27 February 2011

Boston says F-Bombs away! Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and the Fighter KO the Competition at Oscars 2011.

Video coming late night, around 1a. Here is a motherlode of information about The Fighter co-Producer Dorothy Aufiero's next movie and how NH Attorney General cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte hid the facts from the American public. Here is The Fighter official website link.

26 February 2011

KingCast presents: Crop the cop. Sweeping it under the rug in Boston and Fillmore, Utah.

I can't wait to pull the police report and witness statements on this one.

KingCast musical interlude from the Kelly Ayotte Free Press racial lawsuit: Public Image, Rise.

Related: Goodnight, Malcolm. Somewhere in the dictionary if you look up the word "cool" you will see Johnny Lydon. Well except for allegedly punching some lass over a bad hotel room. Always the brilliant iconoclast, he did so many great things with music after the Sex Pistols it would blow your mind, I'm kind of glad it's kind of a secret. Anyway, this is one of the hottest basslines of any song I've ever heard put some nice headphones on for this one. Anyway, here's the lawsuit.

25 February 2011

U.S. Senate watching new KingCast raw video: Senator Kelly Ayotte, Nashua PD and GOP's Ryan Williams sued for free press, racial violations.

As you can see below the fold, someone in the U.S. Senate is mighty concerned about the Waiver of Summons I served last night against Tea Party toady and Niggermania-supported (para. 2) Kelly Ayotte. I also included Nashua GOP's Ryan Williams, Di Lothrop, Dennis Hogan, Nashua Police Chief Don Conley, Nashua Lieutenant John Fisher (already a named Defendant in Gorsuch v. Fisher et al. 2010-CV-495) and Officer James Hargreaves. In the video watch how New Hampshire Communications Chair Ryan Williams tells Hargreaves what to do, then slithers away like the snake he is, but he didn't escape the watchful eye of KingCast cameras as he peered back to check out the progress of the unlawful expulsion. 

Based on information, eyeball observation and belief, Senator Kelly Ayotte told Williams to tell Hargreaves to drive me out of the entire Nashua Crowne Plaza Hotel, and if I'm incorrect, then Hargreaves is going to take the fall on his own. Whatever the case, it's just a story about a little journalist trying to cover publicly-advertised rallies held on commercial property subject to substantial State and Local licensing and permitting. Here is the Second Amended Complaint in KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte et al., NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

24 February 2011

KingCast welcomes Senator Kelly Ayotte, Nashua PD Chief Dan Conley, Ryan Williams, Di Lothrop, Dennis Hogan and Nashua PD John Fisher and James Hargreaves to Free Press, racial lawsuit NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

Welcome to the party folks, so glad you could join us.

Columbus Dispatch writer Bill Bush exposes some of the NCLB Fraud that KingCast, JusticeforKids and Bob Fitrakis' Free Press have been talking about, Federal Prosecution must follow.

Update: You better believe Nationwide is watching. Whether or not they will insure criminal activities I don't know because I haven't read their contract with CPS... yet. But I will be sure to request a copy soon.

Millions and millions in blanket purchase orders...... here is today's story and my comments follow below the fold. Above, that is me kicking Columbus School Board's ass in 1998 when they had Jerry Doyle arrested for criminal trespass after he demanded that Treasurer Pittman be reinstated because he was honest. Meanwhile Sherry Bird Long misappropriated mad money and got no jail time and a minimal payment plan; in my absence they would go on to throw Mr. Doyle in jail without adequate medical treatment for merely interrupting a meeting.

The second video is where CPS admits to price fixing, it is all noted here.

Great story! Major press needs to expose this stuff, it cannot be left to little people like me. Mr. Bush is on my mailing list so he....

23 February 2011

Kelly Ayotte's hero Bruce McKay and two cops Ball and Cox beat and torture Liko Kenney for no lawful reason.

"You don’t have a right to keep me here without a good reason…..You can’t just pull people off the street, put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason. I was sitting in my car, resting before driving home and now you've done this to me, for no reason. I need help I am requesting State Police Assistance, he punched me in the face, you and him both saw him punch me in the face and now you're saying he didn't."  

"I am being beat up in handcuffs by three armed men who have guns and I have nothing, and you are hurting me for no reason. I asked you a hundred times why you are doing this to me....." Small wonder the NH Legislature twice refused to name a highway after this "hero," HB 1428 and SB 154 watch the testimony, here's more.

