23 January 2011

KingCast and ComCast present: Live coverage of the 2011AFC Championship game.

ComCast sucks..... KingCast rocks.... LOL ou got Wilbon on the Big Money broadband and KingCast on the shoestring tackle..... That there B***** family rocks! Well right about now the Jets are getting rocked... but a safety and a nice wide out to Edwards has changed the complexion of things..... but ultimately, not too much -- kind of like the rearranging of the starboard chairs on the Titanic. Anyway the BMW 700 has nothing to do with any of this, but it sure is one helluva cool car, and the lady is just perfect for the mise en scene.
I swear, vintage BMWs are the best. Not as stuffy as Mercedes "agile where Mercedes is stolid" (wrote Car & Driver 35 years ago when the E12 premiered in the U.S.) and more practical than the Porsche, better materials than the Volkswagen. 

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