19 January 2011

KingCast note to Travis Corcoran, other online journalists: Don't act like an ass online or you will lose your 2nd Amendment right to carry.

Arlington Massachusetts -- Man looses right to carry guns after vitriolic blog entry. Come on man, I am damn near a First Amendment absolutist, but can't you see that what you wrote is at least arguably an invocation to others to commit criminal activity?

You know somewhere on my journal there are pics of bullet-riddled Right-to-Know policy documents relative to the fact that NH AG Kelly Ayotte didn't see to it that the required 2006 Annual Report was done. Plus she's a complete hater of open government and free press, that's why Niggermania wrote that she was correct to "throw [my] nigger ass out" of publicly-advertised rallies held on commercial property subject to substantial State and Local licensing and permitting. Sure I like to shoot guns, LEGALLY and at a TARGET RANGE...... but as a former AAG with LE friends I most certainly DO NOT advocate violence.

But to make the record clear, I aim to take this Senator out LEGALLY, using litigation like NH Dist. Ct. 2010-CV-501 and the Internet and a Canon of a different sort, an SX20 IS or the new SX30 IS, thank you.



Christopher King said...

And I hate to come down hard on a fellow blogger but bro' you are kind of giving us a bad name.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Note: I originally republished those pictures but in the interest of not hearing any bullshit from the Ayotte camp I removed them, lest they attept to twist things around as they are wont to do.