22 February 2011

Massachusetts joins Tennessee, KingCast and Mortgage Movies, sues MERS for $22M for failing to prove loan ownership.... New Hampshire is still in the dark ages and does not care. That will change.

Dear Judge Nicolosi and any other Judge in NH who is partial to slamming pro se litigants in these contested foreclosure proceedings that will increase exponentially in the coming months and years:

When I was managing Alpha Title Company as a licensed Title Insurance Producer 6 years ago we all thought "how nifty, a nice little virtual depository for loans, but as time wore on we began to have some serious questions, now the chickens resemble turkeys come home to roost. KingCast and Mortgage Movies will be following this and cross posting to the excellent websites at Living Lies ("Pretenders Painted into a Corner" with Mortgage Movies video with Judge Nicolosi) and 4Closurefraud ("MERS Come Clean and Pay up, $22M." More tales of whoa here in the Tennessee litigation.

Black History Month continues as KingCast tops 100,000 video views (about 250K in Nov) and files Second Amended Complaint naming Senator Kelly Ayotte and Nashua PD's Conley, Hargreaves and Fisher for racism and Free Press violations.


Top: "We don't want YOUR money" says Stephen Monier's buddy.

Well I've been doing political/legal video for a year now so that's 200 folks a week, not bad for being an outsider. More to come I'm sure of that. If you thought Black History was already in the coldest, shortest month (and it is) then you ought to know by now that they wish they could freeze this Black History event out of the record books forever, just drive it on out of there as these racist cops drove me out of the entire Crowne Plaza Hotel for no lawful reason, ahem. It goes with yesterday's journal entry and the uploaded document is coming this evening after I make my raw footage highlight video. The Defendants were so concerned about my commentary and whatnot I told them "hey I've got no problem running raw footage, here you go, there you are." 

29.            The Crowne Plaza is a place of public accommodation and is also subject to substantial State and Local licensing and permitting that carries with it as a matter of public policy the implied warranty that said permits and licenses will not be used to promote unlawful racial or Unconstitutional Conduct.

Violation of RSA 354-A:16 Equal Access to Public Accommodations is a Civil Right.

The Statute reads, in pertinent part:
“The opportunity for every individual to have equal access to places of public accommodation without discrimination because of age, sex, race, creed, color, marital status, physical or mental disability or national origin is hereby recognized and declared to be a civil right.”
Plaintiff notes by way of the attached video that he was well away from "The Steak Out" and the leased GOP area, yet and still Defendant Hargreaves, with the unlawful and racially-motivated conspiratorial agreement of all other named Defendants, drove Plaintiff out of the entire Crowne Plaza Hotel despite Plaintiff’s clear admonition “I’m all set guys, this is no longer the event….. this is a place of public accommodations.” In their Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint, GOP Counsel Gordon MacDonald was not truthful to the Court when he wrote “To the extent police were involved, it was simply to enforce trespass laws…..” because there is simply no way that Plaintiff was trespassing in the Crowne Plaza lobby. One would hope that he was unaware of that fact at the time, but then what would that say about Nashua PD for failing to tell him the Truth? That does not bode well either way.

Related Van Halen Jam: DOA. They sent the Sheriff down to try to drive us away.....

21 February 2011

KingCast Black History month continues as he nails Nashua PD's James Hargreaves and John Fisher with Connell v. Hudson, 733 F. Supp. 465 (1990) in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD in NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.


Someone told me that Kelly Ayotte's lying erstwhile legal partner Jeff Strelzin once stated with respect to my investigation of the Ayotte/Strelzin lies and coverup in the Franconia shooting tragedy, "King is wasting his talents."

Well Counselor, I can assure you that I didn't attend a top-50 law school to waste my talents. My talents are being put to their highest value use over at Mortgage Movies, helping schoolchildren with BostonBridges and taking these hateful, bigoted police officers and Kelly Ayotte to task for violating my Civil Rights as noted in this KingCast NENPA Black History Month journal entry featuring video of substantial police abuse condoned and encouraged by the Tea Party Freshman Senator Kelly Ayotte, who will join these fine officers as named Defendants Wednesday, 23 February 2010.

