02 January 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte taps Uncle Ruckus for top Security Post.

Randy Newman will sing at the official inaugural dinner: 
"We're rednecks, rednecks And we don't know our ass from a hole in the ground We're rednecks, we're rednecks And we're keeping the niggers down."
"He's the perfect foil for those Huey Freeman and KingCast niggers," says Ayotte, in between dainty, Southern Belle-like pulls on her Lynchburg Lemonade. "Those niggers are free to be put in cages... in Roxbury Mass.... we're keeping the niggers down....." Hahahaaa... Thanks Randy, that's a brilliant song. But this nigger don't know no cages ;)

Uncle Ruckus: "Dat fine right there but you cain't go no further nawl....

KingCast: "Man get off my jock nigga' you see I'm equidistant from the Good White reporter from WMUR."

Uncle Ruckus: "Dat's your problem right there nigga' you can't be thinking you gots dem same privileges as them Good White People..... the white man is beautiful and just so pleasant to be around.... he smells like lemon juice and Pledge furniture cleaner....."


Christopher King said...

KingCast says now THAT's how you put down a First Amendment parody.

Too bad it's more Cinema Verité.


Christopher King said...

07 November 2007
KingCast presents: Gregory W. Floyd, the Teflon Don of North Country.

How this creep gets away with these things KingCast and the town of Franconia will never understand, and NH AG Kelly Ayotte doesn't care.

In fact, she has no documents that indicate she ever considered reporting Floyd to ATF for violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) despite the fact that he openly stated during the Franconia 5/11 "investigation" that there was still at least one firearm at the house, and given his proven penchant for lying as noted in this post where I bust on Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin for coverup up for Floyd, she had every right and responsibility in the World to investigate that.

But she didn't because she is an irresponsible and bigoted public servant.

In this post I specifically outlined the reasons she should refer this matter to the Federal authorities on 24 October 2007.

"TFC Robert Bruno's report of the July 24, 1997 New Hampshire State Police executed Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant of the residence of Gregory Floyd (pp. 250-254) emphasizes that by being a convicted felon in the State of Georgia, Floyd wasn't allowed to possess firearms. Further, Bruno "...attempted to explain to Michelle (Floyd) that her husband was not allowed to possess guns in New Hampshire or Massachusetts as a convicted Felon."

Firearms were seized from the Floyd residence ...a shotgun located on top of kitchen cupboard. A revolver was located in this same cupboard. "The revolver was in fact loaded" A San Marco Black Power was located on the bed in the master bedroom. A Glock 9mm was located on the top of a bureau in the master bedroom, and according to TFC Beausoleil, had a full magazine in it but no round in the chamber.

The Rugar Mini 14 was on the box spring mattress in the master bedroom, and a rifle was located in the closet of the master bedroom."

All of that is ILLEGAL.