11 January 2011

KingCast presents the Google Search of the month: Columbus "gene harris superintendent not worth a shit."

OMG this would be a flippin' hoot were it not for the fact that thousands of Columbus school children, guardians, parents and taxpayers are getting fleeced like sheepskin: Someone at Louis Polster actually searched that today in order to read this 2006 journal entry about the "No Confidence Vote" against Columbus Public Schools' not-so-super Gene Harris.  They should have stuck around for the NCLB Fraud entry showing how millions in taxpayer monies are being spent on illegal price fixing and exorbitant service provider fees, I smell RICO all of this and I'm not alone. Check the folks down in DeKalb County, GA as they fight back. Heck the Columbus District's own officials admitted it in YouTube video at the NCLB entry link. Below the fold see my Pending Public Information Request that is going to tie them in proverbial knots.

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More info: Justiceforkids.net.

Christopher King 

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To all concerned:
Sorry I haven't been in touch lately as I've been busy documenting another case of fraud:

1.   I again request the Columbus City School district's purchasing manual referred to in Board policy 3213.3 as well as any other internal purchasing guidelines including the guidelines for the use of blanket purchase orders referred to by Asst. Treasurer Michael McCammon on the video in the Free Press article NCLB Scam. Watch it here in case you are confused:

2.  In addition, I am requesting the treasurer’s certificates required according to ORC 5705.41 for the Super P.O.’s (purchase orders) created for SES provider payments for fiscal years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

3.  Finally, I am requesting the required W-9 forms of the SES providers to whom the district has made payments beginning fiscal year 2006. 
Please advise. Folks in DeKalb County and elsewhere are curious too.
Christopher King, J.D.

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