When I was in law school Chief District Judge Shane Devine ruled that police cannot chase a freelance reporter away from a public crime or accident scene. As such it also stands to reason that police cannot chase a freelance reporter away from the common areas of a place of public accommodation, i.e. the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

These cats are about to become named Defendants, Fisher is already a named Defendant in Gorsuch v. Fisher et al, 2010-CV-495. For More on him read below the fold.

Hey KingCast, I'm confused.... what is Mortgage Movies all about?

Take a look and you shall see.
Folks in Merrimack sure are interested, read below the fold to take a look-see and what they are reading about.

KingCast: Always here to help.

20 February 2011

KingCast presents: Bernadette in two parts.

Every few months or years I am reminded of what an awesome song Bernadette is, music made back before niggas black and white started in with all the misogyny and whatnot. That pause at the end makes me smile every time. Mad props to that bassist brother for his improv, he could have played with the Funk Brothers for certain. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Below the fold: Jackie Wilson.

KingCast to pen his first novel, an interactive online unauthorized biography of eMusic CEO and Columbia adjunct professor Adam Klein, an International Felon.

When eMusic CEO Adam Klein speaks, women drop their panties and global corporations hustle to award him generous employment and severance packages. As a well-educated black man falsely accused of being a felon who has been dragged through the mud because of it, I find Mr. Klein -- an International Felon -- to be a shining example of perseverance under stress. Living in lavish digs at 15 Central Park West he is a potential role model for me so I would like to honor him appropriately. As noted, Adam Klein could be Time Magazine's Man of the Year.

The cornerstone of the book will be my candid interviews with his baby's momma Daralyn Khan, which will be conducted as soon as I approach her at the conclusion of her pending Paternity Child Support case. Actually I may approach her sooner than that because.....

Nashua Judge Diane Nicolosi does not care too much about Standing, clouds on title or missing assignments, when it comes to foreclosure the sun is always shining in New Hampshire!

Cross post @ Living Lies, "Why Judges don't want to rule for borrowers." Living Lies is an amazing resource for anyone seeking to learn about America's fraudulent mortgage industry. As noted in this Living Lies journal entry, "Good Video on KingCast: Pretenders Painted into a Corner," Merrimack Mortage twice-assigned Jeanne Ingress' Mortgage without receiving it back (this might not be true but there are many other questions, see below) no one knows where the wet ink note is. Yet this did not prevent foreclosure and apparent sale of her home. In denying unassisted litigant Ingress' Motion to Compel proof of ownership, New Hampshire Hillsborough South Superior Court Judge Diane Nicolosi issued a cryptic one-page decision that conveniently ignored all of Jeanne Ingress' salient points regarding the chain of title issues in her case, which may soon be joined by issues of Affidavit Fraud as in Tracey T. Wilson's case (Wamu/Deutsche Bank v. Wilson, NJ Appellate No. A-1384-09T1). I am in touch with the prevailing party in that matter.

19 February 2011

KingCast presents: Dinner!

Or at least part of it. More on this later.

Many people searching for more information about Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland's missing persons/murder case investigations wind up at KingCast, still no answers.

One popular journal entry is this one. Here are the Connecticut River cold cases from Vermont.

U.S. Senate checking up on Kelly Ayotte's lies, soon to be seen in the Casey Sherman/Dorothy Aufiero screenplay of "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

The picture is the thumbnail of an email to then NH AG Kelly Ayotte by one Denise Herthel, a nasty person in NJ who obviously hates the fact that I pegged Greg Floyd for what he is, which is why he is incarcerated on yet another Felony, how many is that for him I forget.  He's even got more under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) that the government refuses to prosecute. Why is that, because he killed a cop killer? The two are entirely unrelated is what the government tells us so then he should be punished for all of his willful transgressions natch. I reposted the Department of Safety documents from the RSA 91-A Open Records request after they disappeared from the Internet and look what Kelly Ayotte hid from the NH and American public.

In this case he's already had a continuance, he can't get a lawyer and he owes an Answer in Estate of Liko Kenney v. Greg Floyd et al. NH Dist. 2010-CV-181 like, pronto, 25 or 28 February, 2011. Continuance? He's been there done that already. Me? I'm here as a journalist to just Do the Right Thing.

Read below the fold to watch some movies and see what links were reviewed at the U.S. Senate at this particular ip addy this particular Saturday afternoon:

18 February 2011

Black History Month at KingCast continues with LA Progressive's feature on "12 Angry Black Men: True Stories of being a black man in America today."

