15 February 2011

KingCast presents: The Look.

Some fun screen caps, huh? Wish I had shot this in HD but hey, whatever, it is what it is, and what it is.... is funny. You independent guys and gals know this look you get from the government's hired staff and some of the Big Dogs? I love it. Here's the underlying Juneteenth video of His Excellency Deval Patrick and me rapping about Joanna Marinova and her pending Defamation case against the Herald, Jessica Van Sack and WDHD Channel 7 for falsely accusing her of having sex with a prison inmate. The Juneteenth video is nowhere near as good as the Campaign video from the South End with James Taylor.  I point my Canon where I choose, it's a Free Country, right. I mean that's what the Constitution and Bill of Rights says, right? See it's cool because I can criticize AND praise the same government official, what a concept. I have in fact praised Kelly Ayotte, but that's not why she threatens me with arrest. I may just name her personally in my Second Amended Complaint. 

At right, check out her pal Adam Harding from WMUR giving me The Look in NH. To hell with you too Adam have a nice day, brah I got you good, LOL. More in the Official Ayotte victory video. Unless you are on your own property or there is some bona fide National Security issue you don't tell me whom I can and can't ask questions of, or tell me where I can and can't point my cameras, that doesn't fly with me, No Sir. In fact, it is complete bullshit and I will expose it every time it happens to me or to anyone else.


Christopher King said...

......well you can try to tell me and you can threaten me with arrest.... and then you can face a court challenge. Ask Kelly.


Christopher King said...

One last thing:

As I told the attendees during the panel discussion at NENPA last weekend, "if you don't have it on video.... it didn't happen."

Therefore whenever someone says "hey KingCast, you've got quite the attitude," I can safely point to the empirical documented evidence that the attitude is coming from somewhere else FIRST.

I'm just a guy doing what the Constitution says I can and should do.