25 January 2011

U.S. AG Ramsey Clark, former AAG KingCast.net and 700+ support letters show the targeted, racist prosecution and sentencing of Chuck Turner in vivid detail.

First you need to read Wendy Kaminer's  the Atlantic feature

Public Enemies: Councilman Sentenced for Offending Federal Prosecutors.

Note: I cannot post an accurate cost estimate for the 700 support letters but Pacer is at $.08 per page. Deal is, there aren't even close to 700 entries so I will telephone the Court tomorrow to find out when they will all be uploaded and if we can simply purchase a CD instead of me trying to tie all of them together. These documents belong to us now, and after we pay for them we will share them at will, particularly Attorney Clark's letter in support of Chuck Turner.

Many of the two-hundred or so people who came to the Federal Courthouse found it interesting that the first word out of the Prosecutor's mouth today was "This is not about racism or politics, etc. etc." issued in total denial of the Truth. If it's not about any of that, why bother to even mention it? If it's not about that then why ignore my cogent questions about Caucasian Middlesex Courthouse thief John Buonomo? Look: Boston and New England is empirically racist, and it will always be that way. I'm just here to document it until I grow tired of it and get the hell out of here.

Wait until you see the KingCast short film late night, for now just watch the expulsion video. Today as usual there were so many complacent major media on hand but nary a one of them asking any real substantive questions about disparate treatment. Having worked at a large daily and having edited a large statewide weekly I just have no time for this sort of suck up "journalism."

I will say this right now and directly to Judge Woodlock and everyone else involved, particularly the prosecutors who ignored my questions: If you seriously think that Chuck Turner deserves more jail or prison time than John Buonomo who orchestrated hundreds of thousands of dollars of theft from actual taxpayers you need your individual and collective heads examined. More.

Ditto John Forbes, who got PROBATION.

As I told you some time ago at TOUCH FM 106.1 journal, this is Mayor Menino's former aid who dealt Oxycontin, Cocaine and marijuana out of City Hall. Did his contributions to the community in any way measure up to those of Chuck Turner? Did he have 700 letters in support? Did a former U.S. AG write a letter in his favor? 

Basically the Court made every possible negative inference it could, and the prosecutors minimized Counselor Turner's contributions to the community.

Anyway it takes a while to put this together as an independent, especially when I'm dealing with a bunch of Republican Tea Party gun-toting jackbooted redneck Kelly Ayotte Gestapo cops myself, watch this video to see why I turned the tables on them and sued them in Federal Court. 

You see, as a former government attorney I know how these people operate. They will lie at every opportunity to slam a militant minority at every opportunity, but our Freshman Senator from NH lost her attempts to imprison me when I was NAACP Legal Chair, more on that at a later date and time. Right now it's all about Chuck and Prosecutor Sullivan and company.


Christopher King said...

Christopher King to Felix.Arroyo, Mark.Ciommo, John.R.Connolly, Rob.Consalvo, Maureen.Feeney, Salvatore.LaMa., Bill.Linehan, Stephen.Murphy, Ayanna.Pressley, Michael.Ross, Chuck.Turner, Charles.Yancey
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And don't you Irish cats ever forget:

1. St. Patrick was a Civil Rights advocate.
2. You guys were niggers too.

Christopher King, J.D.
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Christopher King said...

Life is all about who is a nigger, when you get right down to it.

Read your history.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Prosecutor's office has a history and it's not good. And remember I said it's not just race but race + ideology


05 NOVEMBER 2009

KingCast reminder: Kelly Ayotte should be disbarred, just like Mike Nifong, and sued just as Iowa's David Richter in yesterday's Supreme Court case.
As I already told you, Mike Nifong was disbarred for his fabrications in the Duke rape case.

In Boston, the Court is soft-peddling the white prosecutor who did the same thing to Bernard Baran, who spent 21 years behind bars. I'll be following up to see what, if any discipline is meted out.

Answer: Nothing. Daniel Ford has even served as a Judge......

Christopher King said...

And Special Note to Carmen Ortiz:

"Chuck Turner is no Rosa Parks."

Newsflash Carmen: The COMMUNITY holds him in that position and will largely continue to do so despite your best efforts. Your selection of him and your prosecution of him will go down in the registry of moral turpitude in and of itself.

If you believe in a God, I suggest you start in on some repentance.

-The KingCaster.