Cops Are Missing the Bad Guys While Profiling the Black Guys

A diverse group of people shares their encounters with the police, including aNew York Times reporter who was detained while on assignment; Joe Morgan, a baseball legend who was racially profiled at LAX; Joshua T. Wiley, a hip hop artist who is constantly harassed by police, and Paul Butler, a law professor and former federal prosecutor who was stopped by the cops for living in a nice neighborhood. Meanwhile, Byron Bain, a Harvard Law student was told by his arresting officer that he must attend the school on a “ball scholarship.” Bain compiled a tragically comical “Bill of Rights for Black Men,” which includes as its first and second amendments, “Congress can make no law altering the established fact that a black man is a n****r,” and “The right of any white person to apprehend a n****r will not be infringed.” Newly arrived, foreign-born black men with British accents are not immune from profiling and arrest. Even lawmakers are not exempt, as Congressman Danny Davis recounts his experience of racial profiling by the Chicago police while driving home from his weekly radio show......

I definitely shared some comments, social and legal observations about racism and anti-Semitism at the link.

KingCast understands why Kelly Ayotte's old friends and former co-workers at McLane, Graf refused to accept service for Friends of Kelly Ayotte in Free Press racial lawsuit, NH Dist. 2010-Cv-501.

Okay. As noted in this NENPA wrap up journal entry, U.S. District Judge Paul Barbadoro ordered a Second Amended Complaint and Friends of Kelly Ayotte was the sole Defendant to refuse to accept service of the Second Amended Complaint through the attorneys. Perhaps they want me to serve the business entity itself but lo and behold.... Friends of Kelly Ayotte is operated out of a P.O. Box and identifies no fiscal agent, nice.

Looks like I'll have to serve her at home or hire a Sheriff to snag her at work this week in D.C. Here's the Local Rule I'll figure it out. May send them a waiver of summons and see if they dare to reject it. I'm thinking this time she gets personally named as a Defendant as well, given her history of oppressive conduct and failed First Amendment-based prosecutions aimed at black male Civil Rights progressives like Ralph Holder and NAACP leaders... including Yours Truly, as former Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair.

KingCast Black History Month continues with New York Times' Gerald Boyd, memorialized in NYMagazine.

Gerald Boyd's high-school graduation photo.  

As Boyd’s generation of young black men began to trickle into the Times, it became clear that Abe Rosenthal, the executive editor, had no idea what to do with them. He generally stuck them on the so-called urban-disintegration beat and let them languish there. Though theTimes of the seventies was “trying hard,” said Ron Smothers, who left the company last summer after 35 years, the paper was “unable to see black reporters beyond being black … Race was the water we swam in.”

Minority journalists, then as now, were up against an all-white managerial tier that mentored people just like themselves: the original affirmative action. As black reporters stalled at the bottom rungs, the notion hardened that they belonged there. (Latin and Asian journalists weren’t even on Rosenthal’s radar.) “It’s the kind of stuff we called institutional racism,” Smothers said. “And that’s why affirmative action was needed—not because we needed the leg up, [but] because those guys needed to put a blindfold on and just do it on merit.”

Paul Delaney became the Times’ first black Washington correspondent, in 1969; he would make it to senior editor, but no higher. “There was an elitism at the Times,” he said, a “belief that there was no black as good as any of the white reporters and editors.” Through the eighties, the upper newsroom echelons remained lily-white. Arthur Sulzberger Jr., then deputy publisher, conceded that his paper was “miserable to blacks.” It was hard to imagine anyone piercing the ivory bastion of the masthead. Then Rosenthal was deposed, and the old-boy network began to quake.

17 February 2011

Kelly Ayotte friends (McLane, Graf) and foes (Sulloway & Hollis) reading up on KingCast today.

Look below the fold to see what they are reading about. Here's your back story on Sulloway and Hollis and Senator Ayotte's "victory" in Planned Parenthood along with copies of the $300K in "victory" checks.
Planned Parenthood v. Kelly Ayotte 2003 CV 341 Decision.
KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

KingCast, the iPhone and the Canon SX-20 IS present: Buddies.

