15 March 2011

Bill Christy's dumbass friends ban KingCast from Delaware NewsZap, they don't even know a contraction from a possessive pronoun hahahaa....

Bill Christy, Mr. Big and Bad, JAG-posing, Mr. Nigger Motherfucker himself...... They sure do hate the Truth coming out. Here's the web page they will probably remove but I saved it to my hard drive, hahahaaa... Then they reported me to NENPA, who-hoooooo.... as if NENPA cares what these haters have to say, hahahahaaa..... the joke is on you, hahahahaa.....


Anonymous said...

Your private message you sent mlfrdde

KingCast What's up with Bill Christy?
Mon Mar 14th, 2011 02:11 pm

Who is this coach and what is the relation to Billy Christy if any?

I am so confused but that Bill Christy guy is Bad News on wheels, a total internet stalker and a liar.

The guy is a complete jackass, repeatedly claimed he was a Judge Advocate General JAG attorney then I met his former custodial child who lives in my neighborhood who told me he was a damn welder and an abusive man who slept with his mother who was married.

He was part of a Topix forum called "King Bash here" that was shut down by Topix.

And he sure is profane, calling me a N**** and M****F****



He supports the father of a kid who stole from WalMart.


Whack Job.

Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- True stories of Mortgage Fraud


Anonymous said...

Your typical response because someone didn't agree with you.

Tue Mar 15th, 2011 07:22 am

Dude fuck off.

BIll Christy come to me unsolicited and told a bunch of lies and he's a fucking piece of shit maggot.

He said I criminally threatened him and others, a complete fucking lie.

And Jason lived with Bill whether or not you want to say he was his custodial son I don't really give a fuck.

Bill brings his own fucking troubles, meanwhile I am a guest speaker at New England's largest press association so you can fuck off too.

Later Dude.

Anonymous said...

You make the same claims that no one will care, yet everytime you have been reported you are shown the door. The list is extensive Columbus Bar Association, American Tower, NH NAACP, Crnilovic and Phillips Law Offices, Leonard Webb's Ethnic Online, Touch 106.1, Senator Bruce Tarr, Casey Sherman, Bridgewater State College and the list goes on.

Christopher King said...

Dude I kicked American Tower's ass and they had to pay $290K to the class of my trainees, I'm still cool with Crnilovic and Phillips, Casey Sherman has a political issue and retired area officer Bradford Whipple and I agree that he is wrong on some things.

TOUCH 106.1 FM, who cares. I am on to much bigger and better things, mate.

Is this you?

Just so you know who you messaged. I'm a black man and I'm a retired Anne Arundel County, Maryland detective. I'm personal friends with the guy you are posting about, DO NOT contact me again.

.....I wouldn't dream of wasting my time on you... but you must be one of the LE whom Mr. Nigger Motherfucker referenced when he wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and the "I would have shot Bruce McKay as well."

So I guess you can be right some of the time.


Anonymous said...

Nah actually my friend is one of the people you referred to when you posted in Topix after I invited you to come say some of your vile comments to my face in front of my black friends, some of whom are law enforcement. "I won't come to Delaware so your Uncle Tom n***** friends can lynch me."