16 February 2011

KingCast and modern technology present: The Fong Hat Lightsphere.

UPDATE: I'm looking at a Canon 60D 1080 as my next rig, up from the SX20 IS 720. It does not have a flip up flash. So imagine I'm alone, I've got my external mic line into the body and mic is sitting in my hotshoe, great in the daytime.... then I decide to go inside to a basement coffeehouse.... or heaven forbid, a nightclub.... where is my lightsource.....

Here is an idea that ought certainly see the light of day, yuk-yuk.  I am a prosumer photographer and film maker, occupying a spot just underneath that of the high dollar professional photographer or film maker. As such, products like the Sony NEX 5 have great appeal to me, but for the fact that there is no hotshoe for LED lighting. It is a little jewel of a camera but don't look for them to fit a hotshoe on it because there's just no room. And even if there were a hotshoe, it could be occupied by a directional mic -- which is where even high-dollar professional film makers could benefit from the Fong Hat so I am proposing just such a device.

The Fong Hat is basically a battery-powered hat with an incorporated angled lightsphere to provide enhanced, portable lighting for low-light situations so that folks without a hotshoe or folks with an occupied hotshoe can conduct business without light stands or extra staff. And for stills, of course it could connect with your camera via bluetooth. It is the wave of the future. Hats off to Gary Fong for developing this product, I'm calling the company tomorrow because it was the First Thing I thought about when I looked at the Sony last week. Anyway, while lighting was not so much an issue in this application, below I have included a feel-good KingCast video of the BostonBridges group we conceived last year, shot largely with one of my older cameras, a Canon S5 IS, prior to the Canon SX-20 IS that I currently use for video. We were at the Boys and Girls Club's Mattahunt Center, hence the Mattapan Trolly thumbnail on the video.

Anyway, we're not kidding around, Daga and I have close to 40 years of combined experience working with children. Here we are at the NYSE America SCORES Annual, followed by two of the best pictures I will ever take in my lifetime, no coincidence that they are both all about the yoots. Heck I'm working with children in Louisiana right now from my living room couch.

PS: And then at the waaaaaay bottom check out last weekend's KingCast presentation, Summary and candid video of Bob Holt, III at the 2011 New England News & Press (NENPA) Annual Conference and Trade show. Let's just say he gave us poignant presentations on life, death, fear and photography in the bottoms, and on working with some cat named Joseph Pulitzer, whomever that is :)

NYSE and The Education Coalition, circa 1992.
The NYSE Poetry Slam!
The Boston Bridges presentation for parents.
Education Coalition/Free Speech Rights in Nashua, NH 2007.
The Nashua, NH Mayoral Commendation from Bernard Streeter.

Non sequitur: Nashua PD Lieutenant (Officer Not-So-Friendly) John Fisher, named Defendant in NH Dist 2010-492 IIRC is seen harassing the living daylights out of me at a Kelly Ayotte/John McCain VFW Rally, the subject of KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, NH and Nashua GOP and Nashua PD, 2010-CV-501 (links coming TH just search the journal for now it's All There). McCain has a history of ejecting black male reporters without explanation and that's a FACT. Again, search this journal on it.

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Christopher King said...

Just this evening I discussed this concept with a local, well-respected Boston photographer and that individual concurred.

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