I don't know who is scarier, Officer Friendly or the Hitler Youth post-pubescent cherub in the background, he was cheering with glee as Lieutenant Fisher kept harassing me even as I stood on the sidewalk, following his specific orders at the John McCain/Kelly Ayotte VFW rally, where I was threatened with arrest yet again. McCain did that to black reporter Stephen Price a coupla' years ago, SSDD. And let's not forget Jim Hargreaves running me out of the entire Crowne Plaza at the behest of that Hitler Youth GOP Communications Director Ryan Williams, all of it memorialized in my 2011 NENPA Convention and Trade show presentation video. As Bob Holt, III said in this NENPA KingCast video: "Your job is to shoot in the street and cry in the darkroom later, and don't ever forget that." Bob, I haven't forgotten, and I won't.

As to these downpresser men: I'll tell you straight up that abuse of the minority small press is not tolerated in my America. Welcome to the First Amendment guys, viva la First First Amendment. See also Gorsuch v. Fisher et al. 2010-CV-495.

16 February 2011

KingCast and modern technology present: The Fong Hat Lightsphere.

UPDATE: I'm looking at a Canon 60D 1080 as my next rig, up from the SX20 IS 720. It does not have a flip up flash. So imagine I'm alone, I've got my external mic line into the body and mic is sitting in my hotshoe, great in the daytime.... then I decide to go inside to a basement coffeehouse.... or heaven forbid, a nightclub.... where is my lightsource.....

Here is an idea that ought certainly see the light of day, yuk-yuk.  I am a prosumer photographer and film maker, occupying a spot just underneath that of the high dollar professional photographer or film maker. As such, products like the Sony NEX 5 have great appeal to me, but for the fact that there is no hotshoe for LED lighting. It is a little jewel of a camera but don't look for them to fit a hotshoe on it because there's just no room. And even if there were a hotshoe, it could be occupied by a directional mic -- which is where even high-dollar professional film makers could benefit from the Fong Hat so I am proposing just such a device.

The Fong Hat is basically a battery-powered hat with an incorporated angled lightsphere to provide enhanced, portable lighting for low-light situations so that folks without a hotshoe or folks with an occupied hotshoe can conduct business without light stands or extra staff. And for stills, of course it could connect with your camera via bluetooth. It is the wave of the future. Hats off to Gary Fong for developing this product, I'm calling the company tomorrow because it was the First Thing I thought about when I looked at the Sony last week. Anyway, while lighting was not so much an issue in this application, below I have included a feel-good KingCast video of the BostonBridges group we conceived last year, shot largely with one of my older cameras, a Canon S5 IS, prior to the Canon SX-20 IS that I currently use for video. We were at the Boys and Girls Club's Mattahunt Center, hence the Mattapan Trolly thumbnail on the video.

KingCast presents: Toy Story.

Actually a still from a private video for a 4th birthday party. This should be a fun edit, especially the part when the puzzle pieces got strewn all about the kitchen floor my hosts didn't find it so funny but I did hahahahaaaaa.... 

Related band: Action Figure Party.

15 February 2011

KingCast presents: The Look.

Some fun screen caps, huh? Wish I had shot this in HD but hey, whatever, it is what it is, and what it is.... is funny. You independent guys and gals know this look you get from the government's hired staff and some of the Big Dogs? I love it. Here's the underlying Juneteenth video of His Excellency Deval Patrick and me rapping about Joanna Marinova and her pending Defamation case against the Herald, Jessica Van Sack and WDHD Channel 7 for falsely accusing her of having sex with a prison inmate. The Juneteenth video is nowhere near as good as the Campaign video from the South End with James Taylor.  I point my Canon where I choose, it's a Free Country, right. I mean that's what the Constitution and Bill of Rights says, right? See it's cool because I can criticize AND praise the same government official, what a concept. I have in fact praised Kelly Ayotte, but that's not why she threatens me with arrest. I may just name her personally in my Second Amended Complaint. 

At right, check out her pal Adam Harding from WMUR giving me The Look in NH. To hell with you too Adam have a nice day, brah I got you good, LOL. More in the Official Ayotte victory video. Unless you are on your own property or there is some bona fide National Security issue you don't tell me whom I can and can't ask questions of, or tell me where I can and can't point my cameras, that doesn't fly with me, No Sir. In fact, it is complete bullshit and I will expose it every time it happens to me or to anyone else.

In KingCast Black History Month, Schoolchildren in CT, Louisiana and folks at San Francisco Public Library know the Boston Herald and Michele McPhee are racist and defamatory.

