02 February 2011

KingCast Black History Month continues with Ralph Holder FBI letter showing how racist New Hampshire really is, from NH Supreme Court Justice Linda Dalianis all the way down.

 I'll post the full letter later today I have to make a redaction and it's a pdf which means it's a PITA. For now read what I did post and watch me run it down to newly-minted High Court Chief Judge Linda Dalianis. Now of course the fact that her son and I were friends years ago when he worked for former Mayor Bernie Streeter when he awarded me the First Amendment Mayoral Commendation is not going to make me temper my remarks nor should it. She is a right wing fascist Judge, and her sole dissent in State v. Orde 2010 Lexis 145 (Nov. 2010) proves her to be a complete LE shill.

Ralph is right. What they tried to do to him by trying to portray him -- a high security clearance passport inspector ---as a Dangerous Black Man is insane, and Kelly Ayotte and many judges were involved. They used race as a factor in moving his black child out of NH to put him with his mother in a lesser MA school and you can read the actual decisions in the linked materials below. They lied about Guardian ad Litems being subject to Ethics Rules as well, see below.

Even Mississippi recognized the violation of Palmer v. Sidoti and Brown v. Board of Education in a recent decision. This is America folks, and from what I see our Judicial/Legal system leaves much to be desired, to put it politely. But why should I have to be polite when the system is not polite to us? And by us I don't mean just blacks, I do mean ESPECIALLY blacks, but along with that I mean to little people in general, if you are black or ideologically dangerous like Dave Coltin (a white guy) you get nothing but a hard time here in the "Land of the Free," which is to me more aptly considered "The Home of the Brave."

And when Mr. Holder says that no one would know about the true nature of his first lawsuit on this matter (there is one pending right now, thank goodness NH Dist. 2010-CV-448)) he is correct as well. Read Judge Barbadoro's cryptic language in his Dismissal, at, ahem.... Right. Now of course Judge Barbadoro is presiding over my Free Press and racial litigation in KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501 but once again if you think that is going to temper my remarks about this case you would be sadly mistaken. The facts are what the facts are, and too many people keep a civil tongue instead of having the courage to put it out there. If I have to go to SCOTUS I have to go to SCOTUS, so what. Just more exposure for newly-minted U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, dedicated journal.

As for some of you so-called black "leaders" those of you who sit by on the sidelines and watch it go down are equally to blame, so sad, so many step'n'fetchit negroes on America's Plantation it's pathetic. If you are offended by my comments then you are part of the problem and I don't need anything from you anyway so don't hate the player, hate the game. Just keeping it real, in the Spirit of Uncle Ruckus :)

Reference: KingCast open letter to Judge Holloway.
Reference: Orr & Reno's Martha Van Oot covered up Ethics violations.
Reference: New Hampshire, the last State to adopt Martin Luther King Holiday.

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Christopher King said...

Sanctions, Settlement and why I will not keep a civil tongue about NH racism.

Christopher King to Brian, Jack, jennifer.parent, gmacdonald, dmullen, bcc:
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In a word or three..... I just won't.

And I don't have to.


The things that have happened to Ralph Holder and me are quite simply inexcusable in a contemporary society and if you want to make me to go to SCOTUS and curry more support and attention to Kelly Ayotte and New Hampshire's racist history -- and present -- be my guest because I look forward to it.

And Attorney Gordon, have you any comment on the pending Motion for Sanctions or shall I go on ahead and file it?

Meanwhile it appears you will not even dignify with your response my Settlement Offer of a teleconference with Senator Ayotte on what constitutes a full journalist in 2011 even though I am on a NENPA panel discussion on the matter. You see that's important because as you all just might recall, Ryan WIlliams and Di Lothrop both stated "You are not a journalist" in kicking me out of the Crown Plaza. By the way I had lunch there yesterday and made a video, it is a place of public accommodation, something your racist cop Jim Harvgreaves needs to recognize. I'm here to help him do so.
Christopher King, J.D.
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