04 March 2011

KingCast presents two artists you should know: Trae Daddious and Hutt Wigley.

The Wigger makes animation short films that are an absolute blast, he's got beats and elaborate reinactments in some of them but I'll start you off with his simple Dream Sequences.

Henrey Funches a/k/a/ Trae Daddious is my Boston homeboy with the serious urban color of funk in all of his work. You simply cannot look at it without smiling, and isn't that a large part of what art should be about? That is Lady Gaga and Friend, I shall inquire of him on that later today!

And with that I'm off.... I have a deadline for submission of my art, the latest installment in series leading up to a Hollywood movie about the Franconia Shooting Tragedy. My short films are all done on site, today KingCast and Dirty Water News are preparing to bring The Fighter Producer Dorothy Aufiero to Franconia, a virtual tour of how Liko Kenney grew up.

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huttwigley said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for the "shout out"! It's always awesome when someone else appreciates your work enough to pass it around!