22 January 2011

KingCast presents: Time Magazine's Man of the Year - Columbia faculty felon and eMusic CEO Adam Klein.

Really? I doubt it but you never know.... I mean it is a remarkable career comeback for Adam Klein to be a $320K Fraud Felon one day, and to hold the corporate positions he has held, and continues to hold, the next. Well I'm not really certain why Time Magazine is reading about the felonious fella, but they did stop by to read this journal entry today. What I am certain about is the fact that everything I do and say in this journal is Constitutionally protected, and should I ever face a challenge on it, we're gonna visit it with SCOTUS if necessary, and along the way all the dirt is coming to come out. The name of the journal is the name of the game. 
Update: I see Mr. Klein's old friends in South Africa are stopping by for a read as well.... they are reading this journal entry about the J-School debates going on right now at Columbuia


justsaying said...

Why wasn't Chris King, Time Magazines, Man of the year?

Christopher King said...


That's a Good One Randy.

Nah, I will likely remain an outsider, at present the best I can offer is that New England News and Press Association (NENPA) did ask me to co-chair a very important forum next month at their annual winter conference.