12 March 2011

KingCast says a belated, "Goodnight, Mr. Broder."

Put simply, he was The Man. Growing up it was all about Mike Royko and David Broder. I actually had a picture of Mike Royko on my dorm room wall, just a bit down from one Deborah Harry. I never had a chance to speak with or to meet Mr. Broder but I will never forget getting that call from Mike Royko's office.... "Hello... is this Attorney King.... This is Mike Royko's office, do you have a moment...."

I thought it was Cousin Mike. "Who put you up to this, was it Wilbon?"

"I'm sorry Mr. King, Mr. Wilbon does not work here.... we want to do a story on the Tattoo cases....."

"Oh, My Bad.... well what do you need to know, it's ridiculous...."
"We agree."

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