04 January 2011

KingCast sends his condolences and respect to Woburn Police Department and the family of Jack Maguire.

Update: Fantastic reporting from the Globe shows The Cinelli brothers are both career dirtbags who got over on the system. They both shot folks during armed robberies and they both duped the DOC and Parole Boards.

After American Tower cheapened up and sent us out to Woburn in 2002 I worked about one half-mile from the Kohl's store where the tragedy unfolded last month. That familiarity definitely sensitized me to this situation. Actually in the KingCast "American Lawyer" movie you can see Woburn and hear the Woburn Police tell that idiot Jody Mitchell that they basically don't believe I'm a Dangerous Black Man (a la Omar Thornton, remember my entry on that) when she was giving me the bum's rush because some of us would not follow illegal policies. I wrote a complaint and demand letter to the Department of Labor and the DOL made American Tower Corp. pay $290K for overtime that the class of employees I trained should have been paid. That's my employee of the week award, second week in existence. Damn I was thin and in great shape then, arrrggh.... 

Anyway, Sergeant (I believe, not sure) Johnson was like, "Why are you meeting him there, though?.......... drop a bomb on him at the train station???"
Sarge and I would get along just fine, he knows who the dirtbags are.

Anyway, that familiarity and my sensibilities as a former Law Enforcement attorney led me to encourage the offenders to come forward and to turn themselves in. C'mon guys, you were committing a dangerous Felony, a cop was doing his job nothing more nothing less, and you shot and killed him. All for what? Some new pairs of Nikes? Did you really think you could get the safe? At any rate arrests have been made.

Urgggghhh.... people like you irritate the living daylights out of me. More, much much more on this coming Wednesday or Thursday of this week from trusted sources. Hint: The issue is not so much about Parole as it is about the DOC.

Rest in Peace Officer Maguire.
And Rest in Peace back in my home state to Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper, some jackass with a history of violence murdered her the other day. And I'll tell you what: By ignoring Greg Floyd's initial (1990's) and subsequent (2009) violations of 18 U.S.C. §922(g)(1) Senator Kelly Ayotte and the Feds are setting Greg Floyd up to do the same or similar when he lights up out of prison for his current convictions.

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Jack Maquire, Parole and DOC.

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To All,

My condolences and best of luck in the prosecutions. Keep in touch.


04 JANUARY 2011

KingCast sends his condolences and respect to Woburn Police Department and the family of Jack Maguire.