10 February 2011

The KingCast Official NENPA 2011 Annual Winter Convention and Trade Show videos.

I shot some B roll and it's a wrap. This video highlights some of the challenges you face when you no longer work for a mainstream press, previous experience and law degree notwithstanding. Sometimes you need every bit of that experience and legal background to get a story. This is particularly true when NH AG cum U.S. Senator and possible U.S. Vice President Candidate Kelly Ayotte is concerned.

I believe she just co-authored an open government bill, and that's a joke when you consider her documented dossier. Here are my NENPA lead up journal entries in para. 2. Here's a back story on NENPA Director Dan Cotter, who graciously extended an invite for KingCast as a panelist for Saturday, 2:15p. Movie up by 2:15 a.m. or so. Yerba Mate rules.

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