26 January 2011

KingCast raps with an EEOC victim, their own Attorney Examiner -- MS and Systemic Lupus survivor Mary Elizabeth Bullock.

Yah, she wrote me today. No, I ain't saying what we're talking about, at least not yet.
"You think you're gonna' win this case?
"Well you're gonna win it but you're never gonna win it because we're gonna appeal it until you're dead."
.....They weren't even following their own mission statement...."
Now you see before I was a lawyer with the AG's office, I was a law clerk with the stateside EECO/Civil Rights Commission. And I saw how the agency would screw so many Complaining Parties who has solid cases it was disgusting. I love this video production and quality, watch for the next KingCast equipment upgrade this year, mostly in the sound production quality.

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