Oh, yah read below the fold to check it out, they are reading this Go to Hell letter and this Frederick Douglass journal entry, KingCast working as planned, helping future generations understand the Truth, nice. That Frederick Douglas pic is sublime, one of my all time faves shot with my trusty little Canon S2 IS, better stills than the SX20 IS.

NENPA watches Kelly Ayotte and friends play hardball with the KingCaster on service of his Court-Ordered Second Amended Complaint in Free Press racial lawsuit, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

Last week Judge Barbadoro scolded all of us and said "start over." Okay, fine now I get to include the fact that the Nashua PD ran me out of the entire Crowne Plaza for no lawful reason and in violation of public accommodation laws at the behest of the GOP as seen in the video at the above linky. But wait there's more: The GOP actually emerges as a more reasonable adversary in this matter on the issues of service, read more below the fold as you watch the KingCaster look out over these amber waves of grain:

13 February 2011

KingCast reminder: Todd Rundgren is a bad, bad, man.

I stumbled upon an old journal post about Todd Rundgren and it's worthy of a few minutes again. My days growing up involved knowing the Belkin Production family and lots of music in the air, it was wild back then. WMMS simulcast here from the Cleveland Agora and don't you forget it.... when Todd says "yeah yeah yeah... turn your World around...." you know he MEANS IT. The white Marvin Gaye,  squint a bit and you will see the resemblance. He's a musical genius, too, I am so glad I saw him. Here he is this time groovin' it unplugged from '97 in Cleveland yet again at the Odeon, when I saw him in the Rundgren with a Twist tour.... he is one of the reasons the Rock Hall is where it is, and he is a bad Mo-Fo everyday.

Back to Casey Sherman and Dorothy Aufiero's upcoming screenplay on "Bad Blood" Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

Here is a great journal entry announcing the early Amazon pre-order of the book. The video above, and this one linked with Casey explaining that retired area LE Bradford Whipple and I were the two who "really worked the case," are the ones that will be put forward from the North Country when folks come to ask "WTF happened here for all those years?" Here's what area attorney Troy Watts had to say to me about it in a 24 June, 2007 email, "KingCast you are da MAN!"

Related: "I know Kelly Ayotte is a horrible, horrible person."

12 February 2011

KingCast NENPA 2011 wrap up: Who is a journalist in 2011? We'll tell you in 2012.

Update: Here is the journal entry described by The Telegraph's Dave Solomon that I wrote after a contentious open government issue he described durning my bio. No one in their right mind would question the fact that it is journalism. Hell even Federal Judge McCafferty recognized me as "an African-American Journalist."

We promise. That's a generous deadline but sensitive topics require much thought and deliberation free from preconceived notions and conventionality. People need to remove their emotions from the situation and consider the matter with professionalism and a keen eye toward history and the Law.

And the question for Dan Cotter and the NENPA staff then, is this:
In light of Implode Explode v. Morgtage Specialists to the North in NH:
Freedom of the press is a fundamental personal right which is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.
.....does NENPA have any guidelines as to whether it considers someone any less a journalist or reporter because they have strident opinions?

Dan thanks again for an enlightening and brilliant experience, I look forward to the update next year. And if there are any forums in the interim I would relish the opportunity to work on this. The more they can abuse me, the more they can abuse others closer to the mainstream. The protection of a robust Fourth Estate hangs in the balance.
Last question: Is Mortgage Movies journal protected journalism? Of course it is.

11 February 2011

KingCast dares Wikipedia to strike the fact that Casey Sherman credited Christopher King and Brad Whipple as "two men who refused to let this case die."

All right guys, don't give me any crap this time about secondary sources and blah, blah, blah, I've got your asses dead to rights. It's in the very book itself. And I've been made an admin at Wikipedia Sucks so I'll be posting there depending on what you COINTELPRO tools do, I told Congressman Adam Schiff about you and now my peeps at New England News and Press (NENPA) are watching too, I'm on a panel there today on Real Press, hahahahaaa... all you do is protect Kelly Ayotte now you're cold, cold BUSTED.

NENPA Winter Conference Day One: KingCast salutes Robert J. Holt, III for a stellar session on newscast photography.

My brother, you captivated the entire room. Thank you for the sharing and the inspiration. Every day I strive to do what you admonished everyone about: 

The duality of video and stills is the Name of the Game. Here at KingCast I give you both of them and some disturbing legal stuff to boot, ahem.

