24 March 2011

KingCast and Northeastern Law School Present: Chuck Turner, Soul on Ice -- with media and supporters iced out as well.

Hundreds of Chuck Turner supporters braved the nippy spring climate this evening to attend a rally addressing, inter alia, the ongoing and pervasive government beat down against selected political targets. Once there, we discovered "a note from the organizers on police presence." In essence they claim a number or last-minute restrictions and selective application of campus rules constitutes mean-spirited discrimination and outright oppression. I interviewed, or attempted to interview the woman framed in the doorway whose name I will soon ascertain, but she was short on words and heavy on the door. A KingCast feature film is on the way for late night tonight or tomorrow morning as I take time to batch videos and contemplate the patent attempts to quiet Chuck Turner by sending him halfway to the moon from here, i.e. West Virginia I believe it is.

Meanwhile enjoy these videos below: Chuck Turner City Council + Chuck Turner Sentencing with former U.S. Attorney Ramsey Clark. I'll tell you what Attorney Sullivan: I know of outright Federal corruption in Columbus, Ohio on No Child Left Behind, so I know you will notify your U.S. Attorney colleagues over in Columbus to prosecute for the missing millions that were misappropriated by design. As a former Ohio Assistant Attorney General I applaud you in advance for your diligence in vigorously prosecuting those matters.  You can check it out in these YouTube clips with conservative WTVN 610 talk show host Dirk Thompson, my Columbus affiliates and me discussing the situation earlier this month. I will check up from time to time on your progress.

Related: Boston Herald's Michele McPhee chimes in and KingCast responds.

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Unknown said...

I wish I knew about this - I would have absolutely been there! What he has been made to endure is outrageous - politicians are lining their pockets with tax payer money on a daily basis,so why this man is being singled out is beyond my understanding!!
He is an older man, with a harvard education - the charges are minor, and his punishment is too severe - a slap on the wrist would have done fine - Shit, Ted Kennedy killed a woman in the Chappaquiddick, left her there for hours, and still went on to continue his career!!
Mr. Turner is in his mid 70's, no? It is outrageous that he has been sentenced to 3 years in a penfor this!! My love and thoughts are with him and his loved ones...