not your voice in the video, then bring a case and you can walk your dumb ass into Court and you can say that Under Oath, then I will produce the phone records and the sim card from my camera that documented the upload when I shot the video. Then I will know your real identity, you'll have to come out from under that white sheet. Come on man, don't be scared.... nothing to worry about because you're telling the Truth, right? Put up or shut up.

Bill Christy called me on my own telephone and called me a “motherfucker” and I have the phone bill to prove it and he knows it. Bill Christy, while posing as a former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Military, also claimed that Al Sharpton and I were both “niggers.”

Click the thumbnails to see where these idiots saw no problem with Bill Christy committing what was at the time a Federal Offense.

He publicly wrote that I could not please my girlfriend because she stated she had a bisexual encounter.

He publicly wrote: I am 5'11" and weight 185 pounds and I could kick you(sic) ignorant little black ghetto ass any day of the week and not even break a sweat.

And he did it in a forum designed to address the concerns of a dead child:
Bill Christy is a man who interjected himself into my life, unsolicited, claiming to be a supporter of the Franconia Collective, an association of people who support open government relative to a certain double homicide in Franconia, New Hampshire. After substantial review he wrote the bulk of a memorandum entitled “Try Gregory Floyd for murder” that I edited (I have the emails to prove this) and then he wrote that he “would have shot Corporal Bruce McKay as well.”

He then flip-flopped and claimed to have written a Massachusetts Senator about me while I had pending legislation written through his office to protect people who live in underinspected buildings. He publicly and falsely claimed that I criminally threatened him and people such as the other idiot referenced in the video Ditmar Kopf (who also interjected himself into the Collective, unsolicited then lied about how his money was spent but I had a witness so he had to shut up) yet never once brought a charge even though I told him to "get on with it."

He has followed me around on the internet for the better part of 4 years now, claiming I was not a former Assistant Attorney General, claiming I was a victim of child abuse, that I was a psychopath and other nasty and false things. He and a gaggle of idiots opened and maintained a Topix site entitled “King Bash Here,” and several other similar threads with the sole purpose in mind of calling my credibility as a journalist into question, and talking about my testicles, which allegedly had not descended. He and his friends had little pet names for me including Tar Baby, Eunie (Eunuch) and many others.

Last month the New England News and Press Association (NENPA) invited me as a panelist at their 2001 Annual Winter Conference. I make corporate video and write for a local Boston Newspaper where I may mention this issue if I feel like it because virulent racism and hatred like this, coupled with posing as a military officer while internet stalking someone is newsworthy:

You heard me correctly: Bill Christy repeatedly lied to me when I asked him whether he was really a JAG or not, and his buddies all knew he was lying and admitted it.

A movie is in development that is a screenplay adaptation of Casey Sherman’s book “Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains.” Sherman credits Officer Bradford Whipple and me as “two men who refused to let this case die” and further credits me for obtaining a video – through my own litigation – of McKay’s rough arrest and OC Spray of a young woman. In video he cites me first after his family as someone who helped make the book possible by providing him documents “when the trail grew cold.” 

Among private citizens who have never been law enforcement it is possible that no one knows more about this case than me. Please review two recent KingCast short films to Producer Dorothy Aufiero:

F-Bombs Away! Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and the Fighter KO the comp at 2011 Oscars

KingCast brings Dorothy Aufiero and Moody Street Pictures to Franconia

In sum, Bill Christy is a man who identified himself publicly under his name, and he robustly criticized me and arguably defamed me for years and personally telephoned me to call me a motherfucker and wrote that I am a nigger, now he wants to remove any and all evidentiary trials, and he is particularly pained now that a former custodial child of his who lives right down the street from me in Boston notified me that Bill Christy slept with his mother while she was still married and was an abusive man.

He has no basis for asking you to remove this video whatsoever.

I look forward to your review and a dismissal of his complaint, perhaps next time he will keep his stupid mouth shut. Or in his own words that he uses when he’s not trying to suck up to you, “Fuck this motherfucker.”

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.


Christopher King said...

YouTube Support to me
show details 12:56 AM (7 hours ago)
Dear KingCast65, This is to notify you that we have received a privacy
complaint from an individual regarding your content:
------------------------------------------------------------- Video URLs:
The information reported as violating privacy is at 0:04
------------------------------------------------------------- We would
like to give you an opportunity to review the content in question and remove any personal information that may be used to uniquely identify or contact the complainant. You have 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If you remove the alleged violation from the site within the 48 hours, the complaint filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed pursuant to our Privacy Guidelines (http://www.youtube.com/t/privacy_guidelines).

For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable by
image, voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g., home address, email address). Examples that would not violate our privacy guidelines include gamer tags, avatar names, and address information in which the individual is not named. We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation. If the alleged violation is located within the video itself, you may have to remove the
video completely. If someone's full name or other personal information is listed within the title, description, or tags of your video, you can edit
this by going to My Videos and clicking the Edit button on the reported video. Making a video private is not an appropriate method of editing, as the status can be changed from private to public at any time.

