20 March 2011

KingCast captures the essence of St. Patrick's Day at Andrew Square!

Mission: Capture the essence of St. Patrick's Day in Boston in 30 minutes or less, which is how much free time I have today. The video of the Dragon ought be most compelling. I'm too busy working to watch it right now because I will get sidetracked! Full movie up by tomorrow afternoon. Mission accomplished. 

Check the Face one and Face two for more pics, friend me up and learn more about politics and justice in New England, including The Fighter Producer Dorothy Aufiero's next movie about a shady double homicide in New Hampshire. Teaser video up tonight and BTW that crowd picture at Andrew Square -- second from the top -- was shot all the way back from the I-93 bridge, handheld at 560mm digital zoom with the Canon SX20 IS that's gotta be 600' easy. Not bad for that, it's a nice little rig that does well in good lighting.

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Related but unrelated video below, LOL. I love this video, one of my all time faves.

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