20 February 2011

KingCast to pen his first novel, an interactive online unauthorized biography of eMusic CEO and Columbia adjunct professor Adam Klein, an International Felon.

When eMusic CEO Adam Klein speaks, women drop their panties and global corporations hustle to award him generous employment and severance packages. As a well-educated black man falsely accused of being a felon who has been dragged through the mud because of it, I find Mr. Klein -- an International Felon -- to be a shining example of perseverance under stress. Living in lavish digs at 15 Central Park West he is a potential role model for me so I would like to honor him appropriately. As noted, Adam Klein could be Time Magazine's Man of the Year.

The cornerstone of the book will be my candid interviews with his baby's momma Daralyn Khan, which will be conducted as soon as I approach her at the conclusion of her pending Paternity Child Support case. Actually I may approach her sooner than that because.....
.....while this pending matter may be subject to rules of impoundment, there are several other cases and pending matters that are not. And if there is no global settlement she is free to speak with me about any other matters now, and any and all matters at the conclusion of the pending case.

The book will also include video segments from me interviewing, or attempting to interview eMusic staff, Columbia staff and all of his previous U.S. and South African employers, including Boumat (criminal conviction, 1996 documents one + two), Video Egg, Hasbro, Muze, Ask Jeeves, Harvard, South African Broadcast Corporation, EMI, MTV, and whomever else I feel like interviewing. I've twice telephoned Columbia with no response so next comes a personal visit, KingCast cameras in tow. America.... is a Free Country subject to Defamation, which (unlike the Boston Herald) I have not committed nor will I.

Technology is wonderful. It will allow me to develop the novel, sell it online and then forward 25% of any net profits to his daughter to help make up the money that he now refuses to pay for her care. Of course there are a lot of corporate gatekeepers out there and they know who they are, but a good story is a good story.... and this one is All Good. 

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