09 February 2011

KingCast sees Nashua PD lawyer Brian Cullen try to toss video of his racist client Jim Hargreaves driving KingCast out of the entire Crowne Plaza Hotel.

May it please the Court: 

We need not detain ourselves long with this argument...... (here are the two footnotes, and a little bit more, enjoy).
Plaintiff responded by noting that racism was always integral to the case and noted that in Open Court he directly told Magistrate McCafferty two things:

1) That Defendants and Kelly Ayotte were using race as proxy for ideology in banning him from the publicly-advertised rallies held on Commercial Property subject to
substantial licensing and permitting.

2) That the recent racial and First Amendment context of Kelly Ayotte and Plaintiff's prior "acrimonious past" informs the current case, as Plaintiff prevailed against Kelly Ayotte on criminal and quasi-criminal matters related to Plaintiff's tenure as a zealous Civil Rights advocate as Legal Chair of the NAACP. As noted in Memoranda filed in this case, during this time one of Ayotte's close associates in bringing the failed and racially-involved First Amendment cases against Plaintiff -- fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn -- laughed at the prospect of Plaintiff being a "coconut head racist" who was "going to need protection from Bubba where he was going" because he was going to be anally raped. 

That's funny in a Boondocks Adult Swim cartoon but it's not so funny in this instance.

[1] There was simply no way that a reasonable person, objectively, in Plaintiff’s shoes, could feel safe in remaining on the premises so he left under the continued threat of arrest. While Defendants may argue that the Civil Rights violation of driving Plaintiff all the way out was de minimis, Plaintiff asserts that there is no such thing as a de minimis violation of his Civil Rights.

[2]Note that Defendants are deriving substantial benefit of discovery from Plaintiff while Plaintiff has derived none from them, and that is crucial because it will show them in many lies, including any notion that the other media at the Joe Arpaio rally was “invited.” Video provided by KingCast has shown that all one need do as a journalist was sign in, at least until Ryan Williams assumed that Plaintiff would write a negative story as he made an assumption using race as proxy for ideology. Plaintiff has in fact praised Kelly Ayotte on several occasions. That what journalists do in a Free Country, praise and criticize. And get arrested, apparently.



Christopher King said...

Here's a nice overhead smash, kind of like Arthur hit against Jimmy back in '75 Wimbledon:

Defendant Nashua PD's Attempts to whitewash the record.

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Here's where it gets interesting:


I should win this issue. Moreover, no matter what you do or say unless you settle I will publish this video of Officer Friendly for the rest of his natural life.

That's what happens when you threaten to push me out of an entire building under threat of arrest, with no lawful reason. And I'll tell him straight to his face, "Don't you EVER do that to me again, son." And yah I'm quite sure I'm his elder.

Again, don't blame me for your client's actions.

Would you like some complimentary tickets to NENPA or shall I just send you the DVD?

It's going to be a Really Big Show!

But I'm not a paperback writer; I get it done in cyberspace.

SHE said...

To ask the court to exclude the video is to ask the Court to exclude the Truth.

This is a perfect example of why lawyers have a reputation for being Unethical.

Christopher King said...

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I am burning another copy of Officer Hargreaves driving me out of the entire Crowne Plaza at the behest of the GOP for the Court file relative to my Motion for Sanctions.

Shall I burn yet another set for each of you or will the first one suffice?

Please advise.

Christopher King, J.D.
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