06 January 2011

KingCast sees Fathers Unite rail on Middlesex Probate Judge Spencer Kagan, who protected International Felon and eMusic CEO Adam Klein from disclosing his finances.

Lee Levine Lovin' it like McDonald's...
As you read this from the local chapter of the National Association of Courtwatchers, note that the fascinating thing about Judge Kagan is that when he recused himself in the Jay Korff case it was because Mr. Korff nailed him for his close relationship with Attorney Bowser of Lee Levine & Bowser; who reportedly helped him to the bench while he had malpractice issues. Yet Kagan refused to recuse in eMusic CEO Adam Klein's case on the same grounds, allegedly because Bowser was no longer a Principal of the firm. That's weak. Anyway, see my Open Letter to Columbia University on their faculty felon Adam Klein. Anyway there is some highly caustic material on that website and I know that Hizzoner has managed to attack some of his detractors on other grounds, yet that information remains online. Is that because Truth is a Defense to Defamation? Is Judge Spencer Kagan an Architect of Injustice?
Similarly, I imagine he hates my slide movie that contains a series of emails apparently written between Kagan and a beer-swilling former intern about a pending case, yet I've not been served with any papers to take it down, and believe me if there was ever any proof that these emails were not real I would take that movie down in a heartbeat. Meanwhile Lee Levine and the mother's attorneys Jeffrey Denner and Linda Ouelette (soon to be toast) refuse my request for an interview so, well, there you go. Meanwhile I'm sure the back rooms at Columbia, eMusic and many, many record companies are buzzing with the public disclosure that eMusic CEO's Adam Klein is a convicted felon, a tightwad sperm-shooter who disrespects his daughter and her mother.

Life is fascinating, isn't it. Here at KingCast.net, we give you a kick with your morning coffee and the hits keep coming. Toodles.

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