02 February 2011

Ridley Report shows ridiculous 60-day jail sentence for man who cussed out a judge, "immediate threat to administration of Justice...."

He said "you can kiss my ass this court is a joke... fucking piece of shit...." which is hardly anything I would say to a Judge but I don't  think it merits a sua sponte order of JAIL TIME for Pete's sake. I don't know all of the facts as to why the protester's friend was hauled away in the first instance, but I am aware of the general police state beatdown that goes on in New Hampshire and I am also aware that it looks very petty and vindictive for the Court not to simply warn him and eject him rather than to start making him a burden on the taxpayers. Anyway stay tuned for the next Ridley Report segment on KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD coming Friday I believe.

PS: Judge Crocker tried to pull that nonsense on Yours Truly even though I said nothing offensive and had cleared my appearance and newsgathering purpose with her clerk. Moreover, everyone knew I was there from the get go, watch the video.
Lastly, they are trying to censor citizen media in Florida, I wrote the bar association about that.

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Christopher King said...

So to be clear: Vulgarity is not a threat to the administration of Justice, you just expel the dude, warn him that another outburst may result in charges and keep on truckin'.

This is ridiculous.