I look forward to your critique of this 1989/1990 shot of some youngins playing around in Cincinnati's Over-the_Rhine. Look for a video memorialization of your presentation late night tonight.
Kindest regards,
Christopher King, J.D.
KingCast65 YouTube
KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People.

10 February 2011

The KingCast Official NENPA 2011 Annual Winter Convention and Trade Show videos.

I shot some B roll and it's a wrap. This video highlights some of the challenges you face when you no longer work for a mainstream press, previous experience and law degree notwithstanding. Sometimes you need every bit of that experience and legal background to get a story. This is particularly true when NH AG cum U.S. Senator and possible U.S. Vice President Candidate Kelly Ayotte is concerned.

I believe she just co-authored an open government bill, and that's a joke when you consider her documented dossier. Here are my NENPA lead up journal entries in para. 2. Here's a back story on NENPA Director Dan Cotter, who graciously extended an invite for KingCast as a panelist for Saturday, 2:15p. Movie up by 2:15 a.m. or so. Yerba Mate rules.

KingCast asks, "Who's the douchebag from Kelly Ayotte's alma mater (Seton Hall) who shows up here pretending to be a liberal while trash talking me?"

Check the ip addy and the PST timing (-3 hrs) below the fold; then read the comments to this post. That'll learn this douchebag not to waltz in here with his bullshit.

magnify this user Seton Hall Law Sch ( [Label IP Address]

United States Newark, New Jersey, United States, 2 returning visits

KingCast sees Judge Barbadoro order Amended Pleadings in KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

Hard to tell from my Galaxy S but it appears from the ECF tag that everyone's motions were denied.

Update: His Honor had some choice words to say about everyone's Motions and Memoranda (The Defendants' Motions are at once particularly dilatory and obfuscatory) but the bottom line is that I got exactly what I wanted, the chance to file a Second Amended Complaint including the newfound footage of Nashua PD driving me out of the entire Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Joe Arpaio "Steak Out." Read the passage from this morning's pleading in the thumbnail at right. It will make an interesting addition to my presentation this weekend at the Annual NENPA Trade Show (para. 2).

And now here's The Thing Of It: I know Judge Barbadoro is one of the more conservative judges I'll ever practice before. But at the same time I believe he is going to take a good hard look at this case and at Oral Argument on the Motion to Dismiss he could very well look up at Defendants and say "What's the problem here..... why can't Mr. King be present to attend and gather information at these publicly advertised events that are held on commercial property subject to substantial state and local licensing and permitting.....?"

And I have one question for Counsel for Defendants: "Will you accept service and Waiver of Summons on behalf of the Defendants as most lawyers do in this circumstance, or are you going to hardball me and make me pay for Sheriff Process servers?"

KingCast presents: His Black History Month NENPA short film and related legal studies in what makes a journalist in 2011, vis a vis KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

(Ink)Spot the difference, right? New Hampshire is about 40 years behind the times. That's what you get when you've got Uncle Ruckus running Friends of Kelly Ayotte.

I'm going into production from now until tomorrow morning when the 2011 Annual Conference begins. I will be up all night sipping yerba mate and getting ready to light this puppy up like a molotov cocktail. Here are your background NENPA posts and a Motion for Sanctions against uber high-powered Nixon Peabody lawyer Gordon MacDonald and here is today's Motion for Leave to Reply to Defendants' attempts to whitewash the record and to avoid acknowledging the fact that the NH GOP ordered racist white Nashua Police Officer James Hargreaves to drive me right out of the entire Crown Plaza Hotel, see below. Such action is probative of not only GOP and Tea Party hatred and contempt for the Free Press in contemporary American Society, but of unlawful and mean-spirited racial animus as well, given the "acrimonious history" between NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and me. That stems from another attempt to expose injustice when I was NAACP Legal Chair of Southern New Hampshire. I won those cases too.


PS: Another primary topic: Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald, 2010-CV-1316

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Hello Mr. King,

I'm a current student studying journalism at Boston University, and I've read a lot of your comments/blog posts and watched your videos about the Marinova v. Herald case in 2010. After doing a lot of online research, I can't seem to find the final ruling of the court. Do you know the current status of this libel case? I'd really appreciate your help.

Thank you,
Amanda Karakoudas