24 February 2011

Columbus Dispatch writer Bill Bush exposes some of the NCLB Fraud that KingCast, JusticeforKids and Bob Fitrakis' Free Press have been talking about, Federal Prosecution must follow.

Update: You better believe Nationwide is watching. Whether or not they will insure criminal activities I don't know because I haven't read their contract with CPS... yet. But I will be sure to request a copy soon.

Millions and millions in blanket purchase orders...... here is today's story and my comments follow below the fold. Above, that is me kicking Columbus School Board's ass in 1998 when they had Jerry Doyle arrested for criminal trespass after he demanded that Treasurer Pittman be reinstated because he was honest. Meanwhile Sherry Bird Long misappropriated mad money and got no jail time and a minimal payment plan; in my absence they would go on to throw Mr. Doyle in jail without adequate medical treatment for merely interrupting a meeting.

The second video is where CPS admits to price fixing, it is all noted here.

Great story! Major press needs to expose this stuff, it cannot be left to little people like me. Mr. Bush is on my mailing list so he....
......is well aware that this is the proverbial tip of the iceberg, and that Federal prosecutions may follow. As a former Ohio Assistant Attorney General and Civil Rights lawyer I have followed CPS schools for the past 15 years and as this person noted in my online journal, there are serious problems in the District:

I successfully defended Jerry Doyle after he correctly demanded that a responsible treasurer be reinstated as people like Sherry Bird Long misappropriated mad money:

...his name was Ben Pittman if I recall correctly, but anyway they had Doyle arrested for attempted criminal trespass, here is some trial footage from 1998 or so:

I no longer live in Columbus but if you want more information there is a wealth of it at Bob Fitrakis' Free Press online journal, and at my affiliate journal http://Justiceforkids.net. Keep up the good work Bob because your erstwhile partner Mary Jo Kilroy abandoned ship long ago, watch her in this NCLB journal entry calling the police on me and others for no lawful reason:

Stay tuned folks.

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Christopher King said...

Nationwide..... Is on their side.

And so is Crabbe, Brown. I'll never forget Luis Alcalde a/k/a "The Mayor" pushing his fat little fingers into my chest in the back hallway of Crabbe, Brown waiting for me to take a swing.

I did not give him what he wanted, I filed an ethics complaint on him which was of course summarily dismissed. Still you gotta' do what you gotta' do.