Because they can be turned off at any time, annotations are also not considered an acceptable solution. We're committed to protecting our users and hope you understand the importance of respecting others' privacy. When uploading videos in the future, please remember not to post someone else's image or personal information without their consent. For more information, please review our Privacy Guidelines


The YouTube Team

Christopher King said...

from Christopher King
to YouTube Support ,
Christopher King
date Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 8:49 AM
subject Re: [#774830570] YouTube Support
mailed-by gmail.com
hide details 8:49 AM (1 minute ago)

Dear YouTube Support and Reviewing Staff:

In the infamous words of John McEnroe: He cannot be serious!

The Complaint is baseless for the reasons noted below.


Re: Bill Christy’s request to have YouTube remove the fact that he called me a nigger and a motherfucker.

Christopher King said...

Oh, and as to the Bill Christy Project, Bill Christy has publicly identified himself as being leader of that project and some of his criticisms of me came from Topix Board postings in which the Bill Christy Project was identified.

Thank you.

Christopher King said...

Also Jon Christy I told your buddy Sarah about you and your pappy and I notified FB that you are setting about the same sorry-assed path led by your father, and you seem to think it's okay that he lied about being a JAG Officer.

God Bless America, somebody better bless this country with people like you running around.

Yer pappy said what he said and if you and he were true men you would have no problem standing behind it instead of trying to hide it.

Later Hater, you've just been Kingcasted.

Anonymous said...

So much for your "investigative skills" they are piss poor that's not even my son. You can't post my sons facebook link because he blocked you after he blew your little informants story right out of the water, and you responded with your usual vile profanity laden messages. He reported you to facebook and forwarded the messages you sent him on to them. So you go ahead and start harassing people on facebook.

Christopher King said...


I don't even care about you or your son, the jackass who stalkered me out said he was your son

Between You and Jon Christy

March 5 at 10:14pm Report
Dude next time you want to post gossip about my father.....

Or is that like he's your son like you're a JAG???

Dumbass..... All I care about is that you said what you said and now you're a punk ass.

And I'll bet you I blocked him on FB before he blocked me, then I sent a message to his "it's complicated" GF so there you go.

You stupid ass should be happy I'm getting you added visibility, I won't charge you this time it's on the house.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

I see you're back Billy Boy, how's that for investigative prowess, you creep.

You and your Topix pals had your Day, mate. Remember "KingBash here" and all of that crap you talked about me?

And how you said you had a Big Bad dossier on me?

Looks like I've got the dossier on you, pal.

Verizon Internet Services ( [Label IP Address]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 1 returning visit

Date Time Type WebPage
5th March 2011 19:42:51 Page View

www.google.com/search?sclient=psy&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=christopher king &btnG=Google Search

5th March 2011 19:43:51 Exit Link https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=13439084&postID=4834649998898970264

6th March 2011 06:52:14 Page View www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBkQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchristopher-king.blogspot.com%2F&rct=j&q=christopher%20king&ei=X3VzTZnFJo6ugQeZkM1N&usg=AFQjCNF5QvdXem_xL-sDpP4VTzWwV4gyOA

6th March 2011 16:03:11 Page View www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBkQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchristopher-king.blogspot.com%2F&rct=j&q=christopher%20king&ei=b_ZzTZnPJoet8AbW88T7Aw&usg=AFQjCNF5QvdXem_xL-sDpP4VTzWwV4gyOA

6th March 2011 19:54:53 Page View www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBkQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchristopher-king.blogspot.com%2F&rct=j&q=christopher%20king&ei=yix0Tf3SDYGs8Abd76itCQ&usg=AFQjCNF5QvdXem_xL-sDpP4VTzWwV4gyOA

6th March 2011 19:55:07 Exit Link https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=13439084&postID=4834649998898970264

6th March 2011 22:37:28 Page View www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBkQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchristopher-king.blogspot.com%2F&rct=j&q=christopher%20king&ei=6lJ0TbiEH-a_0QHxp5jFAQ&usg=AFQjCNF5QvdXem_xL-sDpP4VTzWwV4gyOA

6th March 2011 22:37:43 Exit Link https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=13439084&postID=4834649998898970264

Christopher King said...

Mr. JAG.


Christopher King said...

To all reading this:

Here's a guy who calls me a nigger and a motherfucker complaining about me being profane to his son, who stalkers me up on FB with more insults in the same vein.

Ain't that the pot calling kettle.

Some people just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to be impressed. Mr. 1st amendment rights advocate, you screen and moderate every comment anyone makes screening out the ones that don't suit your claims.

You're running scared because you've got nothing to substantiate or prove any of the "facts" you posted about me in the youtube video or all over the Internet. Your informant will deny everything you claim he told you,as sure as the sun will rise and shine.

You're a psycho you target the wrong person on facebook claiming the guy is my son. Based on what Sherlock Holmes? Nothing more then they have the same name. You're a moron. You also brag that you are harassing the guys girlfriend with messages, you're a real piece of work.
Investigative prowess? You're a moron anyone can have an IP tracker including me. I have all your email accounts IP tracked and every visit you made to my website including entrance visits to my website as a result of viewing this cesspool. I've matched up your IP numbers proving it is you who visted my website numerous times.

You claim to have proof it's my voice, yet nowhere on your audio is the word "nigger" even spoken, more of your embellishment otherwise known as a lie. You've never even met me in person to know what my voice sounds like so good luck with that claim. You claim on the youtube video "he fucked his neighbor while she was still married I spoke to her son J___ who live near me in southie hahaha Bill"

J____'s parents had filed for divorce and it was finalized before I ever "fucked my neighbor". I took her and your informant into my home when they were homeless. For the record his biological mother has disowned her son, and will testify against him if a case should ever go before any court. NOTHING your informant told you has one bit of truth to it NONE!
The phone you claim is mine the person doesn't even say their name on the voice mail message. You've got nothing but circumstantial evidence, filled in with your sick psycho babble gossip.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Stolen Valor Act claims you're way out of your league; "the unauthorized wear, manufacture, sale or claim (either written or oral) of any military decorations and medals. It is a federal misdemeanor offense, which carries a punishment of imprisonment for no more than 1 year and/or a fine; the scope previously covered only the Medal of Honor."
"Another point, with regards to people wearing so-called unauthorized military uniforms, is that the government undermines its own case by both selling surplus uniforms on the civilian market and allowing its authorized vendors to sell uniforms on the open market. I don't see a jury in the world convicting anyone of alleged illegal uniform wear if they can show they purchased it from a surplus source or official vendor. If the government didn't want civilians wearing military uniforms it shouldn't be selling them on the civilian market."

See Mr. Hotshot legal expert it's been ruled uncostitutional in no less than 15 different courts including numerous Federal Courts one as recently as Jan 8, 2011. You're such a self proclaimed know it all about 1st amendment rights you should be well aware that the stolen valor act violates the 1st amendment.

Furthermore I've never claimed to have any medals/decorations I was not awarded and I've never worn any military uniform, military decorations, rank insignia, or medals I was not awarded in public or private.

The days of your "journalistic" method of throwing enough shit against the wall hoping it will stick are rapidly coming to a close where I am concerned.

Go do something with you life and really help society out like you profess to want to do instead of being an Internet douchebag who likes to try to ruin peoples lives because your panties get in a wad over what they say about you. It's a pretty goddamn sad day when an almost 50 year old college educated black man has nothing better to do with his life, then stalk and harass people in the vilest of manners as you do.

Anonymous said...

You are a pathological liar. I will be more than happy to post my son's origianl message he sent you along with your profanity riddled responses. The question is are you man enough to post them on your blog. I say you aren't prove me wrong.

Christopher King said...

Hi Bill.

Listen here you stupid motherfucker, I print everything you send me, the screen is only to prevent autobots from posting.

And I will gladly print the exchanges between your stalker-assed son and me, sorry but I'm busy on other projects right now but I'll get to it.

As to Stolen Valor, is it your contention that you were in the clear because you never claimed you won an award or medal?

But you did claim to have done so and I'm sure I can find it on the Internet if I search long enough you stupid motherfucker.

I am personally sending a copy of the blog post to Mr. Sterner.

Read up:

Sterner said (Lawrence MA School Committeman) Jim Stokes could be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act, signed into law last year, which allows six months jail time for a person who "falsely represents himself or herself, verbally or in writing" to have been awarded a military medal. Stokes’ discharge record recognizes him as the recipient of a Purple Heart, among other honors.


Here's my 29 December 2007 journal entry on your buddy Kelly Ayotte's hero Greg Floyd and Jim Stokes, Floyd also lied about his military history just as you did, you stupid motherfucker niggger, now how does that feel you stupid bastard.

Don't you ever fuck with me again, you got that?


Christopher King said...

Speaking of being a pathological liar, those are mighty big words out of an asshole who claimed to be a Judge Advocate General but who really was a welder.

Did you file those criminal charges on me yet Bill?

Go ahead and get to it boy.

I'm waiting.

Hurry up already.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Hi Bill I see you've been reading along again, how did you like the letter from NENPA, remember how you said you were going to have my standing with them revoked?

Yah I got that comment saved MF (My Friend).

Verizon Internet Services ( [Label IP Address]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

7th March 2011 14:08:59 Page View No referring link

7th March 2011 14:09:42 Exit Link http://nenpa.com/

7th March 2011 14:23:07 Page View No referring link

7th March 2011 14:24:41 Exit Link http://www.nenpa.com/resources/Documents/Final%20Cotter%20release.pdf

Christopher King said...

Hey Bill or whomever it was,

You can feel free to repost your drivel from the temporary post I put up earlier today.

So you tracked my IP addy too, so what. The point about me tracking yours is that you can't stay from up off this here journal, trying to retract your words of hate, whereas I don't give a rat's ass about you and I don't have to retract or hide a single damn thing I have ever said.

Now let me teach YOU about being a man because obviously when the chips are down and your back is up against the wall you have no clue.

Later son.

PS: The Chris King identified in one of your comments however, is the wrong Chris King, so there you go, stupid is as stupid does.

Howie Carr made that same mistake and got sued, look it up right here on this journal page, fool.

Christopher King said...

Oh yah you stupid knob jockey, the people you cited as pulling away from me, most of them are not even on FB, but guess who ARE my friends on FB?

Liko's friends.


As to Casey de-friending me on FB that's political mate. The former cop and the former practicing attorney disagree with the writer on a police legal matter. Who has more credibility I wonder.

And that's not for you to know because you've never been a cop or a lawyer, you're a goddamn welder, no crime in that but it doesn't qualify you to discuss what we're discussing on our level.

Later hater.


Anonymous said...

knob jockey that's your thing not mine bud. Every one of the people I cited are indeed on facebook. Liko's friends Brian Jesserman, Caleb McCauley?

The age group audience you appeal to according to your youtube stats:
Most popular with:
Gender Age
Male 13-17

Are you joking, you've got ZERO credibility when it really matters! The lies you posted about me is proof of that. Couple that with the fact you block my son and your informants mother who both have tried to set the record straight.

Truth be known you're a disgraced suspended attorney who wasn't and still isn't professional enough to represent any clients in a court of law. That was determined by the Ohio Supreme Court go blow smoke up someone kids ass like the 13-17 year olds who eat up your bullshit.
You don't have a clue about who or what I am despite what you think you know.
I heard from J____ mom you're even to much of a coward to read the truth from her,just like my son, so you blocked her. Like I said the real truth doesn't mean a damn thing to you.

You've got no assets for anyone to sue you for. That's why you keep telling everyone to sue you.

There are other ways to get to you which has happened and will happen again. Mr. Webb is a hell of a nice guy, he thanked me profusely for what I revealed to him about you, as did Senator Tarr, Professor McNeil, Casey Sherman, Senator Scott Brown, the owner of Touch FM,several Bridgewater State college professors and a few other people that you have no need to know about.

As far as me discussing things on "your level" your right I don't discuss things at the gutter level that you do. I already proved I was far above your level with the document I wrote that you tried to plagiarize and claim was yours. I proved I was above you when my DMCA complaint was upheld and your ass was tossed from scribd.com. Imagine that! Like I said bud you don't know a damn thing about what I have done in my life or what my qualifications are.

Christopher King said...

Hey Bill,

SCRIBD violated their own terms and never even heard my side of the story before they granted you your little victory.

I'm back on there now with other people and there's nothing you or SCRIBD can do about it.

And if you think that is a measure of proof, I have you two out of three home slice, Try Gregory Floyd for Murder is still up on blogger AND the movie is still up on YouTube, hahahaaa....

And whether or not some people have FB accounts that link directly to mine is hardly the measure my friend, many avoid that just because of assholes like you, but I am always welcome in their homes and they keep in contact with me in ways you will never know about, except that you probably have noticed the Mickey deRham sends me photos.

As to whatever demographic nonsense you are blabbering about, the demographic at New England News and Press (NENPA) is hardly 13-17, you will never get to them, they enjoyed me being a guest speaker, they respect me they don't give a rat's ass about you, and nobody gives a rat's ass about TOUCH FM anymore, I am so far past that it's not even funny dude, hahahaaa.....



Christopher King said...


I know you were not a goddamn JAG and that's all I need to know about you.

And I know you're bloody pissed you and your son don't know First Amendment Law better than I do, and that's why this video is still up.

Later fool.

Christopher King said...

Remember when you got all excited the other day when I couldn't find the right credit card to renew KingCast?

You wrote:

KINGCAST.NET WEB SITE IS SUSPENDED Registrant: Powermedia 50 Brook New Haven, CT 02451 US Domain name: KINGCAST.NET Administrative Contact: King, Christopher 50 Brook New Haven, CT 02451 US +1.2038450570 Technical Contact: King, Christopher 50 Brook New Haven, CT 02451 US +1.2038450570 Record expires on 21-Apr-2011.


Come to find out it was No Big Deal.

Give it up Bill, start focusing on some things in your own community for a change, like whether Shawnee Acres is missing money.


And oh, where is your friend Denise Herthel lately?

A little gun shy is she now that I discovered her identity that she tried to keep hidden as you do, because you're a punk?

In the words of Bruce McKay personalised license plates,


Christopher King said...

And oh yah George McNeil and I still email too.

Later hater.

Darrell Jones said...

Bill, you wrote:

Liko's friends Brian Jesserman, Caleb McCauley?

.....you can't even spell their names correctly.

Get lost.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about how anyone's name is spelled. As far as your "informant" you promised to keep his identity unknown and then like always you posted it all over the Internet. He lied about me, screwed his own father,and tuned on his own mother. You are just that stupid to think he won't turn on you, after you dropped a dime on him.

Anonymous said...

P athetic U nderling N amed K ing

Christopher King said...

I'm not worried about anything from you idiots.

You had your turn to roast me, you tried and you lost.


Christopher King said...


But you sure are worried about this post and the truth of what Billy Boy said, look at you running around like a bunch of ass clowns, I love it because that's exactly what Bill brought.

Now suffer it.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're not worried because it's your MO you're a pathological liar.
YOU told everyone involved in the collective initially that you were an attorney.

When questioned about your motives, YOU made numerous claims your interest in the case had nothing to do with the indictment brought against you for Felony Extortion by former NHAG Kelley Ayotte (that's the real reason you became involved and you admitted it finally after 2 years). Then you discovered you could scam and hussle Liko Kenney's greiving parents, it doesn't get much lower than that my friend.

Your lies continue:

A) YOU assure people initially that YOU won't divulge information told to you without their permission. YOU divulge the information despite your promise and in most cases never verify the information to make sure it's factual

B) YOU promise informants you WON'T reveal their identities YOU DO in every instance

C) YOU claim don't ride on peoples coat-tails. YOU most certainly do starting with Lou Jacobs who you still name drop to this day editorializing what he really said to suit your claims of racial motivation in the Ohio Supreme Court ruling to suspend you from the practice of law.

Then it was the JAG attorney. (another case of you not verifying information told to you).

You plastered it all over the Internet directed at every detractor in every forum you were posting in: "USAF JAG agrees with Chris King"

Next your mark was Casey Sherman unti he dropped you like the damaged goods you are.

Casey Sherman introduced you to your next mark Professor McNeil. You tried to ride his coat-tails as well making all your wild proclamations about his expertise and how he agreed with your assertions. He too dropped you like damaged goods when he found out the real truth about you, after you tried to throw me under the bus.

FYI: The class you spoke before was polled after your presentation (you were voted the worst speaker that ever gave a presentation)

The list goes on:
Brad Whipple
Vice President Biden
Leonard Webb
106.1 Touch radio
Senator Tarr
Attorney Ana Crnilovic

Fast forward to the latest mark NENPA Executive Director Dan Cotter.

I predict your NENPA association will come to an abrupt end as well.

Anonymous said...

You're the one worried about what you have said.
You're worried that people will find out you called your own mother, father and your other family "these N**GERS & MOTHERF***ERS won't even help me out, or support me" which was heard by no less than 4 former Franconia Collective members.

You're worried people will find out you justified your use of the term N***er" by claiming and I quote; "it's no different for a black peson to use the term than a woman calling another woman a C**T"

Your worried people will find out that you have called various other people N***ERS, MOTHERF***ERS, DO***EBAGS, C**TS, and numerous other vile disgusting terms.

You're worried people will find out you threatened to sexually assault my wife and the wife of anothe Topix forum member "I'll put my shaved black balls in your wifes mouth and she'll like it"

You're worried people will find out you theatened to physically assault me "I'll knock you flat on your fat ass, and laugh as you gasp for your last dying breath of air"

Christopher King said...

Do I look worried, fool?

I print everything you post because it just doesn't matter. My family definitely supports me, sure I went off one night about some stuff, No Big Deal. I discussed it with my family and we're cool.

And I told no one in the Collective that I am a licensed attorney, you are the ass hat who said I was never an attorney but only a law clerk for the AG's office which was wrong..... but not as wrong as you saying that you were a JAG Attorney you idiot.

And BTW I praised Kelly Ayotte even after she and that idiot, fired "slime bag" "dip-shitz" (his peers' own words) Martin Dunn tried and failed to put me in prison.


As to your repeated nonsense about what I allegedly threatened you or your family with, bring a charge or STFU. But you won't because you are a liar and you and Ditmar Kopf also lied about some purported threat I made to him, or he would have brought charges.

The both of you are living, walking dungbags.

Later hater.

Christopher King said...

PS: You sure do hate that video being up, dontcha'!



Anonymous said...

Nope tool I could care less about the video being up. It's just proof of what a liar you really are. Your own comments prove how you tried to extort me when I asked to remove it. It will just be more evidence for me when I contact NENPA and point out the defamatory false bullet comment about me "fucking my neighbor a married woman". I will inform them you have been contacted by 3 different people, who have all disputed what you posted, yet you refuse to make any changes.

You have an ethical (I forgot you don't know a thing about ethics)responsibility to make the corrections as stated in the NENPA Code of Ethics which you agreed to follow when you became a member.

738 views of the video and your youtube viewing audience is 13-17 year olds, how impressive..... NOT!

I NEVER posted you weren't an attorney I said you were a DISGRACED, SUSPENDED attorney and that's exactly what you are.

You'd love to have me file a suit that's what you live for, to bad son it ain't happenin'. I don't file frivilous lawsuits that's your mantra. I lost count of all the ones you have filed since 2007 and your win record sucks.

As far as you telling me or anyone else in my family to STFU that ain't happenin either. The 1st amendment covers what we say you don't like it TFBCB.

Your threat directed at Ditmar on the Franconia Topix forum was printed off as a sceen shot so there are no alterations.

Your threat directed at the wife of another Topix member (the guy is a NH State Trooper) was also printed off by him as well.

This black dude in this video must be related to you. He has the same mindset as you do.


Christopher King said...


There was no threat and if there was, bring a charge or STFU, you and Dorky Ditmar, go on ahead boy.

As to the self-serving denials by you and your erstwhile lover, I gave you fair opportunity to deny the allegations that I have preserved in written form from J_____.

Now as to your connections in Columbus, go tell conservative radio show host Dirk Thompson what you think about me and go ahead and show him the link to this post and he will...... laugh his head off at you.

He wants the folks at Columbus Public Schools arrested and jailed too, listen to me call in during Sunday's WTVN radio show.


When did you stop caring about the video being up, Bill? Because you seem to forget I have all of your emails and communications about it, you dumbass.

You called me a nigger.

You called me a motherfucker.

Now you and your idiot friends and family try to say I have a potty mouth.


Christopher King said...

PS: Hey Bill with all of those talents and credentials you possess it sure is a damn shame you couldn't do more to get any of the one, two, three (count 'em if you can count that high) Bruce McKay Highway initiatives passed.

1. HB 1428 with the lying, shiftless Martha McLeod who is being sued by State Rep Gionet,

2. SB 154 in which I dressed down Senator Letourneau but good after he repeatedly interrupted me in ways not equally applied to those in favor of the bully cop,

3. Your pal Russell Cumbee's Warrant Ballot.

Perhaps it's just because you're paying too much time on me :)

Later Hater.

Christopher King said...

"Then it was the JAG attorney. (another case of you not verifying information told to you)."

....So now I and Jeff Jesseman and many other directly asked you whether you were a JAG Attorney, you repeatedly confirmed that you were, and now you somehow find fault with me.

That shows how sick in the head you really are Bill.

As to the allegations made by J____ those are written and preserved and I gave you and his mother fair opportunity to air your viewpoints and placed them here and on YouTube.

If you think you have a case then sue Jason and me for Defamation.

Wait: You can't defame a rat can you?

Anonymous said...

You never directly asked me a damn thing my friend, other than my opinion on legal several legal issues.

I'm sick in the head? You're the Internet stalker who deliberately and maliciously targeted someone on facebook based on nothing more than the fact the person has the same name as my son. Your the one who maliciously targeted the girlfriend of this person on facebook as well bragging that you sent her a message about her scumbag boyfriend and his father.

You never gave anyone in the family the right to dispute the claims made by your "informant", when your "informants" mother tried to correct what was told to you by your "informant" you blocked her. When my son tried to dispute what was told to you by you "informant" you sent him a barrage of profanity laced messages, to the point you were blocked.
As far as what you have preserved by you from your "informant" it's nothing more than hearsay PERIOD!

I also have all your "informants" messages we exchanged after the fact preserved.
In those messages you "informant" admitted this was a case of "paybacks a bitch".

Your informant also stated you NEVER:

Informed him that you were in fact suspended from practicing law in 1998 by the State of Ohio Supreme Court.

Informed him that you were indicted for Felony Extortion in the State of New Hampshire

Informed him that you are in Contempt of the Ohio Supreme Court ruling, in regard to your suspension from practicing law.

Informed him that you have misrepresented yourself as an attoreny numerous times in the past, and prepared legal documents for others in direct violation of the Ohio Supreme Court ruling against you.

Take your racial bullshit somewhere else I'm not buying into it anymore.

I guarantee your "informant" never told you it was a group of blacks that stole his brand new bicycle when he was a kid.

I guarantee your "informant" never told you it was a group of black punks that trapped his mother in front of our home in Hyde Park, MA when she was 8 1/2 months pregnant, threatening to rape her.

I guarantee your "informant" never told you how he broke my sons arm not once but twice when he was 8 years old.

I bet your "informant" never told you how he used to steal $20 - $30 out of my mothers purse everytime he was at her house.

I guarantee your "informant" never told you how he used to lie to his mother about what went on during visits with his biological father which prompted an investigation by MA DSS.

I guarantee your "informant" never told you about his court ordered psycholical evaluation and counseling as a child.

Christopher King said...

Bill you are sick in the head.

You sign in to the Franconia Collective where nobody asked you to be, you posed as a JAG Attorney and repeatedly affirmed that you were one until my informant ratted you out as a welder and you admitted to me in your Frantic Bob emails that you were indeed a welder so his credibility is already higher than yours.

I responded directly to the FB person who wrote me, a guitar-playing lad incidentally.

You follow me around and stalkered me over to the Phoenix Newspaper where they told you to go to hell.


Sage advice.

Your ID that time was "Hell Hound on Your Heels," how stalkerific is that you freakin' moron?

Man I'm working with people you know nothing about, and have no need to know anything about so you best go ahead on back to your family and quit making an arse of yourself up in here.

But if you want to keep doing it I'll continue to give you an active forum to voice your purported concerns.


Anonymous said...

What's the matter tough guy not man enough to post my eariler comment referencing the Ohio Supreme Court decision, and the terms used to describe your MO:


"Engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.
Engaging in conduct adversely reflecting on fitness to practice law.
Taking action on behalf of client when it is obvious such action would merely HARASS OR MALICIOUSLY INJURE ANOTHER".

You are the master all of the above terms used to describe who you really are.

Christopher King said...

Dude I have posted every single thing you wrote me, and I openly discuss my suspension and tenured Ohio State University of Law Professor Lou Jacobs' letter to the mortgage industry noting it was a byproduct of "ignorance, reactionary politics and racism."


Speaking of Mortgages, remember when Kelly Ayotte ignored the fact that when I was a licensed title insurance producer some white people forged my name to a mortgage, sent it off for funding and committed wire fraud?

And as a former manager of a NH Title Company and Licensed Title Insurance Producer I reported fraud rather than commit it, and your buddy Kelly Ayotte did what?

Ignored it, hahahaa....

As to Attorney Pope and me tape recording a landlord who had called my client, female Caucasian, a "nigger lover," the Ohio Supreme Court never did issue a direct response to my question of whether or not an attorney may serve as a tester in a real estate case involving racism as per Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty involving my family when we moved to Cleveland Heights in 1970 racism in real estate, pal.

Remember the LL had received a second emergency order to repair the hole in the ceiling also, when m client had fallen and bust her ass in the bathroom. wanna read the orders?


So anyway, remember that white guy who was DISBARRED and a CONVICTED FELON and who is now of counsel with Shaheen Gordon?

Yah, Michael McGlaughlin.



Again, your time is better spent working with yer buddy Greg Floyd to try to get him an attorney in Kenney v. Floyd et al..... hahahaaa...

Or maybe working again to try to get another Bruce McKay Highway bill passed, hahahahaaaa....

What make you such a pathetic figure, Bill is that you ASSume some measure of superiority over me solely because of white skin, which in your case if filthy and slimy anyway. You have no plausible education to run in my league so you pretend to have gone to law school, graduated and passed the bar.

Your rantings on the other hand, read like the drunken musings of a broken welder, a sad and sorry jackass who never.... met a bar he couldn't pass.

That's kinda how J____ represented you, so if you have a problem with that I suggest you get to suing.



Christopher King said...

Here's you:

"But Mr. King, Mr. King....."

Here's me:


Christopher King said...

I know, wait wait Bill.... go tell Rubin Carter I'm a nigger and a motherfucker and he shouldn't give me an interview.


He's gonna be real receptive to your input.


You are the biggest idiot I've never met.

Christopher King said...

But what do you care, he's just another nigger anyway.


Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT you twist everything around all the fucking time.
What Lou Jacobs wrote and I quote:
"My strong sense is that Chris has matured tremendously throughout his ordeals, come to terms with which portion of his experience can be attributed to racism, ignorance, reactionary politics, amd what portion to his own DEFICIENCES"

Lou Jacobs opinion does NOT make anything a fact. Nowhere does he directly make any such claims as you want people to believe.

Christopher King wrote:
"What make you such a pathetic figure, Bill is that you ASSume some measure of superiority over me solely because of white skin, which in your case if filthy and slimy anyway. You have no plausible education to run in my league so you pretend to have gone to law school, graduated and passed the bar."

The color of my skin has NOTHING to do with my feelings about you. YOU are the RACIST and a RACE-BAITER you always have been and always will be. YOU have to play the race card every time because you aren't enough of a man regardless of your skin color be it black, brown, yellow, red, or white to admit that you are wrong about anything no matter how trivial. Since I'm documented 3/4 Sioux Lakota Indian I'm not a white man, but nice try.

You can throw out whatever insults you want it just truly proves how ignorant you really are. You have absolutely no proof that I didn't go to any law school, or ever have my license to practice law. At my family attorneys suggestion I was lead counsel for the custody of my granddaughters, because of my extensive knowledge and background in family law. This is the 35th family court case I have won, with 0 losses in 3 different states. How many have you won?

Run in your "league"? You are so far out of the "league" you think you run in it's not even funny. If you were in the "league" you would have manned up paid the fines and met all the other requirements to regain your license just like your co-conspirator Attorney Pope did.
Instead you played the poor Cwissy race card again and you are and always be on the outside looking in.

Your informant is a liar I never drank in my life, but he is just like his alcoholic mother Every picture of him in facebook is him a beer bottle up to his face, or a drink in his hand. Oh yeah he's already been arrested for DUI in NH, just like his mother was too.

Broken welder? Actually I'm a very successful co-owner of small machine shop business in NH that is still in business. We have 8 employees, and generate a 6 figure net profit for my partner and myself.
My home is all paid for, I've put 4children through college including an executive chef who works in Boston MA, a successful attorney who graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious law college, another who graduated magna cum laude with a PHD in Actuarial Sciences, and another who has their Masters degree in education

Anonymous said...

Why would I even consider calling Rubin Carter, or any other black person a derogatory term that you use repeatedly. You won't find one single black friend or aquaintance I have including attorneys, law enforcement officers, educators,musicians, ministers and others that would agree with you. On the contrary they would laugh in your face about your claim that I'm a racist.

Nice to see you proved my point about you riding on the coattails of others, now you latch yourself to Bunker Hill Community college, and the upcoming Rubin Carter speech.

Christopher King said...

Hey listen up nigger (I'm sure you don't mind me calling you that because you use the term freely toward me so what goes around comes around) I don't need to tie anything to Bunker Hill Community College, just making a nice little movie trailer.

And oh, as far as Lou Jacobs goes, don't try to downplay the fact that he was so pissed off he had to recuse himself and still said that racism, ignorance and reactionary politics played a role in my suspension.

And before I was suspended I set an Ohio precedent for having cops found to have made Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime, V96-61481 you tool.

And oh, as to Attorney Jacobs' advice on the mortgage industry, I took it, became a Licensed Title Insurance Producer and now I run Mortgage Movies about corruption in the Mortgage Industry so surely you are happy to see me follow instruction.

In fact I have a new movie coming up in an hour or so, and my white clients (and my white brother in law) will laugh in your stupid face at the notion of me being a racist.


11 MARCH 2011

Video: NH US Trustee Protects JP Morgan, Florida's David Stern Pals at Harmon Law Office in Widow's Attempted Loan Mod/Foreclosure case.

A new Mortgage Movies video uploading for 7p delivery, give or take. Mass AG Martha Coakley is investigating.

Public Integrity Journal Report.
4Closure Fraud Journal.
Stop Foreclosure Fraud Journal.
Living Lies Journal.
Robo Signatures.

And last but not least, Massachusetts Class Action suit continues with Harmon Law Office as a Defendant in the wake of Ibanez. Query, may Widow Crepeau, the subject of this movie, join in from NH? Do her facts line up? Time will tell.

Now as to your claims that you don't mind the movie being up on YouTube where you call me a nigger and a motherfucker, shall I start posting your emails to me on that you lying sack......


Christopher King said...

Hey Bill I see you stalkered me over to Topix, whereupon I dressed you right on down, fool.


Bill Christy is an Internet stalker who pretended to be a U.S. JAG Attorney when he is really a welder.

He calls me a N**** and M***** F**** and is really bad news. He's upset because I caught it on YouTube and believe me I have all the emails to prove it.

Here's a bit more about this fathead looser.

Now then as to American Tower I was fired for supporting my trainees on Overtime issues and the DOL found I was correct to the tune of $290K, it's all linked right here with a write up about the lawsuit where Attorney Ana Crnilovic (and another attorney later) were fired by ATC, who was found liable for back dating stock options as well, I provided information for some lawyers on that matter.


Meanwhile I'm busy documenting Mortgage Fraud will Billy Boy chases me across the country.

11 MARCH 2011

Video: NH US Trustee Protects JP Morgan, Florida's David Stern Pals at Harmon Law Office in Widow's Attempted Loan Mod/Foreclosure case.

And Kelly Ayotte is part of the subject in a forthcoming movie about her cover up in a certain Franconia shooting tragedy, watch my short film shot in Franconia dedicated to The Fighter Producer Dorothy Aufiero.


Boo Bill!!!



PS: The fraud and deceit in Ohio was another Attorney and me tape recording a landlord who called my white client a "N**** L****." After I left the Ohio AG's Office where I was an ATTORNEY, not a law clerk as the fool Bill has written.

No Bill, I'm the one who graduated from law school, not you pal.


Now you mentioned you agreed with a certain racist that I was trying to ride coat tails? Who else makes documentary videos at the U.S. Trustee's office you stupid douchebag?

Don't you have some felching to do with your racist little friend? Me and the home boys are ready to serve it up for you.



Christopher King said...

What's the matter, Billy Boy, kicked out of NewsZap?


Mr. Holier than thou?

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Christopher King said...

28 March 2011:

BTW Billy Boy I just got an email from a senior staff person (i.e. a Department Director) at Bunker Hill who loves my journal entry on Rubin Hurricane Carter's visit so piss off hahahahaaa....


"Kudos